Saturday, March 12, 2011

early morning quickie...

it's saturday morning. early.  
no sun peeking over the horizon yet...or through the trees.
it's been a busy week.
yay!  i picked up 6...yeah, 'once a month' clients.

today we're helping a long time client of mine move. finally.
out of an abusive relationship...into a new place. 
today's the only time we can do this for him...
because his 'partner' isn't home right now.
 in fact, his partner got so messed up on crack...
he's having a stay in jail at the moment.
so after a few years of trying to convince my client to 'get out'...
he's finally doing it. now's his chance. now's the time.
we have a truck and enclosed trailer...and will be there early this morning
to help pack & load all his stuff.  so i better start typing fast.
OH, and tomorrow we go to the GatorNationals!
the NHRA drag races.  we go every year...usually for all 3 days of races...
this year only one day...sunday...for the finals.
we'll be there from early morning 'til evening, so i better start typing faster!

pretty pansies.
at least they like the cooler weather...because all of a sudden it's
gotten cooler again...down to low 30's at night.
the azaleas like it cooler too...the bushes are covered with buds...
some are starting to open!

earlier in the week it was raining...pouring...we really needed it.
i keep a HUGE bucket outside to collect rainwater in...for watering plants.
i noticed this little june bug got stuck in there...luckily he found his way onto
the safety of a leaf...and was floating round and round...
yeah, yeah...don't worry...i'm not THAT sadistic...i only watched him for a little while 
and then took little june bug and his surfboard out of there, and set him on the ground!  :-]

  i've been seeing them. they fly through the yard...
like they're on a mission...rarely stopping. 
swallowtails...the Eastern Black and Tiger.
i'll keep trying to get a picture...maybe next time.
but i did get a picture of the tiny Red-banded Hairstreak!
first time ever i was able to snap one of these.
he  must have just emerged from his cocoon...or whatever...
because he was just sitting himself...rubbing his legs together...
and let me get THAT close to get this picture!

Tent Caterpillars. 
know why they're called that? 
because they spin a web-like tent in the crook of a tree...
eventually hundreds of these little hairy caterpillars climb out...
and down...foraging for food. just take 59 seconds to watch this time lapse video from You-Tube.
it's kinda might make your skin crawl...but it's amazing!

(yikes! it's starting to get light out...i have to hurry!)

we're not worrying too much about the caterpillar invasion.
we have enough birds around to take care of it...keep it under control.
(male cardinal)

AND of course we have LOTS of lizards!
LOOK! he even has his mouth open...he's salivating...
just waiting for one of those  caterpillars to cross his path! know i wanted to ramble on...i'm good at that...
BUT i just know my client's going to call any time now. for an early start...
so i have to get ready...

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.   
~Mark Twain

ONE more thing...ONE of my finished JAWBONES!

ok..well, maybe i can get back here some time during the week...
i have more pictures...quotes...

so, 'til then...
stay cool.
have a safe journey. enjoy the ride!

:] laura

We are what we believe we are.   
~C.S. Lewis

(once again...mother nature strikes.
 my thoughts go out to the people of Japan and all those affected
by the devastating earthquake and tsunami.
a moment of silence...)


  1. First of glad to hear about your new clients!!! Second, love the jaw bone...came out AWESOME! Third, have a great time at the races! Fourth: am jealous of the flowers in bloom & butterflies already there!!! Be good!?...:)JP

  2. That video IS creepy,poor tree!...although I guess if I were to be time-lapsed recorded eating it would be pretty creepy too!
    I hope the move goes smooth!

  3. So nice of you to help your Client/Friend.I'm glad he finally took your advise!!

    Beautiful pictures as always ;-)

  4. It's not easy removing yourself from an abusive relationship ...good for you being such a the caterpillars amazing ...x

  5. Loved your "quick post" - it still had lovely pics and words to ponder. Well done on gaining the new clients! and your friend is blessed that he has you guys around to take care of him.

    The video was creepy - but kinda cool. And I love love love the skull - it's amazing.
    Have fun at the races... xox

  6. What a lot you've managed to pack into this shorter than normal post, Laura! I love pansies and azaleas (believe it or not, I have azaleas flowering right now, too - at the end of our summer!) What a beautiful little butterfly and so obliging for your close-up shot. Loved your analogy of the bug riding a leaf 'surfboard' and glad you were there to rescue it!

    I wasn't at all 'freaked out' by the video - only the musical accompaniment ;)

    As always, you share such inspriting, thought-provoking, enriching quotes. And, I notice you've reworked your side bar (is that the correct term?) - new profile pic, new profile detail, new pictures all round. Love it all!!!

    I hope the move went smoothly and that your client is going to stick to his decision and not be won over to move back in once his partner is released from jail. Sadly, that often happens.

    And, it's GREAT NEWS to hear you've now signed up another 6 clients. The tide has turned, Laura! :)


    Des xoxo

  7. OOOPS!!! Spell-check alert! Don't let LAURA pick it up, first...we all know how wild she gets when she spots spelling mistakes...I see I typed inspriting instead of inspiring!!!

    What is inspriting??? Could it be a new addition to the Oxford English Dictionary, do you think?

  8. Congrats on your new clients! And, on saving the june bug and his surfboard. I'm sure your friend appreciates your help in moving and hopefully he can move on and find some happiness. What beautiful flowers Laura! This time of year is a pansie's best friend. Hope you had a cool weekend.

  9. Great news Laura - 6 new clients, how good is that.
    Lovely post for many reasons.
    Cool video - fascinating to watch, especially at one point how the branch on the right starts to collapse but the web tightens and holds it in place!

    Pansies are always so sweet - love them.

    Enjoy yourselves at the drag races.

    Oh, and I love how the leaf saved the bug in the water. We purposely put twigs, and stuff that floats, in all our water containers ... for our bees. A little trick to save needless drownings, that many beekeepers do :D)


  10. Count me in on Yay new clients!!! Love the jawbone and am drooling over the azalea.
    Very cool photos of all.

    I have spotted a Mourning cloak 4 times in the last 5 days-the only butterfly I have seen so far.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  11. Great photos! And the best of luck to your friend and client!

  12. Your blog makes me more mindful every time I visit it. Just finished reading Life is so Good by George Dawson about how he learned to read at 98. So there is always hope for your friend who is moving.

  13. hey!! sorry...usually i get back on here...right away and say a kind of 'personal' thanks...but i've been busy...too busy...sometimes i feel oike i'm busy, but what do i i have to show for it??!! aaaargh!! anyway, i haven't been on the comp much since my last post...just quick on and off's...BUT i'm about ready to do another post this weekend...AND have soooo much catching up to do...visiting YOU all!!
    thanks!! :] it's nice to have you in my part of the world...even if just for a few minutes!

  14. Great post! With so many wonderful things... the flowers, the little bugs, the finished project (beautiful work!), the fact that you get to help a friend. Good luck to your friend and thanks for sharing your world.

    I recently started a shower bucket project to catch water to water the plants. We catch more water than we can use, let me tell you that.

    It sad how much water just goes to waste. A grey water system is my next project though.

  15. keda! thanks!
    the rain bucket is a great idea! i saw someone hook up bamboo with drilled holes in it....and had the bamboo draped over her flower beds! it was awesome. i basically just use the bucket to fill smaller buckets and water all the plants close to the house! i do need a 2nd BIG bucket!

    yes, a grey water system would be a terrific project!

    thanks for wandering through... :]


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