Saturday, January 12, 2013

hawk.bones.fungi.lizard.spider. and emo.

since i'm trying to
my time 2013...i'm not online as much.
(perhaps driving travis to the day labor place by 5:45 each morning...waiting, and then taking him to the job site...
that may have a little to do with it also, since that was my usual computer time...EARLY!)

i want to wander more.
be more creative with my hands.
take more pictures.
spend more time reading books.

here's a week crammed in to one post.
and that's a lot of cramming, i even cut it back!!

while we had the 'little climber' outside

i could hear the crows causing a ruckus.
i knew right away what they were up to.
they were trying to chase something away.
i found the same tree with a Red-shouldered hawk.

doing their best to scare the hawk away.

but he held firm.

the crows didn't win that day!  yay!


i found some more bones...already pretty clean...thanks to mother nature.

and dug up some deer bones. still need to be cleaned & sanitized before i can decorate them.


the weather's been very strange.  freezing one day,  up to 80 the next.
the azaleas have buds, some of the lantana & blanket flower haven't stopped blooming...
and the mini daffodils are in full bloom!

i hope winter isn't gone for good.  that would be depressing.

assorted fungi is still popping up too.


mushroom colony

and a HEART 'shroom...
or a BUTT 'shroom...
however you happen to see it!


FENCE lizard spotted in the side yard, soaking up some sun.

now let me zoom in...crop...and take a look at the iridescent blue underside!


here's a cool little spider...out back...between a couple of trees.
i've never seen one like this before!


bare with me.
no, don't have to take your clothes off...
i mean, BEAR with me!

just a couple of more things.  i know, this is all a lot to absorb.
i guess if i had the time to sit and do this looong post, i could have divided it up into many
and just scheduled them to post every few days, eh?
but then i wouldn't have to time to visit your blogs in return, during the week.
just put up with me...for a another coupla minutes!  thnx!

besides working with bones...and doing a little sandblasting now and then...
and making window hangers with butterfly wings...and occasionally clay mushrooms...
i want to be a better watercolorer!!
is that a word?
i want to learn to use watercolors.  i love how they look.  how the colors blend.

i mentioned how i want to spend more time being creative with my hands.

this past week i've been fooling around a little.
playing...with pen & watercolors.
i have A LOT to learn, i know.

this weird tree, and uh...ground spiders?? bushes??  was blowing air through straw at blob of india ink. ha.


last but not least...
it was emo's birthday on the 6th!!
~happy birthday emo!~

here's a good shot to show how high he climbs!!

look at that loooong neck...
i remember when mine was that long...

that's it.
i'm outa here.
back on tomorrow...before dawn...for more catch up and cyber-space travels!

take care & be safe.


  1. That's a big cat for four months.

    1. KITTEN. he's a BIG kitten!! haha not a CAT yet!! whew!! he IS a handful...and we LOVE him to bits!! =)

  2. i love that baby tiger of yours! and i love the watercolors, too! neat! that last spidery tree is so very much you! really like the 2nd one - all artful and twirly. :)

    great lizard, fungi (totally a butt shot) and spidey, too.

    1. thanks theresa...i'm so glad to hear u like the twirly one...cause i sent you a quick note on it & mailed it yesterday!! =)

      a BUTT shot!! ha!!

  3. Laura! I adore your watercolour work. especially the indian ink tree.
    Will you be making prints of these to sell on etsy, or selling originals?

    1. really???? thanks for the compliment kel! i don't think they look that good to sell!!! i need way more practice!

      BUT, yes, these are done on note cards...after i get better, i thought i might add them to my etsy shop!! =)

  4. Śliczna jest jaszczurka z niebieskim spodem i kwitnące narcyzy. Mam nadzieję, że kotek sam zszedł z drzewa i nikt mu nie musiał pomagać. A z Twoich akwarelek pierwsza jest bardzo ciekawa. Pozdrawiam.
    Cute is a lizard with a blue bottom and flowering narcissi. I hope the cat down from the tree itself, and no one did not have to help him. A watercolor of your first one is very interesting. Yours.

    1. DON'T worry!! emo is not only good at climbing...he's very good at getting down too!! =)

  5. Another cool post, Laura! I am surprised the hawk did not give up and leave, usually the crows win. Love the mushrooms, especially the heart/butt one. Your Emo is a cutie and what a climber! Your watercolors are great, I love the first one and the last india ink piece. Hope you are having a happy weekend!

    1. THANKS eileen!! yeah, you're sure right about the crows usually winning!! but this day...they ended up flying away first!! yay!!

      you have a great weekend too!! i hope sunday goes S L O W!!!! =)

  6. Hi Laura! Sorry i haven't been around, have been fighting pneumonia. Thought it was better, but hung on a bit longer. yesterday I did get a cleaner bill of health tho, air flowing better thru my lungs now-that's good. Trying to get over being puny tho.

    I enjoyed your post, especially the butt/heart mushrooms! What shapes they come in where you are! And, I've never seen fuzzy shrooms!

    Emo has really grown, but he has so much to grow on! I'm glad you're enjoying him.

    Have a great weekend and take care...I'm trying to bounce back and catch up...I've missed blogging, just haven't had the energy!♥

  7. Iridescent blue lizard tummies, red-legged monster spiders, fungi beyond imagination and a bold hawk---now that's a fun post. Not to mention a miniature gray tiger taking on the jungle. Yup. Fun. Have a great weekend.

  8. Wow. You get lizards IN THE WINTER!?!


    P.S. Emo looks likes he's loving life!

  9. Emo - what a beauty you found there - he's so slinky and stripey and staunch :)

  10. Getting up at 5:45 for any reason other than hunger is just...wrong! Love your shots of everything, beautiful lizard and spider! Emo, ah Emo, he is one fine kitty! Makes me want to go get another tabby cat...I won't though, we are down to one bird and one elderly dog...then, no more! Remind me!

  11. I don't even know where to begin. First, Emo is just the coolest darn cat ever! I adore his picture on the tree branch. Your watercolors are lovely! Your photos cool as ever, I've missed you around here, but I know life does get in the way of blogging!

  12. The first think I have to say is that I didn't read fast enough, so my clothes were off before I read the clarification *sigh*

    Now that I'm dressed... that's a lovely heart/butt/cleavage mushroom. And Emo is growing up so lovely! He looks like something wild and cuddly, which is an oxymoron, but bear with me. And I do mean your clothes ;-)

  13. I came back because I forgot to tell you I simply LOVE your paintings! It's as though you didn't worry or plan the subjects...they just came to you! Each one is unique and different. You are very creative and talented Laura...see you later!♥

  14. Emo is just beautiful and growing like a weed!

    you always have the coolest photos!! i love the fungi and the spiders and the lizards and the hawk and the...

  15. Congratulations Emo!

    Laura, I like your artwork! Beautiful!
    And nice shots of the fungi and the lizard!

  16. The mushies are lovely and artwork are splendid, well done Laura.

  17. ha heerlijke log dit is plezierig te volgen je hebt wel een superkat hij is echt niet bang.

  18. Super post you got her. The photos and your painting was great.
    Beautiful cat you got.
    Wishing you a nice week.
    From Hilda

  19. we have a red shouldered hawk that resides nearby but I haven't seen it lately. All my garden spiders have gone for the winter. had a big beautiful orb weaver in the garden for weeks. lots of mushrooms and fungi sprouting after all this rain though.

  20. Wow, again, a super delightful potpourri of goodies. Yum!
    1. First, before I forget, have you watched any of the old Snoopy/Peanuts gang, Charlie Brown movies, lately, whilst thinking about water colors? I think it's the Great Pumpkin one that has night scenes w/ AMAZING, GORGEOUS, very moody watercolor skies, etc. Incredible watercolor, imho. I only played very little w/watercolors ages ago (for about 40 seconds), but I totally noticed these amazing skies in the Charlie Brown films. HIGHLY recommend.

    LOVE your work! Very nice. I love the combination of clarity, subtlety and whimsy. Of course, that may be how I'm interpreting it, but I LIKE it. =)

    2. If my belly were that gorgeous (fence lizard), I'd do pushups to show it off, too.

    3. Your cat is GORGEOUS!

    gotta go, but loved everything you posted. And am interested in the final clean up and sterilization routine you do. If you wanna share (but not write a post about it), & it's easy or a link, feel free to fling it at me at biobabbler at g mail dot com. Ciao!

  21. Emo so absolutely gorgeous! He certainly loves to climb that's for sure! Love the painting where you blew on ink...did we do that I school when I was a kid? Warm here today too, then dropping to the 20's with some snow during the to love what we get!...:)JP

  22. Your cat is a cutie. I love the shot of the lizard and that spider is really colorful. I think you're doing a better job at the watercolors then I ever would. I really like the middle one. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a Happy New Year, too.

  23. Happy Birthday Emo!!!! Pretty kitty:) Hey you don't have to explain yourself....I totally get it:) I'm with you on the doing more stuff outdoors, being creative. I can't do this like I once did. I'm not sacrificing the fun. I love to blog but I hate getting stuck behind the computer! So I'm posting...once a week:) And good for you to do the same! Love all your photos....the Ravens are "turkeys" as they like to chase off hawks, eagles, owls....vicious birds, they are:) Hope you have a great start to your week.....and have lots of fun:) Hugs. Chris

  24. Kudos to you for cutting back on your "screen time" - this blogging stuff can eat you alive!! I've also been there with the "getting the son to work" bit, but just remember that this, too, shall pass (eventually...)

    Crows certainly have developed a sort of group mentality(?) when it comes to the raptors. They can be real irritating as they don't give up easily - guess they met their match with this hawk, tho.

    WOW _ ya'll are having new blossoms down there while we are having freezing temps and lots of frost in the mornings. I DO know that the spring bulbs are busy makin' ready to sprout in the ground and the buds on the bushes & trees are workin' their way in that direction, too. It just seems to take a little longer up here in the Pacific NW. I don't really mind, as I still have a LOT of my indoor, winter projects to try to complete before the balmy outdoorsy activities rear their heads.

    Love the blue-bellied lizard, bones, and watercolors. On that subject, you are a watercolorist (Yes, I caught the "bare" with me - I KNEW you had a reason for writing it that way!)

    About your watercolors - YOU NEED TO ILLUSTRATE A BOOK!!! Seriously, they have that wonderful quality - maybe a children's book - or one for those of us who never grew up & don't ever intend to. I DO mean this!!! You are your own worst critic...

    Looking forward to this new year and spending time with you here in cyberland. I'm enjoying watching the antics of this new Emo of yours, too!

  25. One post from you is worth more than a week of mine -- lots of content, fascinating stuff, great pix. Thanks!!!! I'm never going to do it, but someday when you have time, I wish you'd put a little in your blog about how you sanitize bones. I'm just curious.

    Thanks for the update on Emo..he's really growing and getting awfully adventurous up that tree.

    Your part of Florida is very different from ours. It's been in the 80s all month here. But not too humid and definitely does cool down at night so that's good.

  26. Interesting post. I really like it.
    Super blog. Yours. ^ ^

    Have a nice day. ;)
    + Welcome to my blog.
    If you want to put it in your followers.

  27. Hi Laura, we all post at our own pace eh! Best way to be.
    Am in real awe at your watercolours - they have real style. Especially love the moon inclusions :D)
    Great photos - that patch of belly irridescence is gorgeous. Beaut Hawk shots too, wow!
    Emo is quite the climber... I never realised how high its possible for kitty cats to go!

  28. My gosh, those pretty little daffodils are making me feel homesick for spring. It will be several more months before they are blooming here.

  29. Well I couldn't find a place to comment on your latest post so here I am on this one again. My major hope is that you'll SEE this because if you don't that means you are still having techie troubles. and I HATE when that happens. I get crazy. Best of luck and hope it's all fixed by now. Thank you for letting us know so we don't worry 'bout you.


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