Saturday, April 24, 2010

decorated vintage bottles

We used to have WOODS across the street...until they came in with bulldozers and knocked all the trees down!! what a shame!! pine trees...big old oak trees...GONE! so my husband Sam and i started riding the 4 wheeler over there and uncovered old...bottles...cans...a horseshoe...old many treasures!!  it became (another) addiction of scour this search of anything unusual. we started finding many vintage bottles...old medicine bottles...soda bottles. i cleaned them all up and started decorating some with pressed flowers and butterfly or dragonfly wings. (the butterfly bodies are painted)  i put a cork with crystal bead in top. i like to think we're doing our part by cleaning up the field of old man's garbage is another's treasure! UPcycled!! REcycled!!  


  1. hey girl!!! welcome to bloggyland! a nice place to think out loud, and nose in on other people's lives, and sometimes get your ass handed to you if you offend a lurking Psycho!!

  2. Hi Laura , I love what you are doing with the blog . It's cool reading about folks doing what i like to do.
    I thought of you when I posted a pic of my irises with my bone collection in the background.
    Keep up the good work.
    thanks for stopping by to see me too.
    peace ,terica

  3. What kind of adhesive do you use to attach butterfly wings.
    Thanks, Carol

  4. Carole, i use 'mod podge' for just about everything...butterfly wings and pressed flowers!

    then i coat with a clear acrylic spray to seal.
    (i hope you get this reply!! i'm still learning here :) ) >>laura


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