Friday, January 28, 2011

catching some ZZZzzzzzz's...

"Oh, to be a young owl
with a taste for adventure,
arriving at the Tree for the first time."
~Boron, The Legend of the Guardians

(our neighborhood Barred Owl spotted  in an old oak tree out front)

stay cool.  keep wandering.  laura :]

Only when the last tree has died 
and the last river been poisoned 
and the last fish been caught 
will we realize we cannot eat money.  
~Cree Indian Proverb 


  1. Does the owl keep the bats away?
    I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.
    I'm on about the 4th page back on your follow wedgit.

  2. come I can never catch an Owl long enough to take a picture? Do you carry your lens with you or are they really creatures of habit like us?....:)JP

  3. awww that last quote really hits you! :)

  4. hey is that a quote page i seeeeeeee ;o o! heaven! :P

  5. Oh man!! How cool is that-I am so jealous! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gosh, that is quite a find!

  7. Do you think he was really sleeping? Your owls are so big! I did catch your turtle show-really impressive. I've had a couple of red ear turtles and think they're really fun. We used to find box turtles in Kansas as kids, but I don't see them around Fort Worth. And I wanted to mention-your Dinning sign is REALLY unique!

  8. covnitkepr1- i don't know about the owls keeping the bats away...but we sure do like having them around...i haven't seen bats...but i know we have them! thanks for the invite...but to tell you the truth...i'm not 'religious'. i appreciate your wandering through here and taking the time to comment!!

    JP/Hollow- nope, i don't always have my camera with me...sometimes i wish i did though! and they ARE creatures of habit...the owls. there are a few trees they frequent, and if we can hear them...we can usually spot them...

    Amused Medic- yeah! the quotes! i love 'em!! i'm always searching...for new ones...

    Calling Ravens- the nice thing about this blogging...and cyberspace...we can travel around the world and see the captured beauty every where!

    Kateri- thanks! yeah, i was happy to see after i took the pic, that you could actually see her face!

    Susan- yes, she was sleeping...usually if we see her during the day...morning especially, or early afternoon...she's snoozing...
    turtle lovers unite! :)
    and the DINNING totally shocks me when i see misspelled signs!! yikes!

    thanks ALL for dropping in! :] laura

  9. Cool shot of the owl. I never see any around here although my neighbor says there's one in the dead tree in the meadow. I've looked, no luck.

    On the plus side, while I was in Denver, my mother-in-law and I were walking back to the car from the museum and an owl swooped right over our heads. It was the most awesome experience.

  10. VM Sehy Photo/Vickie - thanks! i think we're pretty lucky, really, to have this pair of owls, nest of hawks and small family of foxes...that visit regularly! my favorite thig is to hear those owls talk to each other!
    i've never had an owl swoop down so close to my head!! that must've really been something!! gets the heart racing i bet!!

    thanks for stopping in...laura :]

  11. The blog is very good!

  12. crayzys.blogspot.com1/30/2011 04:50:00 PM

    Amazing photo. Owls bring back many memories. Especially sounds. Hear them more than see them. My grandmother used to think that the owls were sending messages. Wonder what messages I have been missing???

  13. Nel, thanks for stopping by...wandering...and taking the time to comment! it's much appreciated!

    crayzys, hey! it's never too late to pay attention and try to decipher their messages! :) they sure are wise old creatures!
    thanks for wandering through here you two!

    laura :]

  14. This is my first visit to your blog - I'd read your comment @ This 'n That and was intrigued as I also love old buildings...anyway, now I'm even more intrigued to discover someone who appears to be a kindred spirit (I, too, love driftwood, rocks, stones and anything else that I find on my 'treasure hunts' as I call any outing I share with my husband 'in the countryside.'

    I love the quote with which you end this post resonates deeply with my own understanding of what is important in life. Too often, too many of us forget...until it's already too late!

  15. Desiree! Thanks for taking the time to wander through...and leave your thoughts!

    yes!! no matter where i go...even if it's the same path i've taken over and over...the ground worn into a visible's always and adventure and a treasure hunt!! :]


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