Friday, February 11, 2011


lack·a·dai·si·cal  -carelessly lazy. lacking liveliness or zest. 

that's such a cool sounding word.  has a kind of twang to it. it flows.
definitely sounds more upbeat than the meaning.
just saying that word,  makes me feel cheery. enthused.

♥ ♥ ♥
for some reason, i just haven't been very creatively motivated lately.
i have all these skulls outside...just begging to be worked an artistic kind of way. 
and they sit. and sit. through the rain...and the sun...and the rain again.
oh well, at least Mother Nature is doing her thing and cleaning them!

♥ ♥ ♥
i DID make two vial necklaces. 
one with the tiny bones i dissected from owl pellets and found cardinal feathers.

and the other with assorted small armadillo bones.
BUT i don't really consider these to be very creative.
suede lace. add wooden beads. screw an eyelet to cork. fill vial. seal.
presto!  fini!
added them to my etsy shop.

♥ ♥ ♥

the weather's been kind of dismal. dreary. cloudy. wet. 
i don't mind.  i like it when it's gloomy! dark. foggy. rainy. cold.

and what does this kind of weather bring?

i know. i know.   i hear ya'!  "OH NO, not  MORE fungi?!"
i just can't resist. oooh! oooh!  each one more unique than the one before.
snapping pictures of all the varied textures and colors...
the unusual...oddly shaped...
they're here today. gone tomorrow. 

i took too many pictures. as usual. i'll try to weed through them...
post a few now.  more...some other time...
"There  is nothing like a wilderness journey for rekindling the fires of life."  
~ Colin Fletcher, The River 
decomposers.  can cure or kill.
spores galore.

♥ ♥ ♥
we have dead trees...scattered all over...
a woodpecker's paradise.
here's a Pileated...pecking away out back...
hard to get a good picture. they move around so fast!

...and a Red Shouldered Hawk out front...

this weekend i'm determined to make time for my bone collection.
sort them. clean them. maybe do a new Bone Doodle!

"Ideas are the roots of creation."
~Ernest Dimnet

'til next time...stay cool. be safe. keep wandering.
:] laura

Love is being stupid together.
~Paul Valery
 ♥ ♥
Happy Valentine's Day!
 ♥ ♥
If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, 
so I never have to live without you.
~Winnie the Pooh

 ♥ ♥

((saturday morning. up early. before dawn. cruising cyberspace.
wandering through all the blogs i follow...and dropping by new ones.
see ya then))  :]


  1. Those fungi are so amazing .you can never have enough photos of wonderful Mother Nature .....i'm sure she is doing her art on those skulls they'll be ready for you when you are ready to decorate them...everything in a circle it should be ....x

  2. You are incredible! Those fungi! The way you see things. How in heavens name do you get close enough to take that Pileated's pic? How far were you from the bloomin' tree?...:)JP

  3. Love the animated rose. Cannot wait to see crocus come up through the snow. What is your average daytime temp? Today in Ann Arbor, MI it was about 20 degrees. What happens in the life cycle of fungi when it is below freezing?

  4. So many types of fungi - crazy, alien, weird and wonderful... amazing!
    Adore the quotes at the end of your post too.
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Regards, Susan :)

  5. It must be the day for pileated woodpeckers--yours is the fourth blog I've seen them on today. I've never been lucky enough to see one. (They do live in Michigan--one of these days!) Love the indian pipes and the earth star! and the burgandy trimmed mushroom is pretty cool, too.

  6. You can never have too much fungi - bring it on!

    lackadaisical is one of my fave words.... lovely post, as always

  7. Cool fungi shots. I like the white one that looks like a flower and the one that's shaped like a starfish. Woodpeckers are difficult to capture. I always thought once I got a zoom lens, I would pull it off. Nope. They can feel it.

  8. Fungi never gets old ;-P

    There are so many different kids! Love it. ... I wish we had some of that in the desert.

  9. What great mushrooms! I've never seen such varieties on a property like the ones you come up with. I've always been a fan of mushroom art-even made a mushroom shaped clock years ago for my kitchen. Mushroom cannisters, potholders, candles and anything else I could find. And your birds are really cool. You are the Happy Wanderer!

  10. I too get caught up in photographing the interesting side of nature. I love the way bark appears on different trees. Thanks for chronicling your journey. I enjoy reading/seeing your posts.

  11. Wonderful photographs both of the fungi and lichen, Laura and super ones of the bird visitors to your garden :) You're a very talented photographer and, as usual, what an enjoyable post! It's a real treat visiting you :)

  12. Such variety! I too say bring on the fungi! Can't wait to see your bone doodles.
    Didya ever notice no one says lackadaisical right?? It always comes out lacksadaisical. ( i am guilty of this myself!)

  13. these little bone vial necklaces are a very creative idea!

    and seeing the beauty in mushrooms is also creative.

  14. never knew there were so many different fungi! They are weird but beautiful. In the desert there are very few to be found. But i guess you need wet, damp earth for them. Love the bird photos-the entire post. And that word, lackadaisical. You hit it just right for February. Lackadaisical...waiting for Spring! thanks for sharing

  15. artymess...thanks! i'm slowly getting motivated...have moved a few skulls to a better location for sun-drying! :]

    JP/Home Hollow! i crept up to where i was almost under the tree. believe me, i DON'T have a big old zoom lens. just a regular digital...i get lucky is all... :]

    crayzys...hmmmm, average temp in the day right about 60. that's HOT compared to where you're at, eh? i think the fungi would not do too good in the freezing cold...but on these even slightly warmer days...they pop up all over the place! :]

    Susan! yes, wild and crazy fungi!! all the time! quotes!! i love 'em!! :]

    Kateri...oh how i love all the fungi too! i can never take too many pictures! ha! the weather's warming slightly...and the woodpeckers are tapping away... :]

    Alexia!! thanks!! yeah...the fungi!! bring 'em on! funny isn't some words just kind of tickle... :]

    Thanks every body!! for wandering through...and taking the time to drop a note... :]laura

  16. Vickie/VM Sehy...yes! those woodpeckers are hard to get sometimes! but this one was just SO INTO pecking at that tree...i was just about standing directly under him!! :]

    Erika Jean! you're right about moldy oldie fungi here! the desert has all those cool cacti...and lizards...snakes!! i love that too!! i have to say...again...that 'cowboy' photo of yours was awesome! :]

    Susan! yeah, i think we're pretty lucky here...edge of forest...a little swampyish way back...good for fungi...and critters! i love them mushrooms! :]

    SW AND Desiree...THANKS for all the nice things you say! it makes me feel good to know that other people appreciate the same...the little things in nature... :]

    Tumbleweed! ha! when i looked up 'lackadasical' for correct spelling...I THOUGHT IT HAD AN "S" or even maybe an "X" in it!! as that's how i had always pronounced it!! too funny!! :]

    Kel...i do love making the little vial jewelry...i just don't think it's TOO creative! but hey! they ARE unique! one of a kind! thanks!! :]

    lovelight! yeah, c'mon spring! so many of the little critters are in hiding! i can't wait for the lizards to start popping their heads out! yes, we have had perfect weather for FUNGI!! :]

    THANKS ALL!!! i appreciate ALL you have to say! have a great day!! :]laura

  17. One more have swamp nearby? That's it! We're moving! I do like your vial necklaces, especially the one with the Cardinal feathers. I have visited your etsy shop before and will have to go back through. You have cool stuff Laura.

  18. Loving your photos of the fungi! They come in some great shapes and colours don't they?! Your vials are simple but pretty I like them!

  19. Susan!! yeah!! swampy nearby! hey, we're in florida...lots of swamp land! :] actually...when it's rainy time of year...we do get swampy out back...into the woods. gotta put on those tall rubber boots to wander through there. no gators back there least we haven't seen any! and thanks for the compliments on my art! :/ i appreciate that!

    and to Lisa...i hope you get this message because i went to your blog and tried to leave a comment but the word verification box was covered up by some Ads. so no comment could be left. i tried to email my comment to you...but no email that i could find either!

    Thanks you 2!! :] laura

  20. Another word that comes to mind is asterisk. I always thought it was asterix! Who knows what else I have been getting wrong all these years...:0)

  21. stacey/tumbleweed !'re too much! :]

    i never had a problem with that word...but i'm sure there are others if i think about it! now you've got me going...i probably won't be able to concentrate on anything else! ha!


  22. yayy I've learned a new word, it IS cool! Weird, it's cold n rainy this side of the globe too...n I'm lovin it.. weather like this n a cup of tea ahhh :)oh n Great pics, Laura!! :)

  23. Its very helpful, i have read and bookmark this site and will recommend it to more other peoples.

  24. once again...thanks Amused Medic and Kid Rock tickets! THANKS for the kind words...and taking the time to drop by!!
    i REALLY appreciate it! :]laura


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