Thursday, August 11, 2011


in a quickie this morning.

this is the front of our home...
the big front window to the left of the porch, faces west.
the setting afternoon sun
streams through the crystals hanging in this window.
10 of them. all shapes & sizes.
filling the room with shimmering rainbows.

colorful prismatic beams moving about the room as the sun sets. 

color. light energy. healing. balancing. tranquility. magical.

the other day sam noticed this odd looking *egg sack* ?  *cocoon* ?
dangling in a spider web.
so i took a picture & then tried to find out what it was.
turns out to be the eggcase of the Basilica Orb Weaver spider.

next day, i spotted another one on the other side of the house.

...and here's the abundant Golden Silk Orb Weaver...
(aka: banana spider)
abundant, because they're all over the place!
 they always seem to weave their webs between two trees...
while hiking (since i'm usually looking at the ground for treasures)
i'm forever  walking right into them!

last week i received a couple of SURPRISES in the mail!
yeah! REALLY cool stuff!

cindy @ bug safari   
had a bunch of butterfly wings that she'd been hanging on to 
for a long time.  she couldn't toss them out...
but didn't know what to do with them either.
so she sent  them to me!  wow!!
 THANKS cindy!!  i feel some creative energy starting to flow!

in the works...
 one window art coming up...which will be heading across the country to CA!  :)
and then another amazing package...(a gift xchange)...
loaded with gorgeous handmade textile card creations!
(and a couple of XTRAS!  fossils!! wow!)
THANKS  lorna @ Artymess

speaking of art...i'm working on something new...with a deer jawbone.
 something from the 'fractal forest'?? 

before i squeeze my way out of here...
i'll leave you with a couple of yard visitors!
 a little hummer...

barred owl.  catching some daytime ZZzzzzz's.

stay cool. journey safe.

I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, 
which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.  
~Henry David Thoreau


  1. That's a fantastic collection of wings. You'll be sooo busy!

  2. LOVE the gift of butterfly wings! couldn't have been given to a more perfect recipient!!! can't wait to see more creations!

  3. COOL pictures!

    The odd-shaped deely-boppers in the spider webs might also be other bugs the spiders caught & wrapped up for a later meal...just a thought.

    How you must enjoy all those crystals when the sun hits them!

    Have a great, restful weekend.

  4. Very cool crystals/reflections/photos. Now where did I see that photo where the couple had hung many, many crystals in their tree...I always thought if I had a excessive surplus of money I would do that.
    Congrats on your fab gifts!
    Excellent Thoreau quote!

  5. That was the best quickie view of some outstanding photos I've seen in a long time! Your house is lost in the wilderness of bliss! Lovely....our living room window has the afternoon west sunlight pouring in as in the morning the kitchen and dining room get the sunlight just pouring in as is grand isn't it!

  6. I do NOT miss those banana spiders!

    This last week in Arizona I came across a Black Widow and a tarantula within days of each other.

    How long do butterfly wings last?
    Very cool pics!

  7. Here I often get black and yellow argiope spiders on bushes. The last time I was at Gulf Shores, I walked one of the trails through the state park and got to know the banana spiders. They are fantastic! I tried to get some good photos, but most were blurred.

    I love all the prisims and rainbows. How neat.

    Have fun with the butterfly wings.

  8. beautiful rainbows ...i have some now in my workroom too ....thanks ....loving your place ..looks like the perfect place to me ....and those butterfly wings you'll weave your magic with those no doubt ....x

  9. All those Butterfly wings, amazing. I love the colours from the crystals, I have one hanging in my window at work..Lovely photos. John

  10. Love the crystal rainbows! And that is a very pretty collection of wings. I think I see some sun catchers in the future!

  11. Absolutely love the crystal prism rainbows in your lounge! Your gifts that arrived in the mail are especially thoughtful and lovely, too! I have said so before bit I am saying it again...I love your home!

  12. Absolutely love your rainbow collection from the crystals doing their thing in the sunlight. What a fantastic idea!

    The spider...I can look at photos of insects, but wouldn't want to meet up with one in the flesh. Walking into thanks! I'd be looking up and much as down--LOL!

    The butterfly wings--can't wait to see what you will make with them. Great gift exchange and love the crazy jawbone! ;)

    Am a big fan on the little hummers and adore owls. You do get the best pictures. Even of spiders! LOLOL!! ;)

  13. Hi Laura, Great 'Quickie'
    The Magic of Rainbows... beautiful that we are able to enjoy them in concentrated ways via Crystals, when are not Gracing our Sky. Soothing and healing I agree they are.

    I wonder if 'Ladybug' might be right about the Golden Orb's cocoons being munchies for later... Cindy from BugSafari might very likely know.

    I made Friends with a Golden Orb many years ago, she moved in with me. Was icky stunning Flies to give her, which she relished (not much Tucker inside).
    And they do enjoy building between spaces like Trees, and create what appears to be messy webs until looking closer and seeing the many rooms Golden Orb can move about in.

    When I first met my Golden-Orb, before our Friendship meant sharing inside, I used to observe her eating her food live. Then before she moved in with me, I had watched her abdomen over a few days enlarge until the skin looked like it would burst.
    Then one morning I witnessed her give birth, contractions too, to hundreds of perfect minuscule live Golden Orbs!
    Within a day or so, her abdomen was back to normal, though the skin was flaccid.
    The youngsters by then were having a grand time moving about the various rooms she had built.

    When I researched about Golden-Orbs, nothing I read mentioned anything about them physically giving birth to live young. But, regardless... I witnessed the process occur... was utterly amazing.

    I do find Golden Orbs exquisitely elegant in appearance. Yours looks to have a Male above her, gingerly considering his chances I presume.

    Love what you've created from Cindy's perfect gift... she'll surely love the result... you are very beautiful Laura.
    Wonderful Skill expressed with the applique gifts by Lorna from Artymess.

    Quickie Post but receives lengthy input... oh well, short in stature, long in wordiness is me.. your always Friend Magda in Australia

  14. I'm forever wandering into spiderwebs...then flailing around like a nut!

    LOVE the crystals! How gorgeous.

  15. how does someone end up with so many butterfly wings?

    kind of an unusual thing to 'collect'

  16. Oh Laura, that window art is beautiful. Those wings have truly found their second life with you.

    Did you notice that the Banana Spider has a mate? He's above her, and he's tiny. (see his "boxing gloves?")

    And... Magda, the spider that made the dangly things is a different species from the golden orb/banana spider!! It's a basilica orb weaver, and those dangly's are her egg cases! I don't think the banana spider gives birth live. She makes an egg case like other orb weavers, usually near her web. There are some spiders, though, that carry their egg case, and later the babies, on their back. Maybe you saw one of those?

  17. Your home is in such a lovely peaceful setting. Beautiful prisms of the crystals.
    An enormous amount of butterfly wings - Cindy knew the right person to send them to!
    Cheers and have a beaut weekend.

  18. ...just wanted to say thanks to everyone for stopping in...yes! the wings are amazing!! what a gift!! i almost hate to use them because i like to look at them all together in a pile!! :) the wings were given to cindy...i THINK from someone who worked at some kind of butterfly arboretum/garden/habitat...something like that! some of the wings have gotten brittle & a little faded...over time...but i think that's expected...there are still so many that i'll be able to use!!

    magda & ladybug...about the Basillica spider...cindy confirmed what i had thought, after looking it up...that is the basillica's egg case hanging in the web!! although it probably COULD turn out to be a snack for a passing bird...or other insect??!!

    thanks ALL! have a great day & weekend! :)

  19. I just wanted to clarify: Someone donated the butterfly wings a few years ago to the Fullerton Arboretum, where I am a volunteer. I got custody of them because I am their "Bug Lady".

    Well-meaning people drop off all kinds of things at the arboretum, from old bird nests to rock collections, to books. Some things we can put on display in our tiny nature center , others things, well, we're not always sure what to do with them.

  20. What beautiful photos and such a blog, superb.

  21. Hi Laura, what an interesting Post this has become with all the wonderful info coming forth...
    Hope this is acceptable...

    Cindy... thank you... I have not yet found verification for what I witnessed with the Golden Orb, but there truly was no sack to be seen.
    Because her huge dwelling was level with my height, I was able to view and chat with her face to face, and clearly saw the infants emerge through an opening at the end of her abdomen with each contraction... truly awesome.
    Goldie even extended my privilege by allowing me to gently touch her.
    I just can't verify the experiences... maybe one day.

    Hope I haven't overstepped my visit Laura... and I collect old Bird nests... fascinating they are.

    Heaps of hugs to you Laura... and your Home is naturally beautiful, love from Magda in Australia

  22. Can't wait to see the creations you make with those wings! As usual awesome pics.....even the spiders that totally make me squirm!

  23. I love the crystals and the reflections they create. Just lovely colors. The butterfly wings are very colorful too. Love your backyard visitors, especially the owl. Wonderful post and photos. I hope you have a great weekend!

  24. @Magda--I've enjoyed reading about your experiences with your Golden Orb lady. It reminded me of when I used to keep a spider zoo in my office at the archaeological museum years ago. I had all sorts of little containers and small aquaria and kept my pets for a few months at a time so that I could observe them for a while, then letting them go. All my fellow employees thought I was some kind of nut. I became known as "The Spider Lady" and they would bring me dead spiders they'd find or take me to live ones for identification. I kind of miss those days.

  25. thanks again everyone!!
    and a special thanks to Magda...for her orb weaver tale...of friendship AND birth!! wow!! you never cease to amaze me...with your...uh...what's the word i'm looking for...kinship/closeness/connection to/spiritual way...with all of nature! i, and everyone else who has read the comments...would certainly agree i'm sure...that they never experienced such a bond with a spider!
    WELL...except...for maybe Bunnits/melissa/art in the wind...and cindy/bug safari!!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!! if i NEED some help with IDing a spider....or bug...can i ask for your assistance...cindy & melissa??!!

    and thanks to everyone else too...for strolling through this 'quickie' post and taking the time to leave a note!!

  26. You and your spiders! I love the sun catchers, L. In the new house the West side will be on the side where the great room and my office will be. Do you make those? ...:)JP

  27. Gosh Laura, I feel rather... well... humbled by the beautiful responses to my Story of Goldie... and you give me too much credit for what I agree has been unique relationships I have experienced so far with various Creatures. I am always in awe when they happen, but love the experience and honour I am given.

    And 'Bunnits', thank you immensely for your Story... and.... Archaeological Musuem!!!! wow, plus wow, tenfold repeated.
    To physically be in the presence, even via cyberspace, and amid Laura's wondrous ForestWalks, with someone who has graced and been graced with working within an Archaeological Museum is an honour I'm still bowled over by.
    Thank you again for your kindness and your own Story.

    Laura... how special is this Post you have done... Squeezing is rather a good title with what Goldie did to release each cluster of Babes until all were out... and I've just noticed the date you Published this Post... the day of my 60th Birthday...
    I am always given so much from you... and here again, within your very own Space I have experienced being given to by you and your Friends... Thank you, with every inch of me... Huge hugs filled with appreciation from Magda in Australia.

  28. Hi Laura, sorry I'm late and a few posts of yours behind! We've been without internet since Thursday...OH NO it's RED AGAIN! Phone company trying to fix it. Our phone has gone crazy, but it looks like it could be from some other area, not us. Love, your wings-how can one person find so many? I'll be back. I've read your previous post, but couldn't say hello! Hope to talk to you soon.

  29. You are so lucky with all those wonderful packages you received! Mianly because they are what YOU want, not so much because of what was in them because honestly, if I got a package filled with butterfly wings, I would be terribly confused ;).

    THe last mushroom pic is my fav of this post! Isn't it amazing what formations mushrooms grow into?

  30. Well I'm back. We had to get new phone lines put out. This is an old neighborhood with phone lines that hang from the houses.

    I really like your prism lites and colors. I haven't been able to string the ones you sent me yet...we have to keep the sun out for now. And I really like your home! Karo has talked about building a log home several times-he wondered if your roof is metal.

    What great gifts you received! I'll have to look at the textile and card creations closer. They really look cool!

    All of your photos are great! Never seen an egg case like that one before, but I have seen a banana spider!

    Must pop back over to your previous post-I've been there, but wanted to look more. Got a lot of catching up to to. Have a great weekend Laura. Still 103° here!

  31. Wow, all those butterfly wings are amazing! And your "rainbows" make me think of the movie "Pollyanna" by Disney. Have you ever seen it and the scene where the kids hang all the crystals in the house? Such fun!

  32. Hiyaaaa Laura!! SOooooo great to read your blog posts again!! Wow-eyyyy those gifts look scrumptious :P hehehe, and the prism effects really looked mesmerising!


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