Tuesday, December 20, 2011

computer woes. more fungi. goin' camping. art journal.

a Bromeliad flower in bloom!

sunday morning my laptop woke up with a dark screen.
i thought it might have been stuck in hibernate 
because the light on front kept blinking like it does before it goes to sleep.

so i went online...on sam's comp...and tried all sorts of remedies.
no luck.
yesterday morning i took my laptop to the hospital.
hopefully i'll hear from them SOON with a diagnosis.
i hope it's nothing serious.
my laptop's about 8 years old...running windows xp.
i like xp. it lets me be in charge!

close-up of the Coral Mushroom!

the one i'm on right now...sam's computer...runs vista.
vista treats you like an idiot...like you have no idea what you're doing. 

or maybe it's just because i'm so used to MY computer...
where all my files are...my folders. my programs. my desktop.
my pictures. my scheme. my theme.
my stickers all over the cover.
oh well. i'm whining. get over it.

HEY!!  if sam & i didn't each have our own laptop...
then i wouldn't be here...telling my tale of woe!

a little garden spider

so i don't have access to my latest pictures...
only the ones i still had on the camera.
i know...back up! back up!
i DO backup on an external hard drive...but not as often as i should.
it's been a couple of weeks.  :/

OH yeah...sam got the week between xmas & new years OFF!
so we'll be packing up milo...

and our bare necessities...on the 24th...
and hitting the road!! camping!  yay!!!!!!
~no phone~no internet~no stress~

(i found some older pictures i had saved on discs...from when we stayed at these parks before...)

first stop  will be Suwannee River State Park.
you might remember...this is the park where the 
Suwannee & the Withlacoochee Rivers meet...
where Balanced Rock  hangs over the Suwannee, along one of the trails.

Balanced Rock

...where a tired & worn out Hackberry butterfly hitched a ride on sam's back while we hiked...

after Suwannee, our NEXT stop will be Florida Caverns State Park.
we visited there about seven years ago. 
at that time we only went into the caverns...we didn't walk the trails. 
underground...in the caverns

a little BAT hanging upside down in there...

so...where ever this coming week takes you...
what ever you do...what ever you celebrate...if anything at all...
hanukkah...christmas...new years.
whether you're dealing with snow...blizzards...rain...freezing temps or summer heat...
may your life be filled with unexpected magical moments!
16  december  2011  6:30am

i leave you with my latest...my second...ART JOURNAL entry.
(17 dec 2011)

a two-pager!  tree done in marker.  collage on the right.

have a safe journey...this year into the next.
see you in 2012!


  1. Jealous!

    Not of your computer problems, though. Get well soon laptop!

  2. Beautiful photos of nature. I hope your laptop gets well soon.

  3. i loved your line 'don't just open your wallet - open your eyes'. :)

    hope the laptop recovers! but in the meantime, enjoy your camping getaway!!!

  4. Sorry to hear about your computer. Hope it can be fixed. You are correct in your assessment of Vista. I dislike it immensely. I, too, like to have control over my files etc. It's very unintuitive. Hope you can keep XP awhile longer.

    Love the fungi and cavern shots. Have fun camping.

  5. You lucky dog...camping again...away from the crowds, those that are cranky, those that thrive on drama...but you'll miss my cookies. Hey why was that garden spider referred to as "little"?????...:)JP

  6. Hi Laura, I love your journal entry and the photos. My hubby(the spleunker) would love the cave photos. You and I must think alike, I enjoy nature and I wish more people cared. I hope you have a great time camping, sounds like a fun way to celebrate the holidays. ENJOY!.

  7. oh, my gosh, it sounds like the perfect christmas holiday! Love the little flower in the first picture and looking foward to your photos of your trip when you return. (And hope your laptop recovers!)

  8. Ho, ho, ho! Your first 'shroom pic looks like my homemade biscuits-just here and there in size. That Suwannee river is so cool. Every picture is a different story! And you must have an eagle eye to spot that small bat in the caverns. Caverns are fun, I've been to a few, but not in a long time. They have some just a couple of hundred miles south of here and I've been trying to get Karo to go sometime. Stalagmites and stalactites, eh?

    Your journal is coming right along. I really like the page with the clocks and the 'gloved' one in the center.

    I hope you get your computer back soon. I have Vista on my Pc...know what you mean. Karo's computer has XP and my laptop has Windows 7. But, I don't know how to do split screens on Vista-again, you're right about being a D...A... on Vista. I figured it out on windows 7. Our XP computer crashed about 4 years ago, and I lost everything. No one could retrieve it. So Karo brought it home, cleaned it out, and it's like brand new, so he uses it. We had backup files, but they did no good! I save a lot to CD's now so I don't lose pictures, but it's a job.

    So, enough blabbering. Have a fun trip...hugs to Milo. And Merry Christmas!xxoo

  9. Hi Laura...when my laptop does that I flip the thing over and slip the battery pack out for a few second or more it shuts down and it is all ok when I turn it back on!! Darn fool things lol!!
    Well your plans for the weekend sound lovely..it sure looks like a great place ...and Milo I think will have a great time to !!
    Great entry!!
    You are a wild women ..that's what I like about you lol!

  10. may your tech problems be solved with ease and minimal financial stress

    may your camping trip be full of memory making moments

    may your journalling reward with rich imagery and insight gained

    have a merry, see you on the flipside

  11. Ditto to Jealous but never jealous of computer problems.

    Your journal being hands-on gives a touch-back that the keyboard never does.

    Relax and walk in R & R -- renewed relaxed mode.

    Like my old apple I used to just let it go to sleep and conserve energy. Wish too we could a click on a sleep mode for those shoppers.


  12. Have a great break and a cool Yuletide! Cavern pictures are amazing. x

  13. Wow to the pictures, as usual! I am heartsick when I lose my computer access. You did remind me to do backup again--been a couple of months! Awk!

    Have fun with Milo camping. I hope the laptop survives. I'm like an old dog learning new things using new systems. I honestly still don't feel totally confident with the new laptop and I've had it for two years. I suppose it's not technically "new" any more--LOL!

    Take pics. Have a joyous, peaceful time and see you when you get back...hopefully on your own laptop. ;)

  14. Computer problems really get me frustrated too! Hope yours can be fixed... or at least, the data can be recovered. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year 2012! =)

  15. Hey Laura, It may be time to get a Mac. I too think Vista is a pain, and so I went to tally to Mac.

    So excited for you about your camping trip! I'll miss your photos and wisdom, but at the same time, I know you'll come back with plenty more of that!

    Happy solstice to you :)

  16. first... get-well wishes to your Laptop Laura...
    and thanks to Sam for letting you use his...

    I love the way you chat in between fascinating photos... and your side-bar Turtle looks great enjoying being a Santa.

    I met a similar coloured Flower in my Neighbour's Garden... the one I met was of the Bromeliad Family... awesome colouring, astonishingly bright... very Christmasy looking too.

    Your Mushrooms delightful... the Spider beautiful.. no Snow? They have a quiet Autumn feel.

    So serene is the feel of the Balanced Rock scenes... a beautiful place to be going for Christmas.

    The Hackberry Butterfly is a cutey... but the Caves... Laura they are stunning... mmm... how deeply powerful the energy would feel physically, sure does via the photos. The one with the Bat I had to look closely at because at first I felt I was seeing rock with an eye looking at me... eerie.

    Gosh, your second Art Journal entry sure reflects the crushing rush of the Season in contrast to the bare Tree... like so many pockets and purses will be when the Season is done.
    Interesting entry... heavy, tense, expressive... well done. I like it.

    Merry Christmas to you Sam and Milo... by the way how's Monty doing?
    Merry Christmas to Monty too... whisper that though... don't want slitheries thinking I'm deciding to be friendly.. and a Merry Christmas to your beautiful wonderful surrounds, appreciate all the wondrous moments they have given you to share.
    with love from Me and Crew in Australia xoxo

  17. Uh O! I hope you get your computer back soon. Love the little turtle with the santa hat on your blog!

  18. Oh, oh, oh!! Love the photos. Have a great week away and enjoy the camping. Hope your holidays are wonderful and that you have a great new year.

  19. What a lovely holiday you are going to have! Enjoy it. I myself am contemplating being unavailable to the rest of the world... It is a hard addiction to break.

    love the spider pick, and thank you for all your lovely posts, despite being computer-less.

    Have a blessed holiday!

  20. Thanks to everybody for the camping well-wishes!! AND unfortunately...some are relating to my computer woes!!

    UPDATE on my laptop...if u read this...well...it's time for it to retire. it needs the entire LCD whatever it is...replaced...a cost of 250. just for the part, not including labor to i stall...and since my comp is over 7 yrs old...it's time to just put the $$ towards a NEW one! sam says...go for it! i'll see....

    a couple of questions asked...and answered here...JP/Quiet Corner=the 'little' spider...i say little because he was probably under an inch...pretty small...compared to some others around here!
    and to magda= wow! u remembered monty...(ball python)...a few moths back i gave him to someone with other ball pythons! i decided i wasn't giving him the attention he deserved...not handling him enough ever since he mistakenly bit my hand when getting ready to feed him! ouch! it scared me...so now he spends his time with other ball pythons...and his new care giver says he's very happy! :)

    thanks all!! :)
    peace. love. happiness...and no stress!!

  21. Now that explains why Monty wasn't included in the wonderful collage you did of you and the family Laura, I've been wondering why, now I know, thank you.

    and wow... a possible new computer... that will be fun. With Sam's Vista programme treating you like an idiot... the new computer if/when happens will probably enjoy finding out just what you are capable of with its offerings. Good luck.
    Also hope you are able to save all that may still be with the now passing on one.

    Would wish you a great Holiday, but really no need... where you'll be will be wondrous.
    Hugs from Magda and Crew

  22. Sorry about your laptop - unfortunately, we all go through that from time to time. Be prepared for a new "learning curve" with a new one, BUT there will be difinite improvements, too.

    Love your pictures & comments, as always. Good for you 2 for just getting away from it all for a while - such peace is found in nature.

    These pages in your art journal about say it all regarding some of the craziness of this season - be well & come back rested up and relaxed!

  23. Peace to you Laura, in the New Year...

    Wondering what was your most peaceful moment this past year?

    If one of my New Year resolutions remain resolute, I hope to begin and end each day with a moment of gratitude and meditation on the my most recent peaceful moment.

    Some define peace as the absence of violence. I define peace as the presence of unconditional trust.

    May the New Year bring you many moments of peace and gratitude daily.

  24. It is 8.33pm, Saturday 31.12.2011 as I write this in Queensland Australia Laura... just under 4hrs to go and 2011 will be gone for me... so 'Happy You Year' from me and the Crew in the Southern Hemisphere with love xxx

  25. I know it’s been a while now, but what happened to your laptop is quite a sad thing. I guess the problem was with the hardware, since it’s already eight years old when the crash happened. Anyway, I’m glad that you were able to make your post even though you had a hard time with Vista. I hope you had some sort of software like Dropbox that automatically backs up your files online. If not, hopefully you did not lose a lot of pictures and other files with that crash. All the best!

    Ruby Badcoe


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