Wednesday, May 16, 2012

shower.dead hummer.skink.butterfly.and the moon.

our 'bird feeder'

if you're aware of our 'bathroom repair saga'...and even if you're not...
it all started back in february...with me losing an earring.

a pair of celtic knots that sam and i each wear (wore) one of.
sam crawled under the trailer to check the trap in the tub's drain pipe.
it wasn't there. but he discovered a leak.

SO, began the tearing down of the walls and pulling out the tub...
which exposed damp and moldy-ish floor and lower walls.

this past sunday...
we christened our new shower!
yay!  finally...we can wash indoors again!!
JUST KIDDING!  our place has two bedrooms, each with a shower and toilet.
but now we have our own shower again...

and ALL the tools, ladder, caulking, paint...have been moved back out to the shed.

here's a pic of sam doing the final touch ups sunday morning.

it was a pre-fab shower. walls in 3 pieces. we did everything ourselves.
well, sam did most of the work...i did the painting and some of the caulking.  
sam did the rest.  

yay! it's finished!  we did a good job.


so i'm home between appointments
and wanted to get this out there.
tomorrow i have only ONE i'll have some time to catch up on my blog reading!


sam found a dead hummingbird outside the shop where he works.
even though the guys he works with gave him some weird & surprised looks...
he picked it up, bagged it...stuck it in the fridge...and brought it home to me!
(pretty soon...i'll have a hummer skeleton!)
poor little hummer.

anyway, i took a picture so you could see the BRIGHT iridescent red neck.
it was so cool. i'd never seen this up close before.

what a gift!!
better than flowers.

speaking of flowers...the jasmine is blooming. 
aaaaaah. right by the front porch. i love the scent.

i spotted a Five-lined Skink the other day...hiding under the palmetto palms.
Five-lined Skink

the Gulf Fritillaries are starting to come around.
last year they were all over the yellow lantana.
this one likes the Blue Mist.
(i don't know why this plant is called a Blue's really more of a lilac color)

UPDATE on my sciatica.
my butt is sore...from rolling around on the floor...on a tennis ball.
BUT other than this soreness, the sciatica is no longer a pain in my ass...
just my legs.  a little.  especially towards the end of the day.
with stretching, heat & ice...and sam's leg massages...
it's better every day.  WAY better.
thanks for all your healing wishes.

now...YOU make a wish.

gotta run now.  i leave you with a parting moon shot.

no, can open your eyes...not THAT kind of MOON shot.  

the magical morning moon. just before dawn on 15 may 2012.

“Go slowly, my lovely moon, go slowly.”
~Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner

be cool. stay safe.


  1. LOL!!! Congrats on the bathroom and feeling better. A massage everyday sounds wonderful:) Ruby throated hummer??? Cool. And I also never understood the whole "Mist" thing for that flower. They aren't blue at all....but our Queens sure love them here! This plant does really well in our hot sun. Get better and thanks for the great shots and laugh:)

    1. yep...the ruby throats!! i love to watch them dive bomb each other for the feeder! they're such beautiful little rascals...flitting around...sounding like BIG bees!

      i guess that's why the BLUE mist does good here too...the hot sun. it's considered a Native here too...which i'm trying to do more of lately.

  2. Poor little hummer....why not get it taxidermied?

  3. you're so cute. glad things are looking up! finished shower! better butt! :)

    1. Ditto. Pain is a great simplifier. Wishing all a safe holiday weekend and with NOT TOO MUCH WORK!

    2. Oh, so sorry about the misspelling and on your blog of all places!
      Not sure if simplifier is spelled correctly????

  4. Oh I know all about unfinished bathrooms - we have been renewing ours for a few months now - nearly finished but it has been a real pain. Enjoy your new shower!!!
    The poor wee hummingbird - he is lovely though!!!
    Glad to hear your sciatica is a bit better.

  5. Yay! glad your butt is better - nice to have a resident masseuse :). and the bathroom is done - all good news. the colour on the hummingbird's neck is astonishing.. so beautiful!

    Magic moon shot. Have a lovely day :)

  6. yayyyyy for indoor plumbing :-)

    the detail of feathers on the hummingbird is stunning

  7. Aww, you know your husband loves you when he puts a dead bird in the refrigerator to save for you.

    Really, that is so sweet that you two have that stuff in common and like to share with each other, better than flowers indeed when a man loves you, specifically.

    1. that's right...i know he loves me...and he sure KNOWS me. now the guys he works with, i've never met them...i wonder what they think...of me...ha!

      this dead hummer isn't the first DEAD thing sam has brought home to me from work. he brought a frog and lizard before too. haha

    2. I can't wait to see the bones. They are so fragile, how in the world are you going to get it to decompose without destroying it?

    3. that was a dilemma...what to do so that it would decompose but stay intact. when ever i bury something...the bones always scatter...bugs, shifting of the earth...anyway, i put it in a coffee can...lid with holes in it...and i'm hoping flies/maggots...will be able to get to it & clean it somewhat.
      gross, eh? anyway...i haven't checked on it...
      happy sunday stacey!

  8. Yay! Congrats on your new shower...I bet you'll feel like a new human very soon. Your pictures are really the squirrel. And, although I'd rather not see a dead hummingbird, it is amazing to see a closeup, because that's something we just don't get to see. Your butterfly pic is especially pretty, full of fresh color. Can I make a wish? Well, how's about wishing for some more happiness and good health? But, kudos to your dandelion fluff-good shot! And, I've been mooned before! This was fun and refreshing Laura. Glad you're feeling some better! See you soon,♥

    1. u can make as many wishes as you like susan. the more the better. SOME have to come true, right?
      peace. love. happiness. good health. :)

  9. We've been having hummingbirds, and even hummingbird moths, (they are way more friendly and not so scared of humans! Your bathroom shower is just beautiful! Showering inside again...ha ha....I once watched a lady wash her hair in Lake Michigan, seriously! I too have been slacking with way too much to do, so I have to play catch up on reading too! Take care...hope your week is going great!

  10. Laura so pleased your shower is finished ...i'm intrigued about the rolling on the floor on a tennis ball sounds interesting ......haven't heard of that one for sciatica or is it something you just do for an evening's entertainment !!....great photos as always ......poor little exquisite humming bird .....but lucky you will weave your magic onto it no doubt .......x

    1. yep, a tennis ball. i've heard of it before but never had the reason to try it. ugh. now i did. BUT IT WORKS!!

  11. Thanks Laura, made me chuckle and get my head together on a grey day!
    Gratitudes X

  12. A beaut shower - well done both of you! Well done to Sam from bringing home the poor little hummer for you too... the colour of its neck feathers is beautiful.
    Such a pretty skink too.
    Glad you're starting to get a bit of relief from your sciatica and, as always, I love your moon shot - ha ha, you've a cheeky sense of humour ;D)

  13. Great post . . . sad for the hummer but loved seeing the Ruby breast up close . . .

  14. I've looked at your blog and I like what I see. Like your images from nature with various objects. I will return happy / Brita

    1. thanks...and's nice to see a new face. and than ks for taking the time to leave a note!

  15. Sam is so sweet! I'm glad you're feeling better =)

  16. As always, great shots! Poor little hummer. We found the mostly skeletonized remains of one stuck in some bamboo on the back of our property a couple of years ago. We never have figured out how it came to be stuck there. They are so amazingly tiny. One got hung in some netting I had on the fennel to protect the swallowtail caterpillars. I managed to grasp it and get it untangled. I was in awe of being able to hold it in my hand, then watch it buzz away. Needless to say, the netting came down immediately after that.

    1. a couple of years ago...we had a similar experience, where a little hummer got his beak stuck in the screen in our outdoor screen room. sam had to pull it out...which wasn't easy, as you know!


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