Monday, April 4, 2011


this is a test!

there i was...
minding my own business...
digging up my hidden stash of acorns...
and laura spotted me!


and so, here i am. flying through cyberspace!
she wanted me to be her test subject  because she said she worked on a new post...
friday night i think...
but it never showed up in google reader OR networked blogs!

so she deleted it.

hopefully, whatever the glitch was...
is now fixed...

and she can repost her other one
which was all about caterpillars, butterflies and lizards...

have a safe journey. enjoy the ride.
:] laura

Do you realize if it weren't for Edison we'd be watching TV by candlelight?  
~Al Boliska


  1. Hi cute little Squirrel!

    You're showing up perfectly on my screen, all the way over in SA. What an important little Squirrel you've become...overnight! Your picture zooming around the world :) You'd better share that stash of acorns with Laura to show your appreciation! Maybe she'll even give you your own space on her blog from now on :)

  2. ms. squirrel says....munch munch munch!

    yay! it's working! thanks Desiree and Amused Medic for letting us know!

    will post the post that didn't come through...tonight...

    :] laura & squirrel

  3. Nice job Ms. Squirrel, thanks for letting your fine self be photographed, we do not have the GPS coordinates for your stash, so I think your acorns are safe! ~tumbleweed

  4. Hi Laura -love your test post! I put a new post on Friday nite and it's still not showing yet. One blogger has seen it, but I see on your sidebar, it's still showing my last post. Cool squirrel and camera! Would be great for a children's book!

  5. ms squirrel says...GREAT tumbleweed!! my stash is safe!! whew!
    i thought maybe if i left a post, like ms laura asked...i'd be tracked down...and LOSE MY NUTS!! :]

    new post being posted as i speak...i hope it works!

  6. hey Susan...looks like you were in comment mode as i was leaving one too!! i just tried to REpost my other one...but no good!
    usually they go right into the reader and on this TEST post did, and all my others...
    so i think i'll tackle this problem in the AM...before i have to hit the road!! :] laura

  7. What a darling little friend! He's quite well spoken too! I too hate those computer glitches from time to seems I only have trouble once in a while on Blogger...only! Hope it's fixed for you!

  8. coming through loud and clear here in the land downunder

    i heart squirrels


  9. thanks Karen & Kel! well...finally...after THREE tries...and then doing the entire post OVER finally went through...and made it to google reader AND networked blogs. seems like alot of people are having the same problem...from time to time...


  10. Love the quote! You know that's what the light on the vacuum is for--so you can see where your are vacuuming if the electricity goes out!
    (heard that one years ago and it still cracks me up)

  11. HA! you know...they should make that little light run on a small battery pack...just in case you're vacuuming when the power goes out!! :D


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