Saturday, March 9, 2013

time an arrow...

but fruit a banana.


it's been a month since i posted.

the full moon has come and gone.
28  feb  2013

i have completely gotten over my bout of bronchitis...
but i'm still on hiatus!

i know i said (in my previous post) that i would be wandering blogland...
visiting all the places i love...
but i haven't.

bad me.

i just can't get motivated to do so.

“Sometimes I can hear my bones 
straining under the weight of all the lives I'm not living.” 
~ Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

i need more TIME for STUFF...
like reading books (i have read about 5 since my last post)

i need more TIME OUTSIDE...
(temps to freezing at night, in the 60's during the day. aaaaaaah. perfect!)
blossoms on the apple tree we planted in milo's honor

TIME to breathe the fresh air...
and watch for snakes, lizards & bugs...

a Red-banded Hairstreak, on 'milo's apple tree

a Cloudless sulphur resting on the ground's crunchy leaves

a Phaon Crescent soaking up the sun

TIME to listen to the birds...

Red-bellied woodpecker

“I couldn't live where there were no trees--something vital in me would starve.” 
~L.M. Montgomery, Anne's House Of Dreams

a PEACEful dove

Pileated woodpecker

TIME to save a dehydrated turtle that wandered into the yard...

i carried him way out the wet & swampy-ish area...
and left him at the edge of the water.

when i went back to check on him later...he was gone!

i've been making more TIME for being creative...

TIME for cleaning found snake bones & making new earrings!

 these (and more) are at my etsy shop, but i'm also considering going to a local reptile shop to see if they'd be interested in selling them in their store. BUT i'm a terrible salesperson! SO, truthfully, i'll probably never get around to doing that!

anyway...yep!!   i feel like a deserter...a heel...a stick in the mud!

my first blog post was on 21 april, 2010...
with no real vacation.
i started to feel as though cyberspace was sucking the life out of me.

TIME for change. 

so.  i'm still on an extended...time-out.
i  still check  my email...
and i can be spotted on FB now and then.

OH and i almost forgot...emo!!  7 months old on march 16th...

and still a tree hugger & climber!  we take him out for 'walks' regularly!

in the meantime...i hope life is good for all.

(mucho thanks & gratitude to all who left notes of 
support & encouragement & understanding on my last post!!)
thanks in advance for sticking it out to the end here today!

take care  &  be safe.


“Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, 
and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.”  
~ Dalai Lama


  1. Great critters and flowers, laura.

    Take your time, we'll all leave the light on for you.


  2. Sounds to me like you are living life. Sounds lovely. And I'm most happy for that turtle!

    Please enjoy yourself w/out guilt. =) Spring is for soaking it up. xoxo

  3. Oh how I wish we were closer to spring....beautiful photos especially of Emo the 'jungle cat'.

  4. Als ik dit zo zie dan komt het allemaal weer goed.

  5. I like the "Five Books" thing . . . this blogging, commenting, following, emailing takes time, lots of time. I enjoy it but I miss my other life. You are inspiring me Laura . . . just not ready to take the leap yet. Soon though, the books are piling up! (and that is just one thing that is piling up)
    Really great to hear from you and the final quote!

  6. hey, go live life and enjoy! and hug that cute emo for me. :)

  7. Laura - ALL that you said is exactly why I am not so much a "regular" blogger. Writing, photographing, & sharing are all admirable pursuits, but there definitely needs to be a balance. Cyberspace has a way of sucking us up & then spitting us out... there's much more to life than that.

    You seem to be very good at following your intuition and knowing what is right for you - I think you're right on with this. Love & peace to you...

    I love your blog - photos, insights, & humor - but fully understand the burn-out factor. Rest assured that those of us who regularly follow you here have already gained much, and will willingly take whatever you choose to give - and ONLY what you choose.

    I leave you, dear friend, with this thought:

    "You will never find time for anything.
    If you want time you must make it."
    - Charles Buxton

    I WILL be checking back here from time to time - and ALWAYS thinking of you.

  8. Hi Laura, it's so good to see you! I love all of your photos, the blossoms are beautiful! And, I'm glad you're feeling better. But, illness takes a lot out of you, even when you feel better. I know, I'm just now getting some energy back from my bout of pneumonia in December! I don't ever want to go there again!

    I do see you on facebook and the cool stuff you put on there. I hope this is not your last post ever! I keep watching for you...I started blogging in May of 2010 right after you did! And I've slowed down, just posting every 3 or 4 weeks. Well, anyway, take care-Emo looking good! See you soon!♥

  9. yeah, it can definitely suck you in. great shots. love the apple blossom.

  10. Oh it looks like you are having FUN with your time away from blogland .... I can't wait until the flutter-bys arrive here .... maybe in a few more weeks :)

  11. Zaczynam pomału czuć to, co opisujesz, a mam bloga dwa lata. Z jednej strony to cieszy, że można mieć wirtualnych przyjaciół na całym świecie, ale czasami zapomina się o normalnym życiu i to jest niebezpieczne. Zdjęcia do tego postu jednak są cudowne i warto było je pokazać. Pozdrawiam.
    Slowly beginning to feel what you describe, and I have a blog two years. On the one hand, it has that you can have virtual friends all over the world, but sometimes forget about real life and it is dangerous. Photos for this post, however, are wonderful, and it was worth it to show. Yours.

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  13. I know exactly what you mean, Laura! I have never been a "regular" poster, because I just don't have TIME. And I don't like feeling that I should post.
    But it is good to see you - and that lovely Emo, as well as your beautiful flowers, bones, and birds - and one lucky turtle;)

  14. Fruit flies like a banana and I like ALL your photos! Thanks for taking some time away from the important stuff to share some butterflies, flowers and busy birds with us who live so high and north that the snow is just starting to melt.

  15. I know exactly what you are talking about here.
    We should have talked before, we could have collaborated our hiatus'.

  16. HI Laura...Wondered about you ...I do understand the life take over by cyberspace!
    Thanks for popping in, and showing us how much Emo has grown and sharing those pretty flowers and signs of spring!!
    ♥ Grace

  17. I was happy to see your post, and happy you're better and that you've read 5 books, how cool in a month! I do understand your feeling about lack of motivation, I myself have been feeling the slump, a kind of ho hum feeling, but I know much of my feelings relate to this long real winter around me. Hope to see more of Milo and all your cool photos! Take care and hurry back!

  18. Sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoying the great outdoors and relaxing. It has been awhile since I have read a book. Loved the photos on your blog and on facebook. And your Emo is a cutie. I am glad you are feeling better, take care and enjoy your time off.

  19. So glad you have recovered. Thanks for all your lovely photos. I always feel like I'm there looking at all those wonders with you. Emo is really growing into a beauty. We've been having weather like that here in Huntsville; I really like it. Stay well. Enjoy life.

  20. We all need a break now and again!

  21. Love that moon! And the butterfly...and the apple blossoms.

  22. keep following your heart x

  23. Thanks for letting us know (and so beautifully) that you are all OK. You are doing the right thing for you right now, that's what matters.

  24. blossoms
    art and bones
    critters and creatures
    beckoning spring

    so glad you are feeling better

  25. Glad to see you back. I had been wondering about you. Sometimes the best thing to do is just do nothing!:) I spent two years of my life like this. I read and watered my plants. Withdrew from the world. And it was great:) Glad to see you back. Your glass hangs in my window and makes me smile everyday as the sun shines through it. It's like you're hanging out with me when I write and watch birds:) Hugs. Me:)

  26. Lovely to read your post Laura. Happy to hear you're over your bronchitis. I think you're doing the right thing and listening to your body and taking things as you please. No pressure here, I understand and do the same thing. Time to yourself is precious. Enjoy.

    P.S. For what my opinion is worth, I think that the next time you pass that reptile shop you should definitely drop in and show them your beautiful work. Nothing ventured, nothing gained ... just saying :D)
    Keep well xx

  27. Glad to hear you are well. I know how you feel. Quite honestly, I am pondering the real value of my blog in my life. I like it and it is just so pretty :) Building my writing and creativity in another manner. But I do wonder what it takes me away from. It often feels to me like the bloggisphere has become like a little business and your value is measured by how many comments you get, but you can only get as much as you give, so where is the fairness in that? It is like one of those competitions where you win because you got the most votes, and not necessarily because you were the best.

    And that is not what I started it for...

  28. PS - glad you're still around. Hope to see you soon. And I am very glad to hear all the things you have made time for when you weren't blogging.

  29. It looks to me like your bones are making all that noise because you are taking them around; making things, taking wondrous pictures, walking forward with life. That's a good thing, so let them dance ;-)

  30. A really great post, I'm terribly sorry that the illness has bringing you down. But, look at what you've done, pictures, and more of them. My fave is the one the Cloudless sulphur, impressive.

  31. I agree with Magaly let yourself dance! Exploration feeds the soul and helps it blossom in new creativity.

    Best always...

  32. Oh Laura it sounds like you have all your priorities right:)
    I think you should wear the earrings into the shop and show them to the salesman/owner and I am sure he will know just who would be interested in them.
    There is nothing you cannot do if you believe in yourself. I know it is easy to say but it is true.
    Take care my friend. Miss you but I know you are happy and I love that. Hug B

  33. Love the butterflies. I know what you mean about walking into a store to see if they'll carry your merchandise. I've been thinking about printing some cards to do the same thing with. I keep putting it off. I even know the owner. Perhaps I'm afraid I'd take a no a bit harder from her. You should talk to the shop person. I should talk to the store owner.

  34. Since I just arrived you know that I've also been on hiatus. I was away for over two months. Love this post--and Emo!! 60s during the day--wow! And we have snow predicted. Oh well. Happy spring and come back when you feel like it. Trust your gut. Follow your heart. :)

  35. Laura, My hiatus continues also. Enjoy yours...

    Each season has its wonderful and its negative elements.So it is when you take a timeout. Blogging communicates with others but greater is the need to communicate with the self.

    Love, jean

  36. Like the Spring you have sprung into a new realm. Good Luck and give Emo a scratch under the chin from me. Purring cats do so relax.

  37. THANX to ALL who have stopped by...wandered...maybe even left a note!! if you are reading this...i just want to say that I WILL BE BACK!!
    just enjoying my time off from blog=land at this time!!

    be safe!

  38. Świetna notka. Super zdjęcia! :)

    + Zapraszam na nasze blogi :)

    "Każdy czasem potrzebuje rozpuścić myśli nie tylko w słowach."

  39. Hope to see you and the pet kitty again soon, Laura.


  40. I like being unplugged lately myself...:)JP

  41. Boy I know that feeling of needing more time for stuff, and for outside. Blogging can really deter any direct encounters with the world. And we need those encounters. They keep us real.

    Fabulous pictures though! As always!

    May summer be beautfiul for you

  42. Cheers Laura, keep enjoying your break... I've been away a while too, so have been checking out my fav spots. Stay well1, enjoy life and see you when you get back xx


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