Wednesday, April 25, 2012

longhorns. ocklawaha. birds & a couple of bugs.

this past sunday we took a ride to 
Rodman Reservoir (or Lake Ocklawaha)

you might remember, we went there to check it out a couple of months ago...
because this spot is known for it's good fishing.

but the reservoir was on a draw-down back then...and it was just about bone dry!
it was supposed to be back up in april.

along the way, we passed a 'Longhorn' farm.
sam pulled over so i could get a few shots!

what beauties, huh?!

well, the water's back up!

and flowing!

there were lots of people fishing...and catching!
and lots of  birds too...happy to have the reservoir filled with food!


Cypress tree knees (roots) along the Ocklawaha river

buzzards...sunning & waiting for hand outs...
discarded fish carcasses i guess.

this one got tired of waiting and decided to try and sneak onto the fishing pier.

we made reservations for the first weekend in may!
whether the bathroom is finished or not...
we're finally getting out of town!
(bathroom update: sheetrock up and primed & painted. shower pan in but not yet hooked up to the drain.)

there were some other birds flying...circling...hunting...overhead.

do you know what this bird is?
at first i thought maybe Shrike....or Osprey...
but after looking them up in my HUGE north american bird book...
i'm just not sure. 
the Shrike has a band through the eye...
but doesn't seem to wrap around like this one does.
maybe these birds are juvenile Ospreys???!!!!
also...i guess just the fact that they are hanging around the lake...means Osprey is more probable.
any ideas?

we are excited!  yeah!  camping and fishing.
not this coming weekend, but the one after.
i don't mind

stay cool. be safe.

( i still have some catching up to do in blogland.
i'm home between appointments and thought i'd get this posted before it becomes OLD news!)


  1. I love your area....very tropical!!:) It looks like Shrike, doesn't it? Not sure what kind though....hopefully a better and more birder will come along and answer that question:) I have never seen such long horns on cattle....wonderful captures. Have fun and be safe.

    1. thanks! yeah, that's what i was thinking...a shrike, but when i looked them up in my GIGANTIC north american bird book...hmmmm...i wasn't so sure...

  2. Those are some LONG horns. The bird? Turkey buzzard maybe?

    1. nope...the one flying i KNOW isn't a buzzard. they have black heads and i've learned to recognize them as seen from the ground...we have SO MANY at home...always circling overhead. this was some other bird...but i got tired of trying to ID it...oh well...but HEY!! delores...thanks for your input!! :)

  3. Longhorns just look so...well, magnificently wild. Even though I know they're not wild, if that makes any sense.

    So many great pictures! I'm always sorry when your posts end. :)

    I am not the one to ask names of anything. I would have to come to someone like you--LOL!

    Good luck getting the bathroom finished. Take lots of pictures on your trip in May!! I hope Milo is going, too. :)

    1. hey rita, i know what you mean about the Longhorns...they have that WILD look...and i love it!

      and YES!! of course milo is going with us...she LOVES to get away too! :)

  4. would that be an osprey? looks rather large to me. :)

    loved that cattle herd. so beautiful. and hurray for water!!!

    1. hmmmm...i had thought maybe an Osprey...but this one looked different than the others we've seen before,at other lakes...also, these seemed a little smaller...but maybe they were juveniles??!!. you're probably right. i think i'll change my thoughts to Osprey...instead of Shrike!! thanks theresa!! :)

  5. Glad you're getting away in May, but 'til then the longhorn pix are GREAT...and how about an Osprey?...:)JP

    1. thanks JP...yeah...that's what i'm Osprey...maybe juveniles, because these seemed a little smaller than others we've seen before.

  6. yayyyy a weekend away in the near future
    so nice to have something like that to look forward to
    especially when mid-renovation

    1. YES!! time away!! even if just for 2 nights...aaaaaah!!!

  7. Fantastic! those horns sure are loooongg!! beautiful pics. Love the cormorants all on their perches in a row - and the cypress knees - what a fascinating place you live in!

    I've missed your posts - good to be back ;)

    1. thanks Alexia! i guess there are special...and fascinating be seen where everyone lives...we just have to take the time to notice, right??!!! :)

      and...glad YOU'RE back!!!!

  8. think its an Osprey tail looks right shape .....longhorns are fabulous ...x

    1. seems to be what people are saying...OSPREY!! thanks lorna!!

  9. Those longhorns are wonderful. Love all the feathered fishers lined up on the rocks. Enjoy your break away Laura - always beaut to get away for a while.

    1. thanks susan! yeah, f i n a l l y....getting out of toen next weekend!! yay!!

  10. Loved this trip. Thanks for your fine photos. I love the cypress roots. So, so...Florida.

  11. When I see longhorns, I wonder how they manage to get along without accidentally injuring each other with those horns!

  12. longhorns are awesome! We don't have them in South Africa. I think.
    Love the dragonfly and the cypress roots. Everything seems to be filling up with life, right? Here we are slowing down. It is getting colder each day... resting and slowing down, all's good.

  13. Boy, those ARE longhorns, and healthy looking! This trip looked to be refreshing with the lake up-I love your lake shots and the cypress trees! It's a shame that a buzzard, who is considered a predator, takes such good photos! See you soon Laura, ooxx


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