Monday, January 12, 2015


it's been a long time.
more than a year!
we moved more north in florida...but now we are back
to our humble, comfortable home.
aaaaaaah. home sweet home.
where i can wander out back...
in the woods...or across the street in the wooded field.
i'm going to work my way back into blogland.
yes, i finally got a 'smart' phone...which is why this is a test. i hope this works! fingers crossed...
then i can do either phone or comp.
so...i'll attach 2 pictures & see how it goes.
(fluffy otis up a tree & a big skull i found over the weekend)
in the meantime...
be safe. stay cool.
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  1. Welcome back..I love your cute Otis.. Enjoy your day!

  2. YAY: good to see you again!!!

  3. thanks!! try to do things different this time. less frequent posts. shorter. leave more time for blog reading...and! happy to be back & looking forward to visiting everyone!

  4. Welcome back it's so good to see your post again. I was just thinking about you last week again, wondering what you're up to and when you'll delight us again and wow, here you are this minute!

  5. Woo-hoo! We sure missed you. And just look at the size of Otis - what a gorgeous cat!

  6. I can see you from my smartphone! Nice to see you again, Laura!

  7. Many of us have changed our blogging. Times change and we must change with them. I've slowed mine to more thought out post. Focusing more on good content rather than just filler. Welcome back.
    My journeys in this wonderful life are actually taking me to Florida (and other places) in a few days. I will be on the East coast near Melbourne.

  8. OMG! Otis is huge! (Like Karma--LOL!) You are back home to your favorite place in the world...and a blog...from a phone!! This is awesome! Glad to see you back. :):)

  9. So cool to see you pop up again Laura! Big hugs and welcome back :D)

  10. just wanted to say thanks again to all who have stopped by...whether u left a note or not! :)

  11. So glad to see you again - AND glad that you took some time off. I took the entire summer off. Cyber space can be a dictator & eat you up if you let it, so yes we do need to make changes... I look forward to hearing & seeing more of your wonderful "spirit-filled" posts. Be well, dear Laura!

  12. oh my goodness!!! i saw a comment on another blog and had to come over to see if it was really you!!! IT IS!!! YAY!!!! happy new year, dear laura!!! welcome back!

  13. Hi Laura, it has been a long long time, and I have missed you. YOU ARE BACK, WHOOPEE.

  14. Welcome back after the break. The test came out great. Regards.

  15. My lucky day . . . you visited me and I found YOU . . .
    Thank you for stopping by the IGH . . .

  16. Laura I'm impressed, that's quite a Post to have achieved via your phone... I suppose that's why they're called 'smart phones'.

    Rather nifty really, and I suppose encourages one to do short Posts...
    Maybe I should invest in one... might curtail my Posting efforts... well maybe...

    Must be quite uplifting with the achievement.

    Oh gosh Otis is exquisite
    How is Emo?
    Nice you have the lower jaw as well..
    What kind of creature has such a song snout area with being a large skull?
    Is it possibly a horse's skull?
    Big hug, nice to be visiting you again... though I used to visit even while you weren't Posting.
    Was simply nice to wander about your Posts... there's still something I find I haven't seen or read before.

  17. Hi! So glad to see you again. Smartphone post--WOW! Just stumbled by your active blog accidentally. Most of my technology insights come from my accident-prone nature. You do inspire...
    Best to you always, the stumbler, Jean S


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