Friday, November 11, 2011

just your typical 11.11.11 post. NOT! i'm one of those ridiculous bloggers who's shaping today's post to fit the date.


ever since sam & i met...the number SIX shows itself all over the place.

we met on the 16th of august. (well, it has a 6 in it!)
my 'lucky' number has always been 16. ( has that 6 in it!)
it seems that more often than not, when we go camping,
we always end up in spot #6 or 16...or 26.

our address 7215...add the numbers together and you get 15.   1 + 5 = 6.

my 'lifepath' or 'birth path' number...add up my birthdate: 
8 + 19 + 1953: 8+10+18  then  8+1+9=18  then  1+8=9
well, turn that 9 upside down and what do you have? a six.  6.
ha, i know...that was a little far fetched.

OH, and guess what the temp outside is as i start this?!!
NO...not SIX degrees...but 42.  4+2=6.

this all leads me up to  today...
11 + 11 + 11.   each 11 is 1+1=2    so    2 + 2 +2 = SIX.
today is a good day.

today i thought i'd say a little about me.
just a few things with pictures mixed in that i took during the week.

let's start off with a 'family collage'.
i hope sam doesn't mind...but our picture has been on the sidebar forever...
so what's a few more.
also in this collage are my 2 sons, justin (30) & travis (27)...fairly recent pic's and older ones;
milo, of course; me (then & now); 
my brother andy (1955-2008); my sister sally (1956-2007); my dad (1917-2001).
(i have no pictures of me & my mom together)

let's talk music.
more specifically, the ipod. i have one...i bought it a few years ago...
and it's one of those things i NEVER regretted doling out the bucks for.
mine is a  4GB. i've added hundreds of songs, with room to spare.
i have 2 playlists on it. one is my 'every day' music and the other for work.
when i listen to my ipod i always mix the playlists together...
for a little R&R...Rock & Relaxation.  
so...let me turn this amazing invention on...
and list the first 11 songs that come up in no particular order.
1. Ænema.  by Tool
2. Annihilation.  by a Perfect Circle
3. What I've Done.  by Linkin Park
4. The Peace Within.  by Karunesh
5. December.  by Collective Soul
6. Sacred River.  by Gandalf
7. Ziricote.  by Coyote Oldman
8. Break My Fall.  by Breaking Benjamin
9. Andvari  by Sigur Rós
10. Disenchanted.  by My Chemical Romance
11. Until It Sleeps.  by Metallica

Florida Native - Rattlesnake Master

i like anchovies on my pizza.
i cut off the collars on some T-shirts. i feel suffocated, strangled.
i don't like turtlenecks.
when i get upset...i become a cleaning machine and/or i turn the music up louder than LOUD!

Indian Pipe fungi/Monotropa uniflora

i love to read. mysteries and all that 'new age' stuff. metaphysical.
i don't mind cooking, but i'm not a 'baker' and don't like to spend all day in the kitchen.
i don't care for cakes. i don't like icing. but i do like fruit pies. the tarter, the better! 

i don't like to fly. in airplanes. i DO like to fly in my dreams.
i like tattoos. i have a few. 
i don't like closed minds, prejudice...or people who PUSH religion on you.
i hate shopping. i don't like crowds.
i can be pretty goofy. so goofy it's scary.

Fence Lizard

i like shades of purple.  and earth tones.  and black.
i've never worn a pair of HIGH HEELS.
i don't like to get dressed up.  never have.
i don't wear make-up (except for maybe a touch of color on my lips now & then).
i pick a (random)  tarot card almost every morning. today's was the Hermit. #9.
very fitting really. 
in short- it's about letting go of the past. creating harmony & order in my life.

a pile o' tiny mushrooms growing on a dead tree

i'm NOT a picky eater...but i don't like raw oysters, 
and i won't touch a piece of meat unless it's well done! charred! cooked to a crisp!
i believe in ancient aliens. 
i saw a UFO (at night) when i was 20.  it was a V-shaped formation of lights that moved 
from one side of the sky to the other faster than the blink of an eye.

Long-tailed Skipper  feeding on Lantana flower

6  november  2011  at  5:33pm

OH...let's see...
not personal enough?  you want the nitty-gritty, eh?  ok...but this is it...

i was born in Columbia, South Carolina. the couple who adopted me took the train
down to SC and picked me up when i was a few weeks old. 
i never felt like i fit in. 
i hated family get-togethers. 
my mother was a wee bit psycho. 
my dad moved out when i was 9. i was crushed.
i started running away from home at 12 and never stopped. 
i moved out, on my own when i was 15.
i dropped out of high school, but got my GED a year or so later.
i spent a good part of my life...searching...wanting to be loved...
needing the attention but not knowing what to do when i got it.
molding myself into what i thought other people wanted me to be. 
i would sabotage relationships for fear of being abandoned...
or because i thought i wasn't worthy.
i searched for my birth mother when i was 20. within 3 months, i had located her.
although i was always outgoing & friendly...i couldn't let anyone get too close.

whew. well, THAT was just a little TOO serious. i'm starting to get depressed.
no...really...i've learned a lot about myself  over the past 15 years. i started to know me.
(15.  1+5=6.  there we go again!)

AAAaaaahhhhh. that's better. a little sunflower. to make me smile.

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.  
~Friedrich Nietzsche 

so, where ever you are...
be safe. have a nice journey & enjoy the ride.



  1. i would SO love to spend a day or two with you - just talking about anything and everything. you have a soul that has so much to share. i have many similarities to you and wish we lived closer... :)

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  3. That was freakin awesome and beautiful! Yes, even the ouchy parts. Just look at your beautiful self. Look at how many runaways end up dead or worse and look how strong you turned out so I hope you won't get too depressed upon reading what you typed.
    Look here:
    I know the term is overused, but that collage is AweSome!
    Peace, Love and Blessings to you and have a wonderful weekend.
    Love your Autumnal mandala!!!!!

  4. beautiful forest lady
    love and light

  5. I had a hard time getting to your comment section, but I love your collage...a cute couple and great large photo. Thanks for the brightened my day too! 11-11-11, and I got the day off work!

    I'm still amazed at all your mushrooms...the tiny, but large family of them is cool!

    You continue to be strong, Laura, and I admire you. Happy weekend!

  6. HI Laura...I just love reading your posts...your a riot ,serious, passionate and right down to earth!!
    I love your photo's and ever word and ####'

    Have a lovely weekend

  7. hey...i came to read blogs after long tym...n my first click was for ur's n yet again it was so entertaining...the pics r superb!!!
    i loe reading wat u come up wid everytime!!! :D

  8. just think, every single day we get to shape the next part of our story, if we choose

    sometimes the telling of our story helps us choose which way to shape the next chapter

    perhaps this is chapter 6?


  9. Beauty can come from a broken past, and I believe it has from yours.

    Love the Indian Pipes!

  10. Hello Laura,
    This would have to be one of your most astonishingly beautiful Posts yet.

    Not only what you have written is beautiful, but also the images have something extra about them also.

    You are an astoundingly beautiful, interesting, creative human.
    Am privileged to experience your Friendship, so always filled with with caring, warmth and humour.

    With enormous respect and appreciation for you,
    Magda and Family in Australia xoxox

  11. I feel good in here, did you know? Yes I do!

  12. Oh, Laura! I love-love-love this post!! You opened your heart, you made us laugh, you gave us personal peeks into your life...I just want to hug you...and sit down and have coffee with you...six times! ;) You are a dancing star!! :):):)

  13. What a wonderful post--photos and thoughts. Thanks for sharing so much. You are amazing.

  14. Laura're a STAR .....what a brilliant post thanks for sharing ..x

  15. Kisses and hugs, from another scaredy-cat.
    I love you lots. Will you be in town the week after Christmas??

  16. Laura, your posts are just astonishing, and very humbling. Such beauty. I love visiting, gazing, reading - even the sad bits.

    The silver frog! and the pipe fungi are lovely. I have just planted sunflowers, too :)


  17. thanks you thank you thank you...everybody!! now that you know me a little better...i do hope you'll show your face again! (ha, just kidding!)

    thanks for all your kind words...your understanding...and for listening...

  18. This was a really great sharing moment, thank you, Laura! It's a great honour to be allowed a peek into what constitutes YOU! We share a number of similarities (not the adoption, running away, sabotaging or 6). I have never liked crowds either, neither do I enjoy having to dress up, although I have on many occasions in the past. I try to avoid all situations requiring it now. I, too, have never worn high heels, but I've never seen a UFO. Lucky you! I love flying though, but not shopping. I tend to put it off until I have no option but to go. It's been a treat getting to know more about you and I loved the wonderful collage you shared here!

  19. again...thanks ALL! and glad you stopped by and learned a bit about me, desiree! ha!! now, i hope you come back! just kidding!

    it's no wonder we all have similarities...since we like to 'visit' each other...

    have a nice day!! or night!! or BOTH!! :)

  20. absolutely brilliant to get to know more about you. I agree on the iPod, like your variety and except for country music you could find most anything on mine. Tatts, cooking, prejudice, shopping... those we agree on. I don't mind airplanes, they have taken me to some pretty awesome places, but I hardly ever dream that I am flying.

    ADORE the mushroom pics! Oh, and the lizzard of course. It was also nice to see some of your personal life...

    There was a lot of honesty in this post and that is appreciated too. At sometime we get over our life, our "mistakes" and we move on. Mostly anyway. Sounds like you are happy with who you are now anyway.


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