Saturday, May 12, 2012

lake ocklawaha...the e n d

i just couldn't get enough of these dragonflies!

before i do this final post...of the flora & fauna 
of Rodman Reservoir/Lake Ocklawaha...

i just want to say a big THANKS to everyone who breezes through...
and to those who linger...and even take the time to leave a note!!

i haven't been blog reading since last week, because of our weekend away...
and then i've been dealing with this Sciatica...if you've ever had it...then you know...
it's a pain in the sit...for any length of time!

i HOPE to get caught up...this weekend!
i just had to explain. i haven't been ignoring you...i haven't been anywhere in cyberspace!
you gotta know i'm in pain...cause i haven't been taking the time to search for cool quotes!

ok, no more talk...want to get these pictures posted before it's OLD news!


along the shore...

Great Egret

Osprey nest.

these 'nesting poles' are scattered about throughout the lake camper...

Alligator...not a very good picture...but you can see all the floating stumps, logs, etc in the back ground.
also, see the dragonfly ?!

hmmm...a Little Egret  ??
 UPDATE!  Eileen @ Viewing Nature with Eileen...who happens to be a pretty good bird expert...
thinks this little guy could also be a juvenile  Little Blue Heron!  thanks eileen!

weathered wood on the shore...

in PART 1 of Rodman/Ocklawaha i mentioned that the
BIGGEST catch of the weekend was sam's 17 inch Bass!!!
here ya go!
sam and his prize catch!

so many dragonflies...

another...not so great shot...but with THREE birds...and all the floating trees and stuff in the water!

TOO cute...TWO cute standing on one leg.

this picture below... like two fish passing each other...
like sculptures...floating  wood   plants...
a dinosaur fish and some type of pan fish



thanks for wandering and wading...through all the pictures!
end of the day, time to get off the water & head back to camp.

thanks for the wishes on a speedy recovery...of my aching...back...and butt!

be cool & stay safe,


  1. Beautiful post with lovely pictures of all sorts of wonders. That bass is quite a catch but the dragonfly takes the overall cake.

  2. get well soon Laura
    my back went bang this week too :-(
    it sure makes life awkward

    1. thanks kel...i kinda overdid it today...sitting at the comp too long! i'm healing though...mainly in my leg now! YOU get better too...

    2. Speedy healing to you both. Likewise the body is giving me notice that every 20 minutes I have to change position. I actually set a kitchen timer so I know when to get up and relieve the compressed spinal column. Love my air cushion I sit on. Best to all. May your blessings multiply and so glad through Laura I can connect with so many special people, Best to you, Kel and all walkers in the forest.
      Absolutely, grand pictures! Love the water birds! Esp. herons.
      Jean S

  3. I'm sending you all kinds of healing thought. It is sooo easy to send positive energy after seeing the beauty you catch for us--not Sam's fish, although it was pretty awesome, too ;-)

    Let that back and butt heal, we want all of you back.

    I love the dragonfly, too. I'm going to show this pic to the Little Princess!

    1. thanks magaly...your thoughts worked...i'm better today. still hurts and i'm overdoing it some...but that's me!

      the dragonflies were my favorite!!

  4. Love that little cormorant..he looks like he's striking a ballet pose.
    Sure hope the sciatica eases off soon.

    1. ha!! a ballet pose! i didn't see her twirl though...maybe after i turned away...

  5. love this whole set. the ufo, er, dragonfly, buzzing the alligator is cool! :) the anhinga is beautiful and twin cormorants. and milo!

    1. thanks theresa...funny how sometimes you don't catch those xtras in the pictures until you get them on the comp!!

  6. Hi Laura...Wonderful, just wonderful shots, the alligator ...I'm not keen on that ; }
    Dragonfly on the pole is a classic love it...and the Go!!! shot is great!
    Hope your doing better and you have a good Mothers Day !

  7. I always love your photos! The dragonflies are magnificent! Such unique creatures, so much detail on something so small. :-)

    Sending healing and love to you. xxx

  8. hey there! I hope you're feeling better. I know how it is. I've actually had no ailments:)....just been super lazy in cyberspace. It happens all the time. Your photos inspired me with my cup of coffee to go hiking this morning.....BUT I'm waiting for our a/c checkup to happen....and so I have to wait.....grrrr......your pics are beautiful. And I think this is what I've learned.....some pics are masterpieces but because this is about our don't have to be perfect to post all the's about capturing the moment....and the feel of it all:) I love the shots and wish I could see this sometime in my life. For now, I'll enjoy the pics that you posted. And they are beautiful. The dragonflies are the coolest:) The get into every picture this time of year!!! Feel better!

    1. well i hope you had time to go hike around after the AC checkup! and hopefully the checkup was good...nothing major going on!

      i love the dragonflies too...they have the cutest little faces...
      the nice thing about this cyberspace...we can go everywhere!!!!

  9. So many great photos. The dragonfly, bird and the others are so nice.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wish you a nice weekend.

  10. As always, lovely photos.
    Feel better, sweetie!! *hugs*

  11. beautiful Laura especially the dragonflies ...i have my tattoo finished this week ...Yay ......yes a pain in the ass that sciatica I KNOW what you are going through .........xx

  12. Sorry tp hear about your sciatica - I know how painful that can be. Hope it gets better real soon. You got a great selection of pics of lots of different wildlife. Lovely looking place. :)

  13. the bookend cormorants are very cute. and lovely Milo, sound asleep - what a good cat he is! Love that last beautiful evening shot, so calm and peaceful. Another great selection, Laura :)

  14. so glad you got away for a week.
    so wonderful to see the beauty found and experienced.

    1. i WISH it was a week...just TWO days!! but sure worth it...we NEEDED the time away...bad!! :) thanks for stopping by Tammie!

  15. Beautiful photos! Love the osprey nest--that is pretty impressive!

  16. Your photos are incredible I must say so is Sam's fish. Take care of the butt thing:) Thanks for sharing the awesome shots. B

  17. Laura, wonderful collection of birds from your trip. The photo you have listed as a Little Egret could be a juvenile Little Blue heron. The coloring seems right for a juvie. The ospreys are cool, I loved all your bird photos and what a great catch for your hubby. Happy Mother's Day!

    1. thanks eileen...i added your idea of possibly a juvenile Little Blue Heron under my picture! yep...sam was SO excited when he felt that bass hit!! happy mother's day to you too!

  18. Thanks for those photos Laura. Lots of Dragonflies too! The photo where you say "... not so great but with THREE birds"... now, I reckon it's a really great shot - the sparkle from the tops of the little waves drew my eye immediately!
    Funny how we all see something different in a photo isn't it.
    Really hope your pain eases soon - good wishes.
    Susan xx

  19. Congrats to Sam on the great catch! When Bill used to fish (he may again some day) I used to love to GO fishing as long as I didn't actually fish. Just being on the water, looking at birds and clouds, I just love it! ... looks like you do too. Thanks for sharing.


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