Sunday, March 6, 2011

lizard junkie...and other addictions

i had been planning on doing a post on lizards...
since they're the little critters i'm seeing the most of lately.

yeah, you could call me a lizard junkie.
but i'm more than that!
i'm addicted to feathers, rocks, bones, old glass bottles,
the woods...artifacts...sunrises, sunsets...anything turtle...or wolf...

so, i guess i'm a...nature junkie.

i carry around my camera (canon powershot SX120)...
constantly trying to creep up on critters...which is a little hard to do right now,
with all the crunchy leaves under foot.

but if i see something that catches my eye...inspires me...
bugs, fungus, the moon, morning dew, bark, weathered wood, flowers, feathers,
intricate leaf designs...critters, big and small...
i not only take a snapshot in my mind...but with the camera.

anyway, getting back to what i was saying in the beginning...
i had been thinking of just doing a LIZARD post... the days slip by...
there's more going on...than just lizards!

the weather's been so nice. 
during the week i spent time raking the leaves out of the flower gardens.
...kind of a futile chore.
as soon as i rake...more leaves flutter down from the trees.
i did some weeding...and cutting back  of  some  plants
that survived the winter.

OH! and the azaleas are starting to bloom!

i picked up a few pansies and begonias that were on sale...
wanting to add a little color to the gardens!

while digging a hole, my trowel hit something...
it sounded like glass. i carefully started moving the dirt out of the way...
like an archaeologist...not wanting to damage whatever it was down there.
it was an old soda bottle. 'Like' diet soda from the early 1960's!
i took a before and after picture.
(before: just after i dug it up!  after: carefully rinsed it off!)

hmmmm. never heard of Like soda. looked it up.
Wiki says: "Diet 7 Up: Originally introduced in 1963 as Like 
(not to be confused with 7 Up’s Like Cola from the 1980s), 
it was discontinued in 1969 due to the U.S. government ban of cyclamate sweetener."

it was pretty cool...finding that bottle while digging in the garden!
i wonder what else is down there!  
 you might remember...i've mentioned before...that we've found MANY OLD
bottles around here...on our property...and across the street in the field.
here's just SOME of what we've found...

we've also dug up these old clay turpentine pots in the woods out back...
left over from when they used to collect sap from the pine trees.
these pots have one hole near the top where they would nail them
to the pine trees and make diagonal cuts in  the tree so the sap would drain into them!
i did an entire post about these pots. click here to go there)

saturday...sam and i decided to head to a local park with a 
not-too-long trail that runs along Hogtown Creek.
it's a nice wooded area with wildflower gardens
and trails that take you through 22 acres of upland forest.
not bad for an 'in the city' park.
the wildflowers aren't blooming yet...but the Camelias are!

here's a Damselfly we spotted.

we veered off the path...down to the creek...and saw this at the water's edge.
an old pop top. i wonder if it's still worth  25¢!

and here's an awesome Blue-tailed Skink we saw.

"Let nature take you on its journey."
~Jamake Highwater 

back home...i'm getting inspired...creative.
i mentioned how i was going to start working on those deer jawbones...
so i picked out a few...and started to think about drawing on them
rather than the pressed flower decorating i've done in the past.

i started to fool around...doodle...ancient cave designs...symbols...hieroglyphics...
...still...trying to decide...what feels right...i like the snake...

i still have to spray coat them...which takes a couple of days...
letting them dry 24 hours between coats.
then i'll make simple leather lace hangers for them with wooden beads.
will show the finished pieces next time...

oh! and i made a "ForestWalkArt" deer skull...
(with art pens, pressed flowers, butterfly wings...
when i'm finished with it, i might use this as my new 'profile pic') i'm home...doing some art stuff...
and taking a break now and then to wander...
lichen on a downed...dead...tree.

(lizard fix!)

wow! (underside of an) awesome mushroom growing on another downed, dead tree.

well...enough for
it's sunday.
rain showers have come and gone.
sam's outside getting the grill ready to smoke a ham.

i'll probably go outside and wander out back...
maybe get lucky enough to get a couple of butterfly pic's.
maybe dig around looking for more old bottles...buried treasure...
i also need to finish up the jawbones...get them on etsy...
vacuum...mop the kitchen...
i also need to get some work stuff ready...wash sheets...print forms...
confirm appointments.
this week's a little busy...and i'll find out tomorrow if i have a couple of new clients! :D

so, without taking up too much more of your time...
(i know, there's a lot to see out cyberspace! 
we can wander around the world...go places we may never get to in person.)

so, i's about time to move on...
(sneaked in one more...)

stay cool.
have a nice journey.
laura  :]

"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."    
~Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. OMG! I love the jaw bones...the second from the top is my favorite! They all look great, Laura...and you already have flowers!...& I prayed that you'd get more clients!...& I really like that I need chaos in my soul to give birth to a dancing star!!!...:)JP

  2. I can't believe it! I've just composed a detailed comment and blogger informed me it could not process my request & my message literally vanished somewhere in cyberspace :(

    I'm trying again!!! I'd said how much I love visiting your blog and how you succeed in totally capturing my attention every time. Your photography and wonderful way with words transport me in an instant to where you are and I'm transfixed by all the amazing life forms you point out. I said a whole lot more, Laura (about the lizards, glass bottles, the lovely artwork etc.), but I don't know if this is going to work a second time & I'm going to be so fed up if blogger repeats its nasty little stint with me!!!

    I especially wanted to wish you a good week and to say I'm crossing fingers you get those new clients you're hoping for!!!

  3. I have never heard of turpentine clay pots--so I went to google them. So cool. Love the jawbones and the little lizards too.

  4. wow great post really interesting ...loved the lizards and those cool bottles.....and I LOVE the drawing on the deer jawbones ........have a great week ....x

  5. every time I stop in here, I see another reason to move to Gainesville!

  6. what did i learn from your post today
    to look for the dancing stars amid the chaos

  7. Hi LauraK,
    This is a very interesting Posting... and with reading the apt Comments given I really don't feel I have anything better to write.

    I will contribute by adding... Journeying your Site is always like experiencing a gift you extend from your Soul... I cherish the feeling, thank you.

    I have explored your side bar's "My free copyright"... and have registered. Thank you.

    I very much like your 'Forest Walk Art' Skull, especially in the Profile Photo set amid the Greenery... looks very Special.

    With Appreciation to you from Magda (Australia)

  8. It's that whole proverbial "kid in a candy shop" thing isn't it?
    If you are really happy with the snake on a jaw bone, how 'bout that gorgeous Blue-tailed skink or one of your lizards on one? (And that blue tail is amazing isn't it?)
    All the photos are FAB!!!
    Thanks for sharing your walk!

  9. Lovely lizards!!!! That mushroom is AWESOME.

  10. thank you thank you thank you !!!! :]
    so glad you all wandered through...and saw at least something you liked...and took the time to leave a note!
    your comments...your suggestions...i listen to it all!!
    (i've been B U S Y...yeah, with work and getting some art stuff done & on etsy! picked up a few new monthly clients...yeah! things are definitely looking UP!) thanks once again! :laura

  11. Hi Laura, first of all it was great to read your comment that you'd picked up a few new monthly clients.. good news!

    Your lizards are gorgeous, they get into cute little poses. You have them so well trained ;-)

    Wow, that is a fabulous photo of the lichen all the way up the dead tree too.

    I've learnt from you to look - really look at what's around us. I see so much more.

    Have a great week :D

  12. I haven't seen a skink in forever! they move so slithery through the leaves they look like snakes! i love that blue..also love the new profile pic. Your creative juices are flowing, like the azaleas, you are blooming in the spring!!~stacey

  13. Ciao Lauraaa!!! Passavo e volevo lasciarti il mio saluto!! Baci dalla lontana Sicilia!!!! ;DDD

  14. love you! thanks for the crystals you sent my son's fiancee, Jessica!

  15. Very cool Laura! The jawbones look great! You wander very well. And the azalea is beautiful-we were just talking about get a couple of azalea bushes tonite. I read this post a couple of days ago, but had to come back tonite so I could absorb more. The skink is so colorful-I guess he knew you were taking the picture. And, of course, that mushroom. Your camera is good, but, of course, so is the photographer. Is that you digging around by the tree? Luck to you on new clients!

  16. ...sometimes i wonder...when you leave a comment...and especially if in your comment, you asked a you come check back? do you check the box for emails of the comments? OR should i go to your blog and answer your question?? i'm never sure what to do....

    anyway...THANKS again!! to Susan of Oz , Tumbleweed Stacey , Patty , crayzys and Kard Korner Susan :] Thanks for swinging by...sitting on a stump someplace here in the woods...(there sure are a lot of 'em)...taking a breather and leaving a comment!
    (YEAH, susan, that's usual...)

    i had wanted to get up this morn and do a post...BUT it just didn't work out that way. major earthquake in japan last night...tsunami warnings all over...sam's awake now with tv, me can't concentrate...maybe this weekend!

    AND i HAVE TO get by all of YOU first!! :] seeya! thanks again!! :laura

  17. Hi Laura:

    Yep, I usually try to pop by and see if any questions I've asked were answered...also never been too sure how this works ;)

    I'm so thrilled to hear 'things are looking up!' WONDERFUL!!!

    Your blog definitely requires more than a single visit per entry, so I usually try to come back a second, maybe even a third time between posts. Or is it your magnetic personality that draws us back???

    Anyway, I came NOW specifically to thank you for having visited me and for the wonderful comments you left, Laura! Wow! I feel so honoured and privileged :)

    I hope the tsunami missed you completely! The devastation in Japan was mindblowing...all that destruction within just a few fleeting moments!

  18. I think if anyone asks something they would come back and check....I do anyway! HAPPY Weekend!

  19. Yes, I come back to check! And any questions I have asked, you are quick to answer. Talk to you very soon! Thanks Laura.


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