Saturday, January 26, 2013

oh my! what big teeth you have...

(OR, one of the reasons, why i don't swim in florida's lakes!)

due to cable/modem/router problems (which are fixed!!), work, chores...and, well...due to LIFE...
and the fact that i've been addicted to the books i'm reading lately...
this is the first chance i've had to sit and get online.

the days are slipping by...these pictures are from LAST weekend, when we rode across town to
La Chua Trail, part of Paynes Prairie State Park. this part of the park is known as Alachua Sink
which includes the deepest & largest sinkholes in the park.

the air was still a little cool...and many gators were out soaking up the sun!
ENJOY the alligators and assorted birds!!

just remember...stay on the trail!!
and watch where you step because this park also has wild spanish horses
(which i posted pictures of in the past), bison,  and  feral hogs.
SO there is a scattering of humongous piles of POOP!

Great Blue Heron

(if i have mis-labeled any birds, PLEASE let me know!)

Heron:   "I'll just pretend i don't see him."

Gator:  "Have no fear. i'm not in  the mood for bird today!"

egret  &  ibis

great egret

Little Blue Heron:  "hmmm, i think i'll enter the water farther down the shoreline."

little blue heron



“Don't taunt the alligator until after you've crossed the creek. “
~Dan Rather

see ya later...yeah, Alligator!

be safe.


  1. Loved the birds...not so keen on the big toothy guys.

  2. Yeah,see ya later..., Alligator!

    So... those are big!!!

    Have a nice weekend, Laura!
    Greetings from Holland,

  3. Oh wow, look at all those gators. I would not want to swim in a lake with these guys around. Love all the pretty birds, the Little Blue is one of my favorites. The turtle shot is cute. Awesome collection of birds and wildlife. Have a happy weekend!

  4. het is heel mooi wat je ons laat zien,maar ik geloof dat ik toch wat meer afstand zou houden.

  5. Ptaki narażają swoje życie przebywając tam, gdzie są aligatory. Zdjęcia są świetne. Pozdrawiam.
    Birds staying put their lives where there are alligators. The photos are great. Yours.

  6. Replies
    1. cool...the Dead's Alligator!! (and the name of the person who posted it...acidinurmind!! =)

  7. Wow . . . Brave soul you are! Great pictures . . . loved the brave Heron too!

  8. Such a beautiful series of photos...oh What big teeth this alligator has!

  9. love these! yikes!!! i get a kick out of my rows of turtles sunning along the shore of the pond. couldn't imagine having gators there!!!

  10. Your park is fabulous , and scary, and a bit intimidating if you are not a feral hog, a wild, horse a flying thing or a sneaky toothy frightening eater of things! Oh my! Our middle son is in Florida now, first time- he is a pilot of large air craft- he sent a photo of what was outside his window- We thought it was Nessie, but NO it was one of your alligators looking up at him longingly! I am especially fond of the turtles and of course the birds are gorgeous. The gators, I suppose , in their own way, are another gator. Thanks for the walk through the park!

  11. Wow, that's a lot of gators! What great pics, and, I'm glad you're back on line now. What a hassle!. Your picture of the Egret is very pretty. Those birds are not well liked around here, they harrass homeowners and restaurant goers. And, they're not nearly as pretty as yours! Your jaunt across town was well rewarded...sinkholes and all. Love all of your photos!

    Have a good weekend Laura, see you soon!♥

  12. We have alligators in the one wild bayou that's left in this city of bayous. I've canoed down that bayou many times and seen them. The last time was years ago and they had gotten quite large. Someone's pet baby alligator let go. there was a restaurant on the bayou and they used to throw the left over meat to them at the end of the day. not too bright. there is also a condo on the bayou and the residents 'loved' their resident alligators. I wonder how many pets, little dogs and cats have disappeared?

  13. Love love love your bird pics......And those Big Teeth!

  14. Man, those guys are SCARY!!
    What a stunning part of the world you live in, Laura. I am so grateful that you share these lovely (and otherwise) creatures with us.

  15. Nice shots. I don't blame you for not swimming in the lakes. Seems smart. I think you're very brave to take pictures of the alligators. I'm glad you do because they are really cool creatures.

  16. Photos with fangs:)
    Have a nice day!

  17. I always love the fact that alligators seem to be every-smiling. I wonder if they have a wicked secret. Or are planning to take a bite from a part someone will really miss ;-)

  18. The alligators almost look metallic...scary looking creatures!

  19. Brilliant pictures Laura, and you've such a talent for witticism.

  20. Oh This kind of makes me scared I never worry about gators on my trails or nasty big snakes. I do love your birds and enjoyed this virtual hike with you but I am just a little relived to do it from my chair.:) Later gator HUGS B

  21. Hola Laura impresionantes imagenes de los Aligator.Un saludo

  22. Great photos! Wish it were that warm here. :)

  23. How impressive images. Haven't seen one with own eyes so far. Must feel great. Please have you all a good new week ahead.

  24. No need for a Jurassic Park, those 'gaters look way too much like carnivorous dinosaurs to me. Great photos, and it's fun to see where all our neighborhood birds spend their winter months.

  25. Very nice post here. The crocodile looks dangerous brrrr ...... But you Blue heron and egret you are fantastic on. I also saw a white and black ibis. Really cool! This I have never seen in person.

    Greetings, Helma

  26. Man! Those are some big gators. I love the herons and other wading birds you've photographed.

    We camped in the primitive section of Gulf Shores State Park last summer. The campsites were really close to the shore of the lake--like 20 paces away for ours. I kept hoping not to find any large reptiles basking near or trying to get into our tents. Whew! Didn't see any.

  27. Hi Laura, I know what you mean about the time slipping by and not getting onto your blog. :)
    Great pictures here of all those wild and wonderful wildlife, those aligators look quite scary don' they? The thought of dodging those big piles of POOP made me smile - watch your feet now!!! :)

  28. Love em all -- I have taken approximately 7 million pictures of alligators but I love your toothy one more than any of mine (jealous!)......And you've given me another place to add to my list of places to go to someday when we're in Florida.. Thanks for that (I think ;p>)!!!

    Your birds look all correctly named to me...the brown ibis, someone recently explained to me, is an immature or juvenile or something like that. Not a grown-up yet anyway.

  29. Forgot to add, totally understand the time thing -- I'm old and retired and it does that to me...with all else you have on your plate I'm just delighted when you have time to post anything. Also I'm happy your computer pblms are fixed. Ours was down from last Friday until yesterday ...I had serious withdrawal pains.

  30. Excelentes fotografias...

  31. The bids look magnificent, but I can't deny that the alligators creep me out.

  32. After awhile, crocodile! Nice to see your great photography, Laura.

    Books are good, though. Better than the internet, I think, and a perfect pasttime for winter. Enjoy!

  33. That's a $%^&load of gators. But very cool:) I want to visit this place:)

  34. wow see all very uncomfortable,
    to cuddle and caress, they are not sweet enough ... ;-))
    greetings Frank


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