Friday, August 26, 2011

sea shuffle...

last week at this time sam & i spent two nights at the beach.
Neptune Beach (FL).

going to the coast reminds me how much i'd rather be in the woods.
OH, i like the ocean.  the waves.  the breeze.  the shells.
the sand in my mouth...and undies. (oh yeah, i don't wear any...)
ok, well, the sand just seems to work its way everywhere
you don't want it to go!

give me a small cabin by a stream in the middle of the woods...
and i really wouldn't miss the coast all that much.

anyway, my Reiki II  class was awesome.
we woke up sunday morn in time to head down to the beach...
and wait for the sunrise.
there were a few others squatted on the sand who had the same idea.
and a couple of saltwater fishermen  casting their nets for bait.

so here are some pictures for your seaside enjoyment!
yes, even forest dwellers may easily morph into beachcombers
when the situation calls for such a transformation!

 (oops...looks like he lost his tail...but it's growing back)

(...we all live in a yellow submarine...)
along the main drag in Neptune Beach


before i sign off...i want to say THANKS to
for passing along the Irresistibly Sweet blog award!
i REALLY appreciate it...but as you might know...i'm not big on the award thing.
mainly because i think everyone deserves an award...recognition...
a 'good job' pat on the back...a thumbs up.
i've talked all about it before.
if i could pass it along to all the bloggers i follow...i would...
it's just too hard to CHOOSE...
and so i choose not to.
blah blah blah.
ok, enough said!  check out 21 Wits!!!  you'll be glad you did!  :)


one last thing before i go.
Reiki II - energy healing across some  distance.
yesterday our power went does that a lot. for no apparent reason.
it always has.
after about 40 minutes with no electricity...
i did Reiki on our electric box...
then went on to beam healing energy to the electric company.
a few minutes later, the power came back on!
not that i'm really all that surprised, i'm not. 
it feels good.


have a safe journey. enjoy the ride.
 (my thoughts are with all who are in hurricane Irene's path. be safe.)


"I think that I shall never see, a billboard lovely as a tree.
Perhaps, unless the billboards fall,
I'll never see a tree at all."
Ogden Nash


  1. I know what you mean about sand! Beautiful photography - that moon is breathtaking!

  2. Is that Sun Dog Diner I see behind the Jaguar?

    Ahh, sunset on the beach sounds lovely, except for the early part....;)

  3. Man, your moon photos ROCK! I am so jealous! All your photos were great, love the Ogden Nash quote at the end, so glad you enjoyed your Reiki II and I'm going to steal your blah, blah about appreciating the awards but I have decided to be an award-free blog. There, I think that covers it-lol!
    You stay safe too and have a great weekend!

  4. HI Laura...lovely... there is nothing like the beach ...unless of course there is a hurricane heading your way...eeeekks...
    Not sure how bad it will be here in southern Maine???
    Loved the photos ...I'm all for award free blogs...they are all great in there own way!!
    Love that last quote!!

    I'm preparing for the worst and hoping for the best with the hurricane!!
    Stay safe yourself

  5. Your photographs are outstanding, Laura! I have the same aversion to sea sand getting into everything and am very much more of a forest/mountain person myself. I also operate an award free blog, so nix to that as well :)

  6. Meant to wish you a belated Happy 58th Birthday, Laura! My Mum, sister and husband are all Leos :)

  7. nice images - even the mental ones of you getting sand in places it shouldn't go! :)

  8. I haven't been to the ocean since I was a kid. Loved sandpipers! Thanks for the wonderful photos.

    Before I moved to Fargo-Moorhead in 1999 I had been certified second level in Healing Touch and in Reiki. Nice electrical work! ;)

    I think like you about awards...and the chain letter type challenges, too.

    Glad you enjoyed your ocean visit. Happy to know you are back in your woods. ;)

  9. Oh, I have to gulp and admit I do love the ocean and your peaceful photos! That beam of light thru the clouds with the palm tree off to the side...surreal! The fisherman, yu caught him just right. And, I agree with Calling Ravens-your moon photos are the best!

    I've seen some of those painted animals-cows to be exact. But never a yellow submarine dancing turtle! They're cute. And your quote is so true these days!

    Have a great weekend Laura!

  10. love the moon photo and the one with the sun shining through the clouds. I've only been to the sea a few times...wish I could spend a some time on a pretty beach like this one.

  11. ohh the beach is my place. I love the woods too, but the movement of the waves, the smells, the birds.... I shrivel up if I don't visit the coast as often as possible!

    Lovely pictures, Laura. Thanks!

  12. Looks like a beautiful time!!

  13. Nice moon shot. I shake too much to get a decent shot of the moon.

  14. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I miss the beach so much.

  15. a change of scenery can inspire the senses and looks like it worked for you

    your photo of the moon is astonishing in the clarity of capture of the seas on the moon

    hey, you were at the seashore on planet earth and caught a photo of the seas on the moon


    interestingly enough I'm working on a painting right now that is developing a sea theme...

  16. Oh I miss the ocean..especially FL beaches!
    thank you for sharing!

  17. lovely photos as always have such a good eye and a steady hand......I love being by the sea and in fact by any water ...i guess its because I'm a water sign ....pleased your Reiki was a success especially for the electric meter....the wonderful power of healing hands .....xx

  18. just wanted to leave a note under one of these say THANKS to all those who wandered the beach...enjoyed the sunrise...the painted animals...the shore birds...the waves. hopefully you didn't get too much sand in your shorts! thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! i appreciate that!! :)

  19. thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos! I am more a cabin in the woods gal too. Love water, but does not have to be an ocean. Sounds as though you had a wonderful time!

  20. Well it's no surprise to me that you're a gal who belongs in the woods! Hope you and the man had a good time though...that sea is beautiful!...:)JP

  21. Laura, I am with you. I have been envisioning a cabin in the woods by a babbling brook for a long while. I wonder if it will ever come true. My husband loves the ocean and says he would rather live near it. We have lived so many places. I love the Rocky Mountain west the best. Don't know much about Reiki but I do use a natural form of healing called Homeopathy.

  22. Oh, and I love the photos! The guy tossing the net and the sunsets are especially good!

  23. neva seen the beach so beautiful...i wish i cud go n c such a place in person...have a nice day...

  24. Your views of the ocean are always stunning Laura!! Love the moon shots too. That reiki is powerful.
    Love your header too :D) Enjoy the rest of your week.

  25. LOVE the reiki story. I always kind of thought reiki was power exchange. Great photos!


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