Friday, August 5, 2011

quick nature fix & signage!

speck of dirt trapped in rain drop.

the past few days has been hot. sweltering. 97 but feels like 150.
the weekly forecast they showed last sunday was for isolated
thunderstorms every day. nope. wrong again.
i shouldn't complain though, because we've had more rain than usual.

 i can't get enough of these BIG BRIGHT PINK hibiscus flowers! 

it's just a little too hot to be doing anything outside during the day.

it's kind of a drag...leaving a client's, a little over-heated...
getting into my car that's been sitting in the sun for 2 hours...
only to grab a nice refreshing drink from my water bottle, 
and have it scorch the inside of my mouth.
*just kidding*  although that has happened...
now i try to remember to grab a frozen water bottle before i head out!

if you were to give this following mushroom picture a title...
what would it be? these leggings show off my figure, or what!?
(is it just me...or does anyone else see...a...crotch...)


on my way home the other day i saw another misspelled sign.
at a church.
i did a U-ey...and got it!
FIRST,  let me say that i NEVER saw ARCHAEOLOGY 
spelled like it is in this sign!

BUT when i got home & looked it seems that ARCHEOLOGY  
is acceptable!
WHY are there 2 different spellings?

it has to do with the 'ae' being a diphthong...or connected letters...
in the original spelling of ARCHAEOLOGY.  
in the late 1800's the US Government Printing Office decided to eliminate
the ligatured 'ae'...and it was simplified to an 'e'...
for ease of pronunciation & spelling.
it is rumored that for some Archaeologists, the two spellings 
symbolize competing aspects of the field.
social science vs humanist.
ANYWAY, it just didn't look right...and it was kind of interesting to read about it.
click the link up there under the picture if you want to know more.

OK, so what about this one?
isn't BUDDA  spelled  BUDDHA?
(maybe it's the chinese way of spelling it?!)

thanks for dropping in...

stay cool (literally!)  have a safe journey & enjoy the ride.



  1. A visit with you is always so refreshing, Laura. Even if the weather is so stiflingly hot that water reaches scalding point in the car. As always, your pictures are marvellous and yes, I did spot the mushrooming crotch right away! I don't think archaeology is written without the "a" anywhere else other than in the USA.

  2. Welllllll, I saw the crotch after I looked again. Quite honestly, I see a fetus...but you know how I with my head in the clouds all the time!...:)JP

  3. Ah, ha ha still laughing about those reminds me when I was young that I was sure if it was in the paper it had to be spelled right and I didn't care what my Mother said...hmm we sure do learn better once we mature! Your pink flowers have to be the prettiest shade ever of pink, so very lovely! Thanks.... oh yes I do agree with your comment on the last photo too! Funny stuff!

  4. too funny on the budda... almost looks like bubba if you glance too quickly.

    (and i saw a fetus in that shroom - not a crotch. but once you said it...)

  5. Great photos-Love that first one!
    I would have never caught the archaeology sign but it was interesting.
    As for the Golden Budda, it doesn't count if it is a name, right? That's what I was told (not being snarky--discussing). On a side note, there was a Golden Budda in Evansville IN and OMG the food was FABULOUS!
    Have a great weekend Laura!

  6. Love the dirt in the droplet! And the dragonfly...and the sprawling squirrel...and what I thought was a butt-mushroom (maybe I've seen too many workmen in my day)--LOL!
    Maybe "budda" is the abbreviation for my buddy buddha? ;)
    I hope it cools off for you and you have a great weekend. :)

  7. Haha really entertaining. Hibiscus flowers are so beautiful! And to my mind, archaeology is definitely spelt with an a - it is from the old Anglo-Saxon letter ӕ, which was called "ash", and still survives in a few other words, including encyclopaedia.

    Also on reading the comments above I note the (presumably U.S.) spelling of fetus, which we would spell foetus.


  8. Maybe they spelled it "Archeology" because that's all the A's they had. :P

    I envy your mushroom diversity. Even the ones with crotches.

  9. being a massage therapist in summer is hard work
    unless you have the luxury of working in an airconditioned clinic, but then, it can't be too cool or the client starts complaining

    hope the temps cool soon for you

  10. Hello Laura,
    Amongst photos one has or sees, there will happen, one particular image that stands out as exceptional. One that is in its self a work of art... your Leaf and Water photo for me is one of those moments. So filled with Poetry and Imagery for my imagination. I love it very much.

    And I think your Squirrel portrays well what your words express about how hot it is for you.

    Laura, if your bottled water you take with you in the car is in plastic, it might be wiser not to drink it, even if was frozen first.

    Heat reacts with chemicals in the plastic, releasing for instance 'Dioxin' into the Water. A toxin increasingly found in Breast Cancer Tissue.
    Even freezing the Water in plastic bottles releases Dioxin into the water.

    Carry your Water with you in one of those Stainless Steel Thermos Canteens/Flasks... that way you will also be able to keep the Water cool safely.

    The Dangers of using plastic even plastic wrap, for heating and the storing of Food is not overly good. I can't remember well enough which numbers in the Triangle on plastic containers have a better safety margin, but I should be able to re-locate the Interview I listened to which was quite astonishing listening...
    mainly so for me because it seems, until such information is found out by someone and told... governments allow companies to go on putting the product out there for everyday consumers. Tragic and sad it is, feeling how little importance is the well-being of everyday Folk to those we should be able to trust.

    At least you can delete this if I've transgressed.

    That's rather funny about Archaeologists being competitive with Archeologists, even silly. Oh well, one really can't get too bored when Folk are so capable of being rather absurd in behaviour over an ae or eo to do the same work.

    Though I could find no Budda... I did find
    'buddhahead'... an offensive Hawaiian slang word. And
    'buddhu'... an informal South Asian offensive term used to deliberately insult someone's ability to learn.
    Seems the Road to Enlightenment wanders along some murky paths.

    May cool weather reach you soon... Autumn is on its way for you.. love and hugs, your Friend Magda in Australia xoxo

  11. Wonderful nature. You got beautiful photos from it. Have a nice summer to you.

  12. thanks to everyone for stopping by and leaving your comments.
    just a couple of comment-backs...

    @ meggs/calling ravens- yeah, after you said that about the BUDDA...i prob shouldn't have posted that one...if it's the name of a store...or restaurant...they can spell it any way they like! guess i just got carried away...ha!

    @ magda- about the plastic water bottles! ...i don't use the plastic bottles anymore! i have the stainless steel, or whatever...the BPA free bottles...which i fill with ice & water before i leave. BUT before all the reports of plastic...and the heat...that's what i used to do...freeze the bottles & then drink it all day & it stayed cool. little did i know....

    as for the mushroom...just like clouds...we all see something

    anyway...thanks for taking a hike...with me...have a happy weekend!

  13. Love the dirt trapped in the water droplet - great photography!
    The hibiscus are so lovely in their tropicalness (now I know I'm butchering the language... ah well!). The bee in the hibiscus flower is having a ball.
    As for the mis-spellings - oh dear, I don't agree with either sign!!
    The mushroom I see as a bum crack (workmens'complaint) ha ha. Cheers!

  14. The water droplet dirt photo was really neat, but the mushroom cracked me up--oops, no pun intended but probably appropriate!

    Archaeology minus the second "a"--back when I was a student of that discipline, there was the whole thing of "the New Archeology" as opposed to the "old" which was more Old World oriented. I agreed with the more scientific approach to learning about cultures through their material culture as opposed to collecting "museum quality artifacts"(this is a bit of an oversimplification of the entire issue) but I thought the whole argument over the "a" got a little out of hand. I like the "ae" myself.

    Try to stay cool.

  15. I'm with you...I like the ae better. But the explanation between the two versions is verrry interesting.

    And the Budda! hmmm-I looked it up and saw it used both ways, but I would pronounce budda as, "I saw a budda on my plant!" Or, "My budda is coming to dinner!" HA!

    Anyway, your hibiscus has the richest color, really pretty. I don't have one this year, but they are pretty easy to care for. We just have to take them in during the winter, or they die.

    The mushroom? Well, it reminds me of the awful beef kidneys mom used to fix when I was a kid-blah! Your pictures are refreshing, everything looks green-keep them coming! Have a good weekend Laura.

  16. Beautiful photos, I love the hibiscus and the dragonfly is an awesome shot. Interesting post about the signs and I enjoyed everyones replies.

  17. Love the water drops. Amazing how a drop is actually a ball of water. Gotta love surface tension.

  18. Hi Laura! That hibiscous (hibiscus?) is gorgeous! Your photos are just spectacular! I've done that scorching of the mouth with the water in my car too, and I don't even live in Florida --- Stay cool!

  19. Laura - Your pictures keep getting more and more interesting with each click.

    I must visit more often...

  20. We've had a very busy, in & out kind of summer, so am STILL behind on blogs...

    Re: the mushroom - "Plumber's 'Shroom" - no doubt about it.

    Re: the signs - I'd agree that both are incorrect - at least the way I read them. Still, there are other spellings in other parts of the world, so maybe that accounts for some of it...British-influenced English comes to mind, such as favour, instead of favor, etc.

    I do agree with Magda re: the use of plastic bottles. Discarded Plastics have become a HUGE problem in the environment world-wide in addition to having questionable health effects. Best to stop using them, if you can, and go to the reuseable stainless steel containers.

    Have a great week and hope it cools down for you. We STILL have showers and temps in the 60s-70s. So much for summer up here this year!

  21. reference your note: If they spelled it 2 different ways (sign and window) then it definitely counts!! Jeesh!
    I'm still hungry for GOOD chinese food.

  22. Love the raindrops...the cute little squirrel...the green jewel of a dragonfly...

    I hope things have cooled down a bit where you are. We are finally getting a break from the heat here and it is a lovely 72 degrees today!

  23. Thanks Laura for letting me know... is awful what sometimes we only learn about after we've trusted.

    If you don't mind Laura... my thanks to 'Ladybug'. I appreciate my words were worth her while to read also, and concur, as I hadn't had time to find the interview details, though with you knowing it isn't necessary now.

    Hugs filled with Friendship from Magda in Australia

  24. thanks to everyone who stopped by! for anyone who reads this...i DID stop using the plastic water bottles...some time ago...i have a couple of stainless steel...and will cont to use them...until another report comes out with the dangers of THEM! :/

    i definitely like the 'ae' in archaeology! never thought of it any other way!

    i've been having a craving for good chinese for a long time now...
    we just don't get out to eat much! maybe one day soon...i'll fulfill that craving...hey! maybe NEXT's our birthday & sam...and we'll be getting away...mmmmmmm, chinese...sounds like a plan! :)


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