Thursday, April 22, 2010

me? compulsive? and my Bone Gardens!

...sometimes i can be a little...compulsive...a perfectionist...when i do something...i have set out expectations for myself...and i won't quit til i'm satisfied. when i 'make' something...create...if it's not JUST how i saw it in my mind ...then it's not good enough. others may say "what's wrong with it? it looks great!" ((not to me it doesn't))...then, back to the ole drawing board.>>i have given away so many of my 'creations' over the years...first, because i just wasn't happy with it...and second, because someone said they liked it!! i've NEVER been good at putting a monetary value on my art. i enjoy making these makes me feel good when i know that someone appreciates what i have why not just give it away!! and so...for ME...this is why Etsy is a learning experience in many ways! i don't have to see the 'customer' therefore the tempting option to just GIVE AWAY my 'art'...isn't there! ((well, i have had friends and family tell me i don't charge maybe in a way......ok, nevermind)) in my own defense, i have gone in to edit my 'prices' from time to time...adding 50 cents here...a dollar there. so i AM getting better! ha!

today i wanted to post a couple of my things...these are '3D, mixed media'...done on 4"x4" beveled wood grain plaques...which i paint...and proceed to create a 'Bone Garden". yep! the flowers are made of bone & teeth, the moons are wire i twisted into small spirals. i LOVE making these!! (i've sold one!) you might notice that "Planet Beenderen" is in the title name of these pieces (on etsy). while trying to come up with a creative name for these bone 'pictures'...i decided to look up the word BONE in different languages! i went with Dutch (since i have that in my blood)...Beenderen = Bones!!

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