Wednesday, April 21, 2010

what do i do now...

this is my first day here. my first blog.
i wanted to set this up so that i could share with others...
my thoughts, ideas...and occasional ramblings...
AND get feedback...
i don't know how much time i'll be able to devote...
but at least i've taken the first step.
i don't really know where to start...what to say...

i'm a massage day....for about 13 yrs.
when i'm not in massage mode...i'm reading, writing...creating...
gardening, hiking.

sometimes that's my problem...i've got too many things going on at the same time!
it's hard for me to SIT. to do nothing.

so what do i plan to do here?? on this new blog?
i'd like to share my art. maybe show how i go about creating something...
i'll post the links to my 2 etsy shops...
and then HERE...i can get a little more intimate...informative...
WHY do i decorate bones? where do i find the bones? how do i clean them?
where do i get my butterfly wings? pressed flowers?
how do i do the sandblasting? WHAT IS sandblasting?

i also decorate old vintage bottles...found...dug up...cleaned
and champagne glasses which i find in thrift shops.

anyway...this is a good start...i think. i hope.
eventually i see this as a good place to share my creations...ideas... art, writings...and so on...

it's almost to get ready for my day job...massage...
and cleaning up the know the routine.

before i go, i'll post the links to my etsy shops...and i think i'll put THIS
link on my FB page.
til next time...laura


  1. Hi Laura K, Sam, and to your beautifully filled Life Way,
    Am beginning with your beginnings here, and already see the beauty which has grown with each of your givings. Thank you for doing this. The time and effort you have put into your Spot is stunning.
    With good wishes, from M Australia

  2. THANKS M!! you can surely see how things have changed, eh?? how I HAVE changed...since this blog thing first began! it sort of took off in its own direction...morphing through time and space. :]

    it was even interesting to ME to come back here after seeing your comment & reading this first day!

    thanks for starting at the beginning!!
    laura :]

  3. Happy 1st Blog Anniversary Laura K!

    For me it is already Thurs 21 April 2011, though may not yet be for you, so may this be a nice surprise for you.

    Wishing you another year of Adventures and new Friends.

    With Respect, Friendship, Appreciation and Hugs filled with Love for you from Magda(Australia)

  4. you ARE so sweet!!!!!
    thank you for honoring my anniversary!! for remembering...for taking the time to leave me a note!!! what a good friend you are!!
    and you see...YOU are the ONLY one who EVER commented here!!

    BIG HUG to you Magda!!!!!! :} laura

  5. So it has been a year. Many journeys shared. Yes, you do show us how to walk in the forest with art and grace. May you have many more walks. You did take the path less traveled.

  6. So I'm not the first one to have the idea to start from the beginning! I wish I would have thought of it sooner to wish you a happy anniversary, but I'm here now, so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY now!!
    It's fun to see the evolution, you are so creative. I'm glad I stumbled onto your path! ~stacey

  7. Magda! crayzys! Tumbleweed!!

    wow!!! you're making me BLUSH!! can u see that??!!

    what good friends...KIND SOULS you actually take the time and see when my first post was!!
    i sure have evolved...well, i guess we ALL have.

    THANKS for walking beside me! walking...stumbling...sauntering...however we do it...thanks for being there! :] lk

  8. When I find a blog I really like I always go back to check out the first few post. I like to see what the author had in mind, what was planned and what was expected and compare that to what is the current reality.

    I know my blog has evolved over the years. It changed the most when I got married and started getting the input of my husband.

    I'll be skipping around as time permits. Keep up the good work.


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