Sunday, January 18, 2015

f u n g i

by  now you know
i'm alive & well.

it's been over a year since i posted...
(excluding my 'test' post a couple of days ago)
and since i visited any other blogs.

here i am,
easing my way back into blogland.

thought i'd start off with one of my favorite things... 

it's been a little on the cool side here in north florida.
(this past month it's gotten down to the low 20's at night!!
there have been times when the temp barely reached 40°F during the day!)
no lizards, bugs, snakes...they're all hiding, waiting for the warmer sunny days.
even the birds are scarce.

otis (1 ½ yrs old now) likes to follow me around

while searching for...well...anything!

we both decided it was a fungus kind of day!

stay cool & be safe

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”
~Albert Einstein


  1. Hello Laura, your fungi shots are pretty. And Otis is a cutie.. Wonderful mosaic.. Happy Sunday!

  2. Wow, I was wondering if that was your recent cat (back when you last blogged) Otis, I so remember all the cute little kitten photos!

  3. you've got lots around you! otis is just GORGEOUS!

  4. I love the fungi Laura, its taste is beyond earth, or it will poison you.

  5. Fijn dat je terug bent ,heerlijke foto,s gelijk .

  6. Ohh look at the lovely ruff around his neck!! That's a great selection of fungi - well found, Otis - and you too, Laura :)

  7. Otis certainly looks happy looking for fungi! Welcome back...:)JP

  8. Hi Laura, Otis is looking very spiffy indeed... love his neck fur!
    You've hunted out some excellent fungus - good stuff :D)

  9. Oh, I am so happy to see you and Otis and your fungi!! Otis has grown into such a magnificent, handsome guy!! Made me happy to see you in my inbox, Laura. :)

  10. Otis is beautiful. And big! Glad to see you back, officially. And love the fungi. I did a post last summer on ones we found in Skagway Alaska, I was fascinated by the many different kinds. But apparently I could have stayed in Florida, because yours are wonderful.

  11. Cute cat and and fungi interesting. Regards.

  12. Otis looks like a "cool cat!"
    Liked your Fungi Collage . . . COOL!

  13. Oh Laura Otis really is stunning and so contented too.
    Fun isn't it when your cat goes walking with you?
    I've always enjoyed having my cats go walking with me, they're enjoyably different to walk with.

    I would not at all be surprised to learn those Fungi are putting on an extra special welcoming display for you now that you are back home again.
    They would be as pleased to have you back as you are to be back there again I'm sure.

    As always the amazing array of fungi happening for you are beautiful, thank you for sharing.
    Quite a way to present them too like you have. The eyes wander about in one area, each image as interesting as another.



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