Monday, July 8, 2013

time to peek in...

i'm back.
where have i been?
nowhere in  particular. right here.
living life.
reading books. a lot!
taking pictures. a lot!

a purple passion flower

i've thought about entering blog-land...many times.
but for some reason i just couldn't get motivated to do so.

this morning
emo found a snake in the garden...right by the front steps.
fortunately he (emo) was smart enough to leave it alone!
i did pick him (emo) up and bring him indoors...just to play it safe...
while the  VENOMOUS Moccasin  moves on!

pretty, eh?
(pretty scary too!)

a snake.  
it's the year of the snake.
and i was born in a snake year too.
so i thought it an omen!??
today seemed like a good day to poke my head in and say 'hi'.

i want to ease my way in.
one of the reasons i took a blog hiatus, was i started to feel overwhelmed.
now i plan to take it slower.
less often posting...and not trying to read every post of every blog i follow!

come on in
and enjoy a few pictures.

tiny tree snail, out back at the edge of the woods.

a Fence lizard

the next two pictures are of STINK BUGS!

stink bug nymphs

Green stink bug

one morning in may...about 7am, i looked out the back door...
and here's what i saw!!  a Barred Owl perched on the bird feeder...looking right at me!!
a Barred Owl

this is one of my favorite dragonfly shots i've taken lately (in june)!
perched on a cactus

a Zebra Longwing - the state butterfly for florida...feeding on lantana

about dem bOnes.
of course i'm still into bones.
finding them. cleaning them. turning them  jewelry? it all depends...
a hog skull my son travis found for me! =)

another great find!
i'm pretty sure these are Opossum feet!!

the end is near.
ONE more thing to mention.
he sure has grown!!
and what a personality!

he is a butterfly, dragonfly, mole & mouse chaser.
he is an expert climber,
drinks out of the sink faucet,
and still sucks on our fingers at night.

here he is...deep n thought.

and here he is...passed out in sam's lap.

“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.”
~ Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own, and Three Guineas

stay cool.  be safe.


  1. Nice to see you here again! I've been checking every so often. Yes, this blogging business can be overwhelming. I sort of take it as it comes - post when I'm able & try not to worry about it too much when I'm busy with other things.

    Emo is a beautiful cat!

    Take care, dear friend, & just enjoy all that your life has to offer.

  2. Glad to see you back!! LOVE the pics ..... especially that tree snail!!

  3. Heerlijk om je weer terug te zien,maar een slang in je tuin,brrrrrrr maar die uil op de voederplek is wel erg gaaf.

  4. I have been lucky to see some of your Facebook photos but it is still nice to see your posting again! I love the photos, especially the owl! Cool visitor!, glad Emo left the snake alone!

  5. so glad to see a post from you! emo is BIG! love all the creatures and critters you find to share. even the moccasin - yes, they are beautiful, as long as we see them first. :)

  6. wow, that stinkbug looks like a turtle!

  7. It's great to see you back, snakes and all. I know what you mean about blogging - I sometimes go several weeks where I have neither time nor inclination to post. As soon as I get that "Oh I should be posting..." feeling, I tend to step back and take a break.

    Emo! Such a cool dude cat.

  8. Hi your snake was a moccasin after all? The ones we have around here even growl and's spooky!!! Your dragonfly is great, soooooh close! And, I love the Opossum feet, but, do not love the creatures. My son stepped out back early this morning, and one was near our porch!

    It's nice to see you here today Laura. Hope you, Sam and Emo are doing well. Emo has come along nicely, and is keeping all in check! Hugs! ♥

  9. Happy to see you . . . and Emo too! (Snake . . . NOT!)

  10. HI Laura... There you are , glad to see something from you ! : )
    Well not the snake though "Yikes" !
    Emo so looks like the cat I had for 17 years,the best cat I ever owned, and I have had plenty!!
    Love seeing Emo updates!!
    Great photo's as always especially likes the Green Stinkbug!!

  11. Welcome back to blogging, Laura! I've missed you! I always enjoy looking at the photos you took and reading the stories you write. Take it easy and enjoy every moment! :)

  12. THANKS thanks thanks...ya gotta still be patient...i will slowly ease back into the blog thing. FIRST i will start by visiting everyone who has been kind enough to leave me such nice words! 'just hang in there...i will be to YOUR place in the order your comments were received.'
    i was hoping to wander blogs today. but doesn't look like it...
    soon soon. honestly, i'm really looking forward to see what everyone is up to! =)

  13. Yes, good to read a post from you... it's equally nice to know you're doing your own stuff in your own time too. So many great blogs out there, but they all take time to read every word. I do a little every now and then when I can, works for me :D)
    Keep well and thanks for all the wonderful photos. It's always a delight to see what you pull out of your bag of goodies :D)

  14. Oh, Laura!! What a wonderful, newsy post! I love your pictures. Emo has grown up to be a handsome devil.
    I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed. I haven't been doing so well health-wise and have had to cut way back on blogging and with my online time spent. My sciatica has been a bit better so I shall start a letter, dear one!! I've missed you. :)

  15. Hi wonderful Laura,
    so good to be visiting again.
    Regardless of your time-out, you've returned with another beautiful Post.
    Very much love the purple passionfruit flower, passionfruit flowers are one of my favourites, it's their intricate variety of parts that captivate me. From the moment they're in bud, all the way into bringing forth their fruit, there's so much to see in just one bloom.
    Venomous snakes exude a very different energy I find, spooky reads good to me, clever Emo.. so pleased he is sensible.. good too you noticed with being front steps. Definitely not what you'd want to find under your feet.
    Stink bugs are so cute, and so often their colours are strikingly beautiful.
    Love the dragonfly.. you have a great relationship with them, they give you their best for photo times.
    The owl looks young... wonder if it's a babe from your regular guests.. must have felt awesome being so close and with it remaining to be photoed.
    The skull looks good, and what a great find.. a perfect set of feet bones.. that was lucky.
    Elegant butterfly with being black and white in colour.
    AND thoroughly handsome Emo.. he's stunning.
    'being one's self' being enough.. great thought to don and embrace.
    hugs xxx

  16. Hello, it's wonderful to see your post, and to gaze at all the lovely wonderment around your place. Awesome views into the wild, I so enjoy them. Emo is still just a cutie pie too. Hope to see you popping in, here and there, when you can!

  17. Welcome back -- and please know that my comment is made without obligation ... no need to return the visit, just glad to know all is well. Emo has grown and is even more charming than ever. I love your flowers and snakes and bugs and the wonderful barred owl. Who else but you would have barred owls on their backyard feeder! Fabulous. Only probelm is your post makes me wish I could be in two places at once -- I'm missing Florida even though I'm happy to be here for the summer (on the other coast).

  18. Glad to see you back! That dragon fly is dangerously close to those cactus spikes!! eek!

  19. Oh my gosh, Emo looks like he is now a full grown kitty. Very handsome. That Barred Owl is amazing....nice shot!!! All of them are......the snake is a bit creepy and I'm glad you pulled Emo in. Let me clarify.....creepy but cool after I get over the creepy part. That particular snake is vicious! Sometimes you just have to take a break like you did......and slowly get into it all as you say:) It's worked out better for me as well posting about once a week. Allows for so much else....but I do enjoy writing so there's that bit. Big hugs to you. Chris

  20. You have been a naughty girl, leaving us all that time, lol. You've done me made it really true, your photos are something else, yes, even EMO.

  21. Oh Laura you are back YEAH HUGS HUGS. I fund I am needing to get to a slower pace and remember who I am and what I am passionate about. I can see you have been enjoying what nature has given us and oh and oh what a beautiful world it is. I have always loved your photos and hearing your words and I look forward to seeing more of the girl who found her "Peace" and "self" back. You need not worry about reading nor commenting on my blog just knowing you are OK makes me happy. I am struggling to keep up with that part too and am rethinking some things but I have an overwhelming need to share still so that will be what I will concentrate on. Glad all are OK and you are happy Yeah Hug B

  22. so wonderful to see all of your sights
    at first i thought the green stink bug was a turtle.... funny

    welcome back ~

  23. Hi Laura, so nice to see you back. I haven't been posting or reading blogs as much these days, life sometimes gets in the way doesn't it?
    Lovely pics as usual, I love all the things you see. Tell me do stink bugs stink - is that why they are called that, poor wee things.
    Hope you are well :))

    1. hi ellie!
      thanks for stopping far as 'do stink bugs stink?' well, yeah, i think they do, when they feel threatened...but i guess i've never threatened them, because i've never smelled their stink! ha! =)

  24. Hi, friend. Sending "Take Care of Yourself First" thoughts to you. Love to wander in your forest art. ;))

  25. THANX all who have stopped by...and left a note!! i love to hear what u have to say! have a great day!! =)

  26. I just love your photos. That Passion flower is beautiful. I hardly see them anymore. And love, love the pics of Emo!

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  28. Love the dragonfly too. Nice to wander to your past posts...
    that is what we do in life...wander...
    Nice that you chose a forest.

  29. Just adopted a passion flower plant. So love your picture of the passion flower! Just wandering around your past posts which have such beauty. Take care. Don't bother to wander to my blog--been on hiatus since Jan. 2012.

    Blessings to you and your family and associated critters...


thanks for stopping by! it's always nice to hear from fellow wanderers!