Friday, April 22, 2011

r o u n d...things

whenever i'm wandering around...
especially outside...
i  notice all kinds of things.
i'm so much more observant of all the little things...
in nature...
than what kind of car someone owns...
or what the latest fad...or fashion is...
or who's marrying who...divorcing...cheating!

sometimes i get these bright ideas...weird ideas...
to do something a little different.

like...back in november, i did a post including shadows...
...because shadows have always intrigued me. they inspire me. 
soothe me and...sometimes...frighten me. all at the same time. 
they're mysterious. other worldly. 

then, a couple of months ago, in february, i did a post...
yard textures...mostly
...because i just can't help myself...i like to touch! everything!
(well, not everything...)
from bricks to mushrooms...there are so many varied textures in nature.

for a while now, i've been looking for ROUND things in nature.

these photos are just a fraction of what i've collected.

i hope all the ROUND 'n ROUND doesn't make your head spin.

BUT if you start feeling a  little dizzy...sit down.
take a deep breath. maybe put your head between your knees.
it'll pass.



like a hole in the tree...

like part of a paper wasp's  nest...

like a mushroom...

Caterpillar:   “…and the other side will make you grow shorter.”
Alice:   “The other side of what?”
Caterpillar:   “The mushroom, of course!”
~Alice in Wonderland

like the swirly cinnamon fern before it opens & spreads it's leaves...

like the tiny honey comb holes...

like the thick vine wrapping around a tree branch...

like weathered wood...

like the sun...

"It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream."
Bern Williams

like the eye socket of a deer skull...

like the hole in a spider web...

like drops of water on a leaf...

like a sand dollar...

like an ant mound...

like the small vines wrapping around trees and bushes...

like...SPLAT!  bird poop on a leaf...

like...uh...what the heck is this anyway?
some kind of growth on a tree branch...

like the owl's eyes...

“I think everyone will remember the first time they saw an owl.”
~Kim Kuska

like the lotus flower pods...

like all the woodpecker the dead and dying trees...

like the casing that was shed by some morphing insect...

like some ocean coral... the moon.

why not square?  or rectangular?
hmmmm...i don't know.
maybe - subconsciously - i think...
round...circular...never ending...eternal.
the cycle of life...birth...death...continuous...infinity.
the circle of life.
stay cool.
have a safe journey & enjoy the ride.

:] laura

"All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking."   
~Friedrich Nietzsche

PS - see that page up there under the header?
'misspelled signs' i've come across.
if YOU have a picture of a sign...deserving to be on this page...
go ahead,  email  it to me...say where the picture was taken (what state? country?)
and i'll ADD it to the page with a link to your blog (unless you tell me not to!) 
OR just your name!


  1. Hui Laura,

    I'm the first to leave a comment- what a new experiance-hihi.
    And you are really a little witch in relaxing us with your words and pictures.
    Ba the dandelos you asked how long you can keep them before using-hihi.
    Take 250 flowers fresh for honey, or try the leaves and "undergrounds wurzeln" than you can keep them for a year.
    So i make it short i come back tomorrow to e-mail to you.
    Kiss Doris

  2. Happy yummy 2011 Easter LauraK,
    I think for once I've little to write... I've just visually Journeyed this Round Posting and Read the accompanying words... and quite simply am awed.

    You are truly one of the most imaginative creative Folk I have ever met. Earth's Nature is thoroughly fortunate to have a Person like you to Love it. And I'm lucky to have the pleasure of Visiting and Experiencing the Wonders you Share.

    Big hugs from Magda(Australia)... seems my natural wordiness found a way through my awed state.

    PS:... incase you didn't notice... Happy First Blog Posting Anniversary for April 21st!

  3. Well I've now learnt to look first LauraK...

    You did notice, and I'm glad... you certainly have shared wonderful moments in your first year with Blogging, so I'm also glad I didn't look first, cause in mentioning it here, others will know too they've been sharing a whole year of wonderment with you.

    You are definitely a very special Person Laura K
    Hugs filled Love to you From Magda(Australia)

  4. I never thought about it before--but it does seem to be true--nature does seem to prefer round shapes. Love all these photos. What a wide variety of round objects.

  5. Beautiful as the Van Gogh swirly wood. Round is strangely fulfilling isn't it?

  6. i think my favourite shape is a circle, so i loved this post

    particularly the cinnamon fern, the weathered wood and the lotus flower pods

    nature makes the best mandalas

  7. Cool photos. I guess my favorite is the little owl.

    I love that chocolate bunny funny. It never fails to make me laugh. Happy Easter to you, too.

  8. love your wanderings. Wondering, my wanderer, if you have ever seen the mobius strip in nature? Having a math background my idea of shapes does tend to wander.

  9. Once again, a super post, Laura! Marvellous pictures, thoughful captions and quotes and cute Easter tidbit (I feel quite bad biting off that bunny's ears!)

  10. THANKS always...for wandering through...and taking the time to leave a note!!
    Doris/Hexenessel...thanks for the dandelion info!! now i just have to find a field of them!

    Magda...thanks for your kind words...AND for noticing my ONE YEAR anniversary of blOgging!! what a long strange trip it's been! ha!

    Kateri...yep! there sure are LOTS of nature ROUNDS...we just gotta LOOK for them!

    Tumbleweed/stacey...that van gogh wood is one of my favorites too! i LOVE weathered wood!

    Kel...yes! nature's mandalas are the BEST! natural...healing...comforting...and not man-made!

    bunnits...have a happy funny bunny day...and you've got the bunnies to celebrate with!

    crayzys...mobius strips...are definitely something to ponder the circle...continuous....

    desiree...what would be worse...biting off the ears...or the butt? hmmmmm...??

    take care everyone! have a great weekend! :] laura

  11. Great photos...Happy Easter to you.

  12. What a cool variety of stuff Laura! The tree with the hole is really fascinating...and the sand dollar-I have always liked sand dollars and the lotus flower pods. If you buy the pods, they're pretty expensive, about $4.50 a piece. I like to use them in arrangements. Since you started the misspelled sign thing, I constantly look now and wondered if you would accept guest finds. But, of course, when you're looking for them, you can't find them. Also, the chocolate bunnies are hilarious...we got a good laugh-oh, Karo looks at your posts too. Happy blog anniversary Laura-talk to you soon.

  13. great Imagination. steve

  14. Great photos again, naturely inspiring. Happy Easter. By the way, I changed my name from Douglas to Doug, cause I liked it better.

  15. cathy...thanks! you have a happy easter too!!! hmmmm, maybe if i collect some pods...i can mail them to you!! YES, if you happen to get a pic of a sign...SEND IT...i'll add it with your name/blog/website!!

    steve...thanks! weird imagination. but...really...the weirder the better...who wants to be n o r m a l!! right?!

    doug...thanks! 'naturely'...good one...i like that! doug is better...shorter...easier to remember...

    ok me the black jellybeans...and have a hoppy day.
    weeeeeeeeee!!!!!! :] laura

  16. Wow laura, wonderful round things! The earth is round, life is round. Nature continues round and round. The circle is very soothing. Thanks.

    Happy Easter


  17. Very inspirational! Loved all the photos, but still, the wood is always my fav and then the Owl.
    I did check out your shadow post and loved it. You have seen the reflection photos right? I LOVE those!
    Glad you added the sign page. Great chuckle!!!
    Hope you are having a great day!

  18. inspiring collection of photos! may your days be joyous and full of life as these pictures, all year round!

  19. lovelight, calling ravens, ann on the street!!

    THANKS!! for ALL your kind words!!
    i love weathered wood...i could just sit & stare...see all different designs in there...NOT just ROUND!! :]

    have a great day everyone! laura

  20. Loved the texture theme and love this round theme. Boy, Laura, you found round everywhere... even the fern! I was really impressed.
    You really inspire us to look, not just glance, but look at our surroundings.
    Love the Easter Bunnies too.

  21. What an incredible post! I wish I had time to visit more often! You are sooooo observant. This kind of bond with nature is rare. It is the kind of bond that is needed to change the earth for the better, to keep it beautiful, clean and pure. You are so rare a gem that I am honored to be a follower. Often I have days where I walk alone, and I love it, but some day, I wish I had someone who understand nature the way I do and has that bond. You would be that somebody I wish lived next door to me, so we could take a walk and explore together. Happy trails! :)))

  22. Laura! Where have yu been? Haven't even seen you out in cyberspace! Are you creating something REALLY HUGE? Just stopping by to say hello and you are missed...take care.

  23. I SO love your blog. It is amazing how we miss things in life, like all the round things and all the things to touch... Personally I am a word person, but on much the same expidition as you are. I am looking for words, specific words. I am making lists of words for feelings, because I think that if I can be more clear about my feelings it will help me. And others. And then I amke lists of words that can replace 'nice', or 'hard', etc. NOt that I am above using 'cool' and 'awesome' for just about everything miraculous, but I love that there are so many unnused words in this world and that I get to find them, and use them. When I am not using 'cool' and 'awesome' of course.

  24. THANKS Susan, Lisa, Keda and another Susan !!!!

    i'm so happy to see all your faces here again! and glad that you could take the time to wander.
    and as always...i appreciate all your kind words...and thoughts!

    NOW...if you should check back here...anyone...everyone...i've been having trouble 'posting' again! oh well...hopefully i'll get it to do what it's supposed to...REAL soon! before i have no hair left! ha! :)


  25. Hey Laaaura!!!! OMG you've got so many new posts (new for me!) wow WOooOW!!! It's like a circle.. u makin gr8 posts again n again n again.. ROUND huh! :D I reaaaaaally liked this post, had a TURN to it :) The sunset quote was beautiful n so was the pic! Excellent!!!

  26. And yeah like people have said, this post in particular was very soothing :)

  27. ...Amused Medic...hey! it's always good to see you wandering thru here...and taking a break...from your hectic...student life!!

    SCHOOL is sometimes you just have to take a break...STOP and smell the flowers.

    thanks for all your kind words...i'm humbled...
    to ALL of you who trip your way through here! :] lk


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