Monday, January 16, 2012

blooms. feathers. carcass. bird. squirrel - - - and milo.

the Azaleas are budding.
they like the cold.   so do i.

this past week we've had a few hard freezes.
no snow here in north florida...but the water in the bird bath froze!!

here's a close up of the water...which i thought looked pretty cool...
with the leaves beneath and the reflection of the trees.

just before the freeze...i noticed the camelia was about to bloom.

luckily it did.  for one day. then it froze, turned brown and shriveled up!


remember the three little bananas growing in our yard??
this was the first year we had bananas on this plant!

well...they never had a chance to mature.
maybe this year they'll sprout bananas a little earlier.
this is what they look like now.


i found TWO more (Barred) owl pellets, but haven't had the chance to dissect them yet!
THIS is the BIGGEST i have ever found!
2 ¼ inches long and 1 ½ inches wide!!
it's hard to imagine a pellet this size making it up & out of the owl without choking him!
i find myself wanting to gag just imagining that.

feathers on the one area...
hmmmm...i think someone...something... has been munching on a Red-shouldered Hawk.

AND that's NOT ALL that has been munched on.

fur spotted on the ground. clumps of it.  appeared to be Opossum fur.

i followed the trail. to the far back of the yard...just beyond the tree line into the woods.
sam spotted it first.
there, on the ground.  
a fairly clean carcass.  still much fur clinging.

definitely a 'possum.  poor little guy.
(you know i'm keeping the bones!)

look at the little skinny ribs in the picture below.

we're thinking maybe a bird. hawk or owl...ate him.
if it was a fox or coyote...or a would have been dragged off.
but a BIG bird (no, not the yellow one!) would have caught it & pulled it apart right there...
on the ground.
too much information?
-'s a Pileated Woodpecker in the front yard.

and a squirrel...

trying to decide if she wants to get a drink while i'm standing there on the porch.
too close for comfort.
but thirst won.


a quick note...i mentioned last time about my son travis coming to stay with us.
well...we THOUGHT he had a job. travis thought so too.
he worked LAST saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday...
then the boss had to go down to south florida to pick up some palm trees from his palm farm.
travis hasn't heard from him since...and he doesn't answer his cell.
we drove by his business here in town, but the gate has been shut & locked ever since last week!
hmmmmm.  so travis is waiting (im)patiently to get paid for his time.
then it might be back to employment app's if this doesn't work out.  
will keep you updated.


i leave you with a milo snooze. she dreaming of gymnastics? the cat olympics?

it looks like she's getting ready to do a head stand.

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. 
~Terry Pratchett

stay cool & have a safe journey.


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm really looking forward to seeing what that pellet is comprised of - if you have plans for sharing! And the possum bones - you say you're keeping. Gonna boil everything off and try to put it back together? I have a neighbor that did that with a baby goat, and took it to school. The cool things we'll do!

  2. What beautiful photos. I especially like the one of the leaves in the water with the tree reflections. Well, of course, after the adorable ones of Milo.

    I hope all is well with your son's job and that no ill has befallen the employer.

  3. i always have to laugh at your unabashed presentation of nature - all of it - not just the pretty stuff. :)

    good luck to your son!!!

  4. Thanks for your blog North Florida. It's really nice to see all your so many critters, dead or alive. And, a really good, good cat.

  5. Love the reflection picture! Sorry about the job, sounds shady, but hopefully there's a good reason and they will make it up to him...fingers crossed!

  6. Hi Laura,

    I would like to know what is in that owl pellet. It does look big. You do seem to find the most amazing things on your walks. I love the reflection capture, its just beautiful. I hope your son gets his pay for working, that would be awful. And I love the Pileated and your Milo photos. He does look comfy. I enjoyed your post and the photos. Have a great evening.

  7. Oh-oh-oh! I see a post from you and I know I am going on an adventure!! And this time not only rotting bones and owl upchuck...but a woodpecker, squirrel, awesome ice reflection, and....MILO!! I would have collected those gorgeous feathers in a heartbeat! I wonder who was eating hawk?! Maybe it was an old hawk that died of natural causes and was devoured after it hit the ground?

    Anyways, thanks for the walk with you, Laura! I always love them, even when you point out scary spiders that are the good long frozen winter would kill off, thank goodness they don't live up here, give me nightmares kind. I just plain enjoy the company so dang much. :):)

  8. Milo is so sweet, and I'm sure wild and happy dreams are being reviewed right now....I always enjoy the journey you take me on...and your cool stories that go with such awesome have such a cool place to live in and around...I'd be out there all day long...!

  9. my commiserations to Travis
    dodgy employers are the pits

  10. Such a stunning image, those leaves in the frozen water. Shame about the bananas. It's terribly disappointing to watch fruit grow and to count down the days before you can pick 'em, only to have them succumb to weather (or be eaten by animals!) just as you're about to harvest.

  11. thanks to all who stopped by....and left a's always nice to see familiar faces!!

    i never know who does the comment back email thingie...but i'll answer a couple of questions's IN those Owl Pellets?? tiny bones!! usually from the little mole...that furry critter that lives underground and makes those raised tunnel tracks all over your yard. anyway, those are the bones i usually find in there. maybe some yummy lizard too. ha! OH! and no boiling the carcass...that softens the bones too much. i'll let mother nature do her work...then sterilize with little amount of bleach water & then peroxide...then bake in the sun...

    it was sad about the bananas...we were SO looking forward to snacking on them...oh well...

    dodgy employers...i hope this guy isn't one. i keep nagging at travis to call the guy again...but for some reason...he's timid about calling because the boss man doesn't like to be bothered! VERY strange. i'll keep you all posted!

    yep, it's possible that the hawk died of natural causes...but i kinda doubt it...i've never seen a dead one...except on the side of the road...

    well....thanks again!! will see you at YOUR place!

  12. HI Laura...You do crack me up lolI always like your walks!!
    No the cat has never forgotten for sure lol
    I love your carcass adventures ..and I would gag at them, but not the cat cat bring up a good one lol...she has long hair!
    I would like a good shot at the Pilated Woodpecker ..he keeps going around the tree as I try to catch up with him lol
    Hey you have a good week and I hope you get warmed up it is a shame about your plants and those bananas

  13. Brilliant photos, nice to see them, pure genius.

  14. Hi Laura,
    The news for Travis is deeply sad... not very encouraging if he has been used... if turns out to be so... but if he can utilise the happening as being exercise, and worth including in a resume indicating employer abuse... worded nicely of course, would maybe be good...
    Could something have happened to the Employer other than the avoidance of responsibility?

    The Red-shouldered Hawk's feathers are beautiful, as is the photo... is it possible the Opussum gave the Hawk a good workout before it managed to get away, yet still unfortunately die?

    Maybe the Bananas innards could be cooked and still eaten, they certainly reached a decent size it seems.

    Brave Camelia, curious having such Blossoms Bloom when the weather indicates Winter... I realise there are Winter Blossoms, maybe the Camelia was being enthusiastic for an early Spring.

    Love the abstract close-up photo showing the icy water with its patterns, contents and reflections.

    Rather beautiful the Squirrel chooses to drink from the Bowl and not the Wild.

    Milo is a real cutey.

    hugs with love Laura xxx

  15. That water photo is just too amazing for words. The rest is pretty cool in a weird and off beat way.

    All the best of luck with your son's job. I would like to advise that he looks for something else though. In the very little experience that I have, people who do these types of things just can't be trusted and your son will probably never see the owner or the money. I may be wrong, this is a very general assumption. Either way, good luck!

  16. You must have been elated to see those tiny little bananas emrging! I would have been...:)JP

  17. Hi Milo! I'm moving to Florida -- outside my window the wind is blowing snow everywhere. I've decided to take up cross country skiing. Great photos, especially love the azaleas, and the water photo! Looking at your blog gives me hope for spring!

  18. Love the photos. You have a great talent. I love the cat. I am a big cat person. I have 3 babies.

  19. Beautiful and original photos! Greetings from Brasov!

  20. hey how did I miss this one .....loved visiting as always .....Milo Rules....hope your son has good news about his pay ....xx

  21. You find such interesting stuff. Love the water shot and the feathers. Sorry about your son. Don't hold your breath. I had my son get ripped off by an employer like that one time also. It's just heart breaking and makes you so mad that they can get away with it!

  22. Oh, I love the photo of the water--very unusual reflection and pattern in that that photo.

  23. "Well, your Azaleas are probably in full bloom by now, that I finally was able to comment! I've had commenting problems. I read your post a few days ago, then, it bumped me off.

    But, really like the black bananas, haha! Maybe this year you'll get some good ones. And, I've thought of trying some Camelias this year. I think they're related to the rose, aren't they?

    Hope you're doing well, Laura. Love to see Milo anytime...she rocks! And your water reflections are really good, what color! Have a good week! xxoo

  24. I just adore the way you closed this post. In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.

    To close, we'll stay warm up here in NYC. You stay cool and blessed!

  25. loved Milo's pics. and esp the frozen birdbath. You are getting quite an eye for the diverse pics.

    Stay well and may your slippers be filled with blessings that multiply into gratitude with each step.

    Oh I do so dream of a vacation... So comforting to view yours. Thx for the journey.


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