Thursday, January 17, 2013

thursday internet woes & a few pictures

i'm sitting outside the local library right now
because they have free wi-fi.

something's wrong with our internet at home,
we keep plugging, unplugging, replugging...
the modem...the router...
and, as they say, still no joy!

it all started with our cable connection.
we had to buy a booster because the signal coming into our home
wasn't strong enough.
tv channels coming in pixelated...and the audio not in sync with people's mouths.

so since we hooked up the booster a couple of days internet!

i don't have much time during the week, to wander around cyberspace...
whether aimlessly or with some destination in mind.
but since i had a cancellation yesterday...i was going to do a little blog reading.
oh well. nix that.

so, while i'm here...
let me share a few pictures from the past few days.

and then i have to run.

one of the Sulphur butterflies on a still blooming lantana

a squirrel posing on one of the old cow skulls out back

remember...wherever you go...take only pictures, leave only footprints!
Opossum footprints in our driveway

and for the grand finale,  last night's moon!

i love the way the crescent shape is open at the top...
like it's getting ready to tilt and pour it's magic out...on us all!

16th  of  january  2013

take care. be safe.
and by the way...thanks for all the kind words many of you left on my last post...
your comments on my watercolor attempts!!  i appreciate the encouragement & support!


found somewhere on the web...
years ago...


  1. well, poo on home technology woes!

    i, too, liked the moon 'cup' this week. didn't take any shots of it, though.

    like the tracks.

    good luck on signal crap!

  2. I hate when all the internet stuff goes wacky. Hope you get it all worked out. They'll probably require you to "upgrade" which always comes with a cost:) Love the moon and miss the butterflies....can't believe you still have one flying around:)

  3. We've been having internet problems as well......I think it may actually be firefox that is the issue.

  4. "wherever you go...take only pictures, leave only footprints."
    I really like that advice!

  5. ja als het allemaal niet goed werkt is het pure ergernis.

  6. It is incredible to me how dependent I have become on this machine and Google! Every time I have a thought that needs clarification I google and find a wealth of information. I love that! I spend way too much time in this seat with this amazing machine and the interwebs- I am thinking to take the dog up north to a primitive cabin for a few days just to re-get my bearing and maybe slow down enough to draw and write.I do feel your pain- it paralyses me when the internet goes kapooey!
    Love the shot of the moon- that is splendid!!! We have no sky here- it is always a soggy grey flannel, however the past tow days have been clear and the night sky muted only by city light pollution. Lovely post! Thank you for taking the time and being inconvenienced to get more beauty out there in blog-o-sphere!

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    Nice atmosphere guests with you here on the blog. ;]
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  8. oh isn't it just so frustrating when the internet chucks a tanti (tantrum)!!
    Beautiful photos... gorgeous.
    Keep painting - I love your style :D)

  9. Sorry to hear about your internet woes, but I can relate from time to time. Latley the connections seem to fade in and fade out- especially with my laptop. I adore the Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil- I'll have to hunt down other cool photos along the same idea! I used to have monkey candles in the bathroom they rocked! It's always fun to see your posts, so I hope you keep posting your awesome views on life, during your busy time!

  10. Laura, so sorry about your internet problems, I hope it is fixed soon. Love the cute footprints and the moon shot is just gorgeous. Well done! Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Życzę, żeby internet szybko wrócił. Motyl i wiewiórka są śliczne. Pozdrawiam.
    I wish to come back online quickly. Butterfly and squirrel are beautiful. Yours.

  12. I do like that moon shot. I always hate when the internet goes crazy. Such a pain!

  13. Darn computer stuff! Love, love, love your moon shot!

  14. The moon pic is just awesome.
    Hope you get your computer woes resolved soon. They can be so annoying.

  15. The internet can be quite the jerk *sigh* Hope all gets back to normal soon. Thanks for that gorgeous moon!

  16. I know how frustrating troubleshooting can be! Hope the network gets fixed soon... love your gorgeous photos as usual =)


  17. Indirectly, I come here and what a beautiful pictures I see. So in this blog. Beautiful butterfly and a squirrel. I've never had a Eenkhoorn the lens had.
    Very nice series.

    Greetings, Helma

  18. THANKS EVERYBODY!! if you don't know yet, I'M BACK IN CYBERSPACE. AFTER MUCH TRIAL & ERROR, WE FIGURED OUT WE HAD TO BUY A NEW MODEM TO REPLACE THE 8 YEAR OLD ONE WE HAD. actually, a modem AND a router. (wondering if they some how got burned up when we hooked up the booster??!! oh well...either way, EVEN THOUGH OUR WALLETS ARE LIGHTER, all is well & good now!!


  19. Oh, I am sorry to hear about your internet, its not nice. Lovely pictures though.

  20. Beatiful moon photo.
    Wish you a nice week.
    From Hilda

  21. Oh no Laura do you have a signal stealing Fancy Truck Stop behind you too?:) I been there I do hope you get it figured out.
    I love all your photos and free WiFi is nice. Hugs B

  22. It is annoying when th internet doesn't work isn't it? I hope you manage to get it sorted soon.
    A great selection of pictures - I LOVE your moon shot :))
    Have a great week.

  23. I'm sorry to hear about your internet. It can get annoying.

  24. GEEZ - remember when we didn't even HAVE the internet? Now we all feel like we're totally dependent on it! Guess it doesn't much hurt us to get "hit upside the head" every so often with not having it for a bit. Friendly reminder that the world still goes 'round without it....

    Having said that, I'm really glad you're back online. May the rest of your week be much more uneventful...

  25. I'm finally getting around to reading blogs. Sorry to hear about your technical difficulties but cheered to learn the problem seems to be solved even though the wallet is lighter. I always enjoy stopping by to get a view of your bright colors and warm weather. Your squirrel seems so much more relaxed that the ones here who are just trying to survive the winter. Even your moon is happy. Ours is shivery blue.

  26. Butterflies in January ...... Lucky Lady!


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