Saturday, April 21, 2012

TIME for rambling & EARTH day

maybe you've noticed the 
2 new (pre-scheduled) posts i've started?!
morphing monday & friday's fringe.
these are to keep me 'out there'...
to keep me floating around the blog-o-sphere.

t i m e

Among life's regrets is all the time wasted being early for everything.  
~Robert Brault

hmmmm. i'm always early.
sitting.  waiting.  wasting time?!

in the morning, i leave for work with a list 
of errands to run
and things to pick up...
between appointments.

by the time i get home,
feed milo,
put up some laundry,
water all the plants,
call to confirm the next day's appointments...
cook dinner...
hmmmm. where'd the day go?

"I am tired of the imposed rhythms of men,
Tethered time, restrained and trained
To a monotonous beat
Digital time blinking exactness 
~Phillip Pulfrey, "Conjecture," Beyond Me,

in the blink of an eye...
sleep...and dream.
then wake up and go through the same routine all over. a time warp.
i can't get that Meatloaf song out of my head.
Rocky Horror's Time Warp.

Let's do the time warp again...

i need a break.
something to snap me out of this haze.
this monotony.
i haven't even been very 'creative' lately.
i haven't even gone out to look for bugs!
or to take pictures.

It's just a jump to the left...

oh yeah...much of our spare TIME is spent on bathroom repairs.
it's getting there.

we need to get outa town.
go camping.
go hiking.
maybe tomorrow...

And then a step to the right...

(doing a little) T I M E.
update on travis.
remember? my youngest.
petti-theft. warrant. blah blah blah. 
he has been transferred to another jail,
three and a half hours drive (south-east) of here...
he has another five months to go.

With your hand on your hips...

it must be the spring-time blues...i'm having.
yep. call me crazy...but i'm happier in the winter.

why do i feel guilty when i write a post,
knowing how behind i am on reading other people's blogs?!

i don't have a smart iphone here.
it's not like i get online during the day and check email...
or see who left a comment on my latest post...or catch up on reading the blogs i follow...
i don't have a twitter account...and i don't have a hundred friends on FB.

Let's do the time warp again...

i'm rambling.

i wanted this to be a quickie.
to just pop in.
and say hey.


tomorrow is earth day.
if my today is your tomorrow...then it already IS Earth Day!

earth day or not...
let's be kind to the earth
every day.

plant a tree.
pick up litter from the roadway.
take a walk.
watch the sun set.
ride your bike.
donate things you don't need or use anymore & buy used.
go dance in the rain.
watch the sun rise.
be greener.
pick a day...and turn off all electricity, phones, computers.
let's preserve our planet.

stay cool.  be safe.

"I found out why cats drink out of the toilet.
My mother told me it's because the water is cold in there.
And I'm like: How did my mother know that?"
 - Wendy Liebman


  1. never feel guilty for sharing your thoughts Laura, they are beautiful and connecting! Get out there tomorrow and be in your church, chores'll wait and the blog reading will too! I'm sideswiped by the growth here and have planted potatoes today!
    recycling's all done and I'm painting a butterfly! (this is my coffee break and I loved it, thanks!)
    cyber hugs X

    1. OH! yay! a butterfly!! i can't wait to see her!!

      happy planting lindsey! too bad we didn't live closer...we could walk through 'church' together....

    2. wouldn't that be something!

  2. Hi Laura..Hey "I smell what your stepping in", days just float by and I feel like I am spinning my wheels getting no where...and I am retired , and I don't have any big commencements!!
    I also don't have smart phone or i phone or twitter ( I do spitter and sputter ; } ) 78 face book friends LOL!!
    Can't say that I am happier in the winter thought; }
    Hey girl all the things in the world I could preach to you wouldn't help ,believe me I know...but I do value you as a blogger friend and you do make me laugh .that is a good asset, you have a good heart will figure it out : }}}
    ♥ Grace

  3. I hope your son is safe and using that terrible time away thinking about things. Sorry the drive is so far.

    Time? You are so right. I go to bed late and get up too early and still have no time to finish all I need to get done. I need to prioritize, right? And worse--or maybe best--my muse seems to be on speed lately. She wants to write and write and write non stop. Is quite tiring, especially when she refuses to focus on an idea or two.

    I'm suffering the same kind of guilt (writing blogs when I'm behind reading everyone else's) but I jump here and there and read. If I don't write mine my head my explode. I don't have time to clean brain matter, you know?

    I don't have a smartphone either. I don't want to buy one. I like staying connected, but I also like the freedom of being just with myself every once in a while.

    Tomorrow, I shall walk through the local woods a clean up a bit. I hope to return home with an empty trash bag.

    1. me too magaly...about travis...i hope he learns THIS time! ugh... to bed late & up (way) before dawn...and STILL can't get done all i want to get done! phooey!

      i dislike phones...when mine rings my adrenaline starts pumping...if i didn't need one for work...i'd not have one! well, not true really...they're good for SOME things!

      hoping you collect a bagful...on second thought...that would mean too many people are littering. it's a bummer we have to clean up the trails after others...

  4. sweetie, you can ramble or rant or whatever. share beauty, share life's angst. and don't worry about not visiting every day. i'm always so thrilled when you stop by and play catch up. makes me feel like i get a hug from you when you do. :)

    1. well...thanks theresa! i'm TRYING to do a little catch up today...and then tomorrow, between appointments... :)

  5. time is an interesting thing
    and why do people have ideas of how it should unfold
    wishing you a wonderful time if and or when you get out for a camp or a walk~

    1. thanks Tammie...glad u took time to stop by!

      and...WE DID get out for a walk on sunday!! it was JUST what i needed!! :)

  6. Time seems to go by faster and faster for me. I've had such a chaotic, traumatic, shifting, stressful, eventful, exciting life that each quiet, peaceful day I have had these past seven years I count as a full fledged, get on my knees in thanks blessing. I used to pray for boring, ordinary days--so I love them!! I devour them too rapidly. I bask. I had never known contentment and peace before. I hope it never ends.

    You're in a slump. But it will pass. We all have them sometimes. The doldrums. But you'll find a dead body, or owl barf, or a fat ugly spider...and life will sparkle again, my friend. It's too damn beautiful to be bored for long. ;) Love and hugs!!

    1. hahahahaaaa....rita....that's hysterical! YES!! a dead body...some bones...poop...a spider...will surely make me sparkle again!! pretty sick, huh?!!

      haha!! :)

  7. "i haven't been very creative lately"
    she says
    yet I am blown away by her creative writing
    around the theme of time warp

    get that bathroom reno done and dusted
    have a big soak in that new tub
    and the world might fall back into place again

    (((big hug)))

    1. a big HUG back kel. thanks. i needed that! your words are so kind...i'm blushing...but feeling better.

      we went for a walk on sunday...the weather was a little i felt energized and so so 'in the dumps'!! :)

  8. Earth Day...should be EVERY DAY...we helped Mom again today all day until the Pres' chain saw broke...glad it did before my back!!!! When you guys go away you always rejuvenate. I told you, just DO IT!..:)JP

    1. day IS every day...just like the graphic i added in this post!

      and we DID...get out on sunday...hiked a was GREAT! i sure needed it! :)

  9. Bless u for expressing yr feelings...Carthartic for u & us.
    PS. Earth Day is a sad day for me too.
    PPSS. given up keeping up others blogs cuz of pain.
    Pain is a great prioritizer. Luv Ya.

    1. thanks for stopping by jean....
      and i'm so sorry to hear your about your pain...

      i hope you heal...soon...>>hug<<

  10. Happy Earth Day, great advice too. I like "A quiet corner's" reply that Earth day should be every day. I understand blogging friends not having time to visit and post all the time. I do not have an iphone either, but have thought about getting an ipad with wifi for traveling. Take care and I wish you a Happy Sunday!

    1. thanks eileen! day every day...that's why i put that graphic/image in this post!

      i'm HOPING to do a little catch up today...and tomorrow, between appointments!

      an ipad w/ wifi sounds cool...

  11. Happy Earth Day Laura...I'm so sorry about Travis. Ah, shucks! I don't even know what a smartphone is. I think I have only 20 friends on facebook, and, not many followers on blogger....and, oh, hey-what's twitter? But, yet, we trudge on! 5 months is a long time, I hope he comes out of it ok, and like you said, will he learn this time? Who has the answers? I could use a few answers myself. Will have to tell you my story some day. In the meantime, we'll carry on, and deal! Hugs to your Earth Day presentation, and bathroom update. ♥

    1. haha!! now u have 21 susan!! :)

      i hope travis straightens out THIS TIME!! he's already done a few months...he has about 5 more to go...for TWO petti theft charges. :(

      thanks for the kind words on my 'earth day' stuff! :)

  12. You're such a creative person Laura - you've a lot on your plate. It's easy to be hard on yourself sometimes regarding visiting other blogs but, hey, we're all in the same boat. Life happens eh! A time and place for everything. Stay cool. Be kind to yourself - I'm still learning that lol!! Cheers, Susan :D) xx

  13. thanks susan! yeah...i know...i'm not alone...sometimes it just feels that way. then i write...and all the support & encouragement lifts my spirit! :)


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