Wednesday, January 5, 2011

weathered wood 'n fungi

i mentioned in my last post...
that my NEXT post
would be pictures of mushrooms...lichen...fungi...wood
taken while camping in georgia
between christmas and new years.

enjoy...the fungusamungus!

fungi...and weathered wood...always make me stop in my tracks!

wild. natural. mysterious. each is color...size...shape...

"Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? 
Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mould myself."
~Henry David Thoreau 

Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust - 
we all dance to a mysterious tune, 
intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.  
~Albert Einstein, 
in The Saturday Evening Post, 26 October 1929 

during the week we were gone. other than the geese...
and a few other birds...
and an occasional turtle sticking its head up out of the water...
evidence of deer and raccoons by the tracks we spotted...
we didn't see any other wildlife! 
no fish. no squirrels. no insects.
SO, you can imagine how excited i got, when our last morning...
as we were packing up...i saw this brightly colored bug!!
(i'm not sure what it is...if i find out...i'll let you know...)
**thanks to Kate (2nd comment on post)...yes! this is a box elder bug!!**

i'm always picking stuff up.
bones, rocks, shells, feathers...
well, here's a picture of all the STUFF collected last week.
goose feathers. small rocks. a snail shell.

and  "what's that white fluffy stuff?"  you ask?
it's just what it looks like...cotton!  
we drove by field after north florida & georgia...
huge rectangular bales of cotton sitting at the edge of the fields awaiting pick up.
cotton that was ripped away from the bales...
by the wind...
as they sit on the back of flatbeds...
dotting the snow.

sam...seeing that longing look in my eyes...
pulled over so i could grab a handful from the side of the road.
he knows me well!

((gotta get ready for work...))
keep wandering. have a safe journey.
stay cool.

laura  :]


  1. Ahh so you're a shrooner.

  2. That might be a box elder beetle. Great photos - I love wood and fungi too!

  3. Phoenix...(used to be...a looong time ago...) the only thing i have to do with SHROOMS take pic's of them!

    Kate...THANKS!! you got it!! i edited the post...thanks to you!

    take care...and thanks for dropping in! really soon...i'll get caught up...and drop in to everyone else's 'space'...
    laura :]

  4. Laura, I have an whole new respect for fungi! There's probably some in Joes' naval! If you want it, you can have it....:)JP

  5. "fungusamongus!" How cool. You get the best photos of wood. My husband wants to know if you use a digital camera-your pics are so sharp. I have never seen so many different kinds of fungi. Good eye! You capture stuff many of us wouldn't stop to look at, or we would just kick it aside. You know, Henry David Thoreau talks a lot about nature, leaves and trees. His quotes make a lot of sense. This is truly enjoyable.

  6. Oh Laura, what wonderfull pictures and emotions you bring again in the blog-world. I would like to come to this beautifull land one time, and pick up sime wood wonders for my collection....
    did you have your truck full with things you found in the nature???
    i can imagen how you feel after your trip....
    i wrote a litte blog for you...
    Be blessed and take care

  7. Hi Laura K and Clan,
    Exquisite photos.
    Fungi, timber, lichen... beautifully magical elements... they say so much and always a delight. After rain the rich earthy aromas tell one they are about. Love the experience. Wonderful seeing another's appreciation of them. And I now know they thrive happily in snowy cold. Thanks. M of Australia

  8. hey ! Home In The Hollow/JP, Susan, Hexen, M...
    thanks for swinging by...dropping in...wandering through the fungi...

    when i'm out venturing...yeah, i most always come home with SOMETHING(s) in my pocket!

    and thanks but no thanks can hang on to Joe's fungi! ha! i prefer the kind that grows on the forest floor!! haha!!

    thanks everyone! seeya! laura :]

  9. What neat fungi and wood photos. I love the textures and lines. The feather collage is neat, too.

  10. I have to laugh at your excitement over the box elder bug. We have hundreds of thousand of those all over our house (mostly on the outside!) each fall when the weather is warm. We are cutting down all the box elder trees (they are a scrub tree anyway) on our property in hopes of controlling them somewhat. My husband will spend hours vacuming them up.

    I love the drift wood and the collection of feathers, rocks, and cotton!

  11. absolutely gorgeous. I could get lost in these photos...

  12. Laura, honey

    Happy New Year to you and yours, too!
    Grateful for his words and good wishes, always!

    Everything is beautiful here, as always! Ando out of time, but now at the beginning of the year already feels comfortable .... worked late into the night this holiday season!

    ah, I love these mushrooms ... and the trunk is the beautiful view from the top!

    Kiss on his noble soul.

  13. The selection of beautiful lichens & fungi is like eye candy to me! I, too, am absolutely fascinated by the many varieties, colours, textures, shapes and never tire of discovering them. Thanks for sharing these superb images :)


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