Thursday, September 22, 2011

milo...the camping cat

hi.  i'm milo.
 even the yard manager needs a break now and then.
tomorrow afternoon we go camping.
we don't rough it anymore.
hey, i'm...uh...about 15...and if my two favorite humans were still tent camping...
i'd have to stay home.  so we have a slide-in camper.
i like being outdoors - but at my age - i deserve all the comforts of home...
but on a smaller scale.

i was born in plant city, FL.
me asleep out back in plant city
 my mother, stimpy...disappeared while me & my brothers & sisters
were still nursing. we think she was taken by a big owl.
laura took care of us...and decided to keep ME...
because i was the smallest...the cutest...and the smartest!
me and sam on the back deck in PC
about 9 years ago or so, laura sold the mobile home we were living in,
and we moved up to north florida to be with sam.
after a while they put their $$ together and bought this camper.
uh...some place in georgia i think
 we three hope to retire & travel around in it someday.

the pictures that follow are 'all about me'...milo...the camping cat!
 as you can see...i used to be on a leash. 
i hated it. first it was a harness which made me jump and twist 
like a bucking bronco!  then i learned to walk with a collar.
Little Talbot State Park, Florida
well i guess i didn't ALWAYS walk...i was easily distracted.
so sometimes sam would have to pick me up & carry me.
but that's ok. he's my man. my best buddy.

Hard Labor Creek State Park, Georgia
"if you take the collar & leash off, i'll come out!"

yes, i could be a little stubborn!
eventually...sam & laura decided to see how i would do on my own.
no collar.  no leash.
the only stipulation was that i behave. and listen. and don't leave the campsite.
Torreya State Park, Florida

Mistletoe State Park, Georgia
Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama
Mistletoe State Park, Georgia
"ummmm...nice tree!"
"hey!!  you took my spot!!"

Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama

besides exploring, climbing, chasing lizards, eating  and...pooping...
(i know...too much information!)

i'm an expert sleeper.
Paynes Prairie State Park, Florida
on laura's side of the bed, over the cab of the truck. a QUEEN size bed. bigger than our bed we 3 share at home!
see all those patches framing the window?
each one is from a different park that i've left my...uh...scent.

so...there ya go...just a little look into my camping life.
tomorrow can't get here quick enough.
OH, did i mention i have x-ray vision?
more about that some other time!

"Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat."
~Robert Heinlein

bye. meow.

**this post was suggested a while back by Calling Ravens who thought it would be
pretty cool to hear MY camping adventures!!**

the end.  again.


  1. This was such a sweet post! Milo looks a lot like my kitty.

  2. How cute. It's wonderful that you can take Milo with you on campouts and let him chill and enjoy the trips. Thanks for sharing. Oh, did I say I love cats?

  3. Thank you, thank you for the excellent post on Milo!! Loved all the photos and the story!
    Hope all 3 of you have a great time camping!

  4. oh my goodness! milo, nice to meet you! you are a handsome fella! and your sam is awfully nice to tote you around like that!!!

    i know another camping cat. his name is Sinbad and he's an orange tabby. He and his human John take roadtrips all the time and sometimes Mrs. John goes along too. :)

  5. happy camping Milo ...i love your human's camper van ......xx

  6. I am absolutely amazed that Milo sticks around wherever you go camping!! I think that is AWESOME! Damn, most people can't control their dogs, let alone an independent cat. But love the pix of Milo with his man,, Sam!...:)JP

  7. love your blog. love this post. <3

  8. ps: would love to try this someday! does he need a litterbox? thanks :)

  9. Oh Laura what a cute and comical post...I just loved it!!
    Thanks to Milo for letting us come along to see what a great life he has as Yard Manager camper, and just all around loved and likeable fella!!
    Loved the photos especially "the end" lol ; }


  10. He's the coolest Laura...and he really is family, isn't he? Just the best photos of him. The story is great-ha~! X-ray vision! the squirrel too.

    Have a fun trip!

  11. hey everybody!! thanks for dropping by...but just so you know...i'm a GIRL...not a boy!! yes, i may be a tomboy...but i'm a girl!!

    and to answer 'adellepatricia's' question...i have a litterbox at home AND in the camper...but i prefer to 'take care of things' outside! i use the litterbox for emergencies and if it's storming out!

    anyway, thanks everybody...for reading about my camping adventures! meow!

  12. Hey Milo, good job! My human won't let me near the computer, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her, right?? I would like to hear more about this no leash, no collar thing. How can I get MY humans to get rid of these things?? I guess cats really ARE smarter than dogs! (don't tell any other dogs I said that, 'k?) ~Jasmine

  13. For me right now Laura,
    Milo's Story just couldn't be better timing...

    My eyes are blurred with tears... words aren't enough to express the depth I feel reading and seeing when Folk live with their animals and not just have them.

    Thanks Milo... your Story is beautiful, and your timing to tell quite perfect.

    And thanks Calling Ravens for suggesting Milo do a Post with Laura's help.

    Good wishes to all,
    have a great weekend
    With Love from Magda in Australia

  14. Love-love-love your many pictures of your camping life! I know you hate the leash, but it scares me to death that you wander about the campsite. What if a dog chased you and you ran away and got lost! I dearly love cats. Just worried about you. How long have you been camping without a leash? What a smart cat you are to stick close to your humans. Have a wonderful time!! :)

  15. Thanks Milo! Just loved your commentary and pics, sharing your camping adventures.
    Good to see how well behaved you are too ;D)

  16. Gosh, Milo, you make me want to camping, too. It looks so relaxing (well, once the humans took that dang leash off!).

  17. How beautiful and photogenic you are, Milo. you are obviously a cat of perspicacity and intelligence. enjoy your camping trip!

  18. I liked the quote:

    Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat."
    ~Robert Heinlein

    Purr-fect! :)

  19. i love you milo!!! my friend was marty, he was orange and white, you two might have been friends. be good!!! adelle :)

  20. awwww the second last pic <3 milo... you're one cool cat ;) !!

  21. Love your post, Milo! I look forward to others: Milo does Halloween; Milo's view of the forest; Milo's Bones; Bugs that bug Milo....Must be a best-seller in there somewhere! Thank Laura & Sam, too, for allowing you to write.


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