Sunday, February 20, 2011

all that...and more...

so much has been going on since i was here last.
yikes! that was only FOUR days ago! seems like two weeks ago!
(...i feel like i've been running around like crazy...
trying to get a million things done...yet accomplishing zilch!
nada. zero. zip. am i being clear?!)
it's been a slow one for far as work.
appointments cancelled...rescheduled...
one elderly client passed away...and another is in the hospital.

so, with sam and i both free one day, we hiked the
the prairie basin is home to wild spanish horses and bison. 
we've been there so many times 
and have only seen evidence of these their piles of POOP!

this time we got lucky!
no bison sightings yet. maybe next time.

"All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking."   
~Friedrich Nietzsche
= = =

earlier last i was heading to a client...
i spotted another misspelled sign - on a church's front lawn.
doesn't anyone in their congregation know how to spell?
maybe they just don't care? maybe they're just too lazy to correct it?

"I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way." 
-- Mark Twain

then...on another day...another misspelled sign...
they now have a working KITCHEN - oh! i mean...KITSHEN! 
= = =

one day i was lucky enough  to get a picture of an eastern bluebird.
lucky enough, because they don't sit still. 
jumping from branch to branch...i had to anticipate where he'd land next.
think like the bluebird...
i've never seen these bluebirds in our yard before.
guess i was also lucky enough to have been out back at the same time he was...
= = =
in my previous posted a picture of the little daffodils blooming right now!
i wanted to mention that the purple lantana has been blooming all winter long!

and here's another plant that has a flower right now...
not sure what it is...but i have them growing all over the place. 
this is the only one with flowers right now.

"Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; 
they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul."  
~Luther Burbank
= = =

the University of Florida has agriculture fields 
scattered all over town and the surrounding area.
while driving past one of their cattle fields last week...
i saw there were hundreds of Sandhill Cranes hanging out...
making a stop where ever they were headed...
= = =
i also found another owl pellet last week...
(see the tiny bones sticking out of it??!!)

and i  have 2 skulls - a deer and that cat skull we found in the field...
along with a partial deer lower jawbone - 
sun drying after being cleaned & sanitized.
next step...decorating!
= = =
a gift from sam to me...this past week...
yep...a little dead frog! 
rotting away. 
(guess that's not a word...sounds good though)
sam found it in the shed...and thought of me!
and it wasn't even my birthday...or valentine's day! :))

"The question is not what you look at, but what you see." 
~David Thoreau
= = =
...the warmer weather...
is starting to bring some of the critters out from hiding...
like this (nocturnal) orb weaver on the front porch!
(sorry...i'm just not good at night pic's...i have to practice...)
= = =

then...finally...with hump day behind us...
we decided to take off and go camping thursday & friday night.

all this NOT working ...having such a slow work week was stressing me out.
so we quickly packed up...grabbed milo...
and headed to lake lochloosa. only 45 min away. 
de-stress.  fish.  relax.  unwind. 

i took some really cool pictures of sunsets, full moon, bald eagles,
herons, seagulls, wood storks...
next time.
stay cool. take it easy. be safe.

:] laura

We are what we believe we are.   
~C.S. Lewis


  1. Thank you...:) for putting the spider last! I love the horses and the hiking with lucky dog! Bison? OMG!!! Glad you got a dead frog?...:)JP

  2. David Thoreau is right on. I like all your pics. And the tiny bluebird is really cute. We tried to get some shots of bluebirds yesterday-no luck! Of course, the signs-classic! Love the restaurant one-looks like someone was texting while they did that sign! You would think that somebody was checking them out that KNOWS how to spell! Lantana is a real hearty(hardy?) plant. You can kick it, not water it-and it still comes back and blooms. But ours doesn't bloom in winter. Thanks for showing your good stuff Laura!

  3. hehehe, it's like the sign makers have something against you! Hence they're putting misspelled signs all around :P :D
    Like always, an awesome post!!
    An Orb-weaver.. love that!! :)

  4. Your stunning views of magnificent animals large and small makes up for the sillies out there who can't take the time to look stuff up in a dictionary or thesaurus.

    You always find a way to help us focus on the good. And your perspectives are always very, very good. And inspiring...I need to take another photowalk. And soon!

  5. Wild horses! What a great sighting!!

  6. The sandhill cranes are headed for Michigan(some of them, at least)! I saw my first pair today--looking forward to seeing more as head up from Florida. I love those horses--wild horses, wow! I would love to see them.

    What a pretty blue bird. Our bluebirds have red breasts--I've never seen one with a white breast like this one.

    It is going to be a while before we have flowers--right now it is snowing hard!

  7. Great post lovely nature shots and that little bluebird .......we have wild horses near us in the New Forest unfortunately main roads run through it and often they get hit by cars makes me mad how disrepectful people are to animals .....sorry on my soapbox there for a moment !! the frog what a perfect gift i have 2 mummified frogs on my mantlepiece i found them in the summer all perfectly preserved ......i also had a lucky find once at the beach and found a perfectly dried out pipefish ....have a good day ..xx

  8. Home In Hollow/JP! yep! to Bison AND dead frog! :]

    Susan! yeah! the signs always get to me...only cause i was trained so young to be a stickler for spelling...not always a good thing...can be almost obsessive...ha! and the lantana...a VERY hard headed plant!! :]

    Amused Medic! yeah...i think these signs are taunting me...MAKING me notice them! ha! OH, and the Orb Weaver...he must've been hiding ALL winter...because now that the evening's are warming a bit...he's back out, spinning his web on the porch! :]

    Carmi! thanks so much!! i always appreciate your thoughts...and kind words! yeah, those misspelled signs really get me going...when you have time...please check out the OTHER one i did a while back...outside a RESTAURANT!! (blog label is 'spelling' (i think!) :]

    Erika Jean! yep, those wild horses...were...well...uh...WILD!! beautiful creatures...a little intimidating when they came a little too close! what an experience! :]

    Kateri! so that's where the cranes are heading!! i know we have lots of cranes here in florida too...but this large group just looked like they were taking a break from a long trip!! wow! more snow! i hope you have some reprieve soon...and start thawing! :]

    artymess! yes! i agree with you...about the carelessness of drivers! especially when they're driving through an area where animals are known to wander. PEOPLE need to watch for THEM, not the other way around! yes! mummified! i have lizards...frogs...nothing beats a good mini skeleton! :]

    Thanks to all of you...for dropping's nice to seeya here...and at YOUR place! seeya! :laura

  9. Oh you lucky duck to see the horses!
    I read a quote once about the quality of a gift depending on the sincerity of the giver. I'd say a dead frog is pretty sincere! :)

  10. Count me in as liking all the photos and the quotes are always FAB! If I commented on every photo and quote I would leave a novel-lol!
    So all is wonderful, but wow-love the photo of the bluebird and that pinkish-rosish flower is beautiful.
    Hope you got all de-stressed and have a great week!

  11. stacey/tumbleweed! yeah...lucky alright! i've talked with others who've been to that park and haven't seen the horses! and YES! the dead frog was from his heart! :] (today he brought me a dead bumblebee! ha!

    meggs/Ravens! THANKS! yeah, i have to figure out what that little 'bell flower' plant is??!! the leaves are kind of fuzzy. it grows like crazy in warmer weather. and YEAH...i got de-stressed fine...will post pic's maybe wednesday. but now...the de-stress is starting to wear off...damn!

    well, sure do appreciate you 2 strolling through here! it's always nice to see a friendly face! take care...have a relaxing day/night! :]laura

  12. Hi Laura,
    A delightful mixed bag in your post!
    Aaaah love the picture of the horse having a nice roll around on the grass. It's such a peaceful scene.
    Good on you photographing those misspelled signs - amazing how no one has done anything about them. What gives with some people!
    The bluebird is so sweet. It's the first time I've seen one.
    Sam knows how to treat his lady all right ;-)
    Well, am off to the kitshen now, to make a drink .. ha ha!
    Hope your week is going well. Cheers :D

  13. thanks Susan (from Australia!) 'mixed bag'...that would've been a good post title. i always have trouble with the titles. it takes me longer to think of what to title it...than to write it!

    i appreciate your kind words...and for stopping by and wandering...

    CHEERS! :]laura

  14. You are an inspiration, Laura! And just view all the free time as a gift, because truly, the way you are filling your days is not at all wasted. You're banking both spiritually and emotionally and that's worth more than the stockmarket, which can crash in a moment :)

    Have you & Sam ever thought of 'selling' your considerable skills as eco-tour guides??? To schools, university students, tourists, those looking for something more meaningful than just visiting the usual well-marketed tourist sights, snapping a few pictures then returning home to their stressful lives???

    Couldn't the two of you come up with something a lot more profound?

  15. oh! oh! check the awesome blue bird picture! Love it. We don't have blue birds in South Africa so that is just so pretty and weird for me to see.

    Good luck with the client gathering! I trust that things will work out as they need to.

  16. thanks Desiree and Keda!

    Desiree...we're thinking...always...what we can do that would be something we could do together...enjoy...and make enough $ to live on. we're still in thinking mode... :]

    Keda, thanks for the good luck! and you might not have bluebirds in SA...but it's just as amazing to see what you DO have in your part of the world!! :]

    thanks you 2 for stopping in...and leaving your thoughts!


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