Monday, November 14, 2011

a dog in the sky

a dog in the sky?
that title may sound a little off the wall...
but, you'll see. keep going...

milo is an indoor/outdoor cat.
she has her litter box inside, but rarely uses it.
she prefers to do her thing outside...digging a hole and then daintily squatting.

she usually comes inside just before dinner's ready, OUR dinner.
she sits patiently while we eat...hoping for leftovers.
she's especially partial to potatoes. mashed. french fries. cooked in a stew.
it doesn't matter.
miss potato head is just one of her nicknames.

so she eats a 2nd dinner...and it's not always the scraps on our plates...
but sam usually sets aside a portion of his dinner...just for her!

following supper, milo heads back outside for another hour or so.
the other night, when she didn't show up at the back door, even after we called out her name...

we decided to go on a milo hunt.

we opened the front door...
and there she was...sitting face to face with her new friend.
it's like we, the grown-ups, just walked in on something.
something they didn't want us to see.

they both had surprised looks on their faces.

(i ran to get the camera)

they both turned and looked up at us...a little annoyed.
then milo's new friend, all distracted & flustered...turned and crept 
down the porch steps. he turned as if to say goodnight
before strolling off into the darkness.

i'm not kidding!!
these two were like best friends...sitting on the front porch.
exchanging stories. (i THINK that's what they were exchanging)
i'm surprised they didn't send us back inside to fetch them a couple of beers.
or something stronger.
i wish i'd had my camera when we first opened the door!

we've been trying to sneak night time peeks...hoping to catch them together again!

"Most cats, when they are out want to be in, and visa versa, and often simultaneously."
~Louis J. Camuti 


a few other front porch visitors.

yellow rat snake climbing up the vine.

aaah. he's made it to the ceiling.
it's a wonder he didn't get all tangled up in that fancy string work.

then it was time to survey the perimeter...running along the lights.


i noticed this injured grasshopper...
it looks like she escaped from someone's hungry jaws...
and sadly, that's probably where she ended up anyway.


and here's a strange looking bug. i'm still not 100% sure what it is.
a wheel bug...i think.


with the cooler weather starting to ride in...
there aren't as many butterflies hanging around...
Gulf Fritillary

or dragonflies...'s cool enough to DIG without breaking into a sweat.

remember the spot where i've been trying to find the bones of the Opossum i buried?
well, i found a scapula and a few other assorted bones.

i also found a dead mole. some snake skin. the biggest owl pellet ever.
AND more yard scat (not milo's!)

well i'm sorry to leave you in such suspense...
all this next time.

have a happy week.


OH yeah, the dog in the sky!

do you see it? a dog...trying to catch a little something in his mouth?!

do i have to draw it out for you??  :)

"Logic will get you from A to B.   Imagination will take you everywhere."  
~Albert Einstein


  1. would have loved to be a fly on that porch with Milo and the racoon .......funnily enough a few weeks ago Jocelyn's Friend's Mum put some food for her cat in the kitchen and a racoon came in and ate it was later caught by someone in their conservatory ...bear in mind that we don't have racoon's in this country made the local paper too........xx

  2. milo's friend is SO dang cute!!! adorable!!! and until you drew out your dog, i saw it as a dragon's head trying to catch something in its mouth. :)

  3. Great post Laura-Love Milo! Who know how many and what kinds of friends she has out there!
    I'm brain dead today or I would leave a better comment....

  4. I always enjoy your posts. It's weird and I like it like that. Glad Milo found a friend of about the same size. I used to rear rabbits and was shocked that they made friends with mice. That drove my dogs mad so I gave the rabbits away.

    I have that same dragonfly in my garden and a butterfly with a broken wing.

  5. It took me a while, but I did see your dog before I scrolled down to the next picture. How funny and cool that Milo found a you said, maybe you'll catch him visiting again. And that 'wheel bug' is weird! Never seen anything like it. I swear Laura, I think you live on another planet!!! That bug is really spooky! Could you see thru it? I will be checking out our clouds more closely. Have an interesting week!

  6. Oh my goodness, you had me worried with your title...I just couldn't read a sad story about a doggie, well you know (heaven thoughts) came to my mind! Your kitty is adorable though....and your raccoon brings back way to many memories of last year....I couldn't imagine how the (outdoor) cats and the raccoons got along so well together...I feared every time that one of them would turn and oh no! You have the greatest visitors at your place, and I love it when you share them!

  7. hmmm, might be the pitter patter of little catcoon feet in spring!?!


    very cool cloud doodling there Laura

  8. I absolutely love that Milo has a raccoon buddy!!! When you said you "caught" them chatting on the porch--well, I burst out laughing! That is so sweet! :):)

    With all the odd and creepy visitors you have on the porch, it seems Milo usually has a bit of company--LOL!

    I'll have to say I didn't see the dog the way you did. I only saw a big old dog head. Ahh--imagination. Love the Einstein quote!!

    And I love your wild life, lady!! :):)

  9. Sweet little snake!
    I love going through the photos in your posts...fascinating!

  10. I laughed out loud when I saw Milo's friend. That is so cool! We had so many racoons on our porch this spring and summer, but I never them and our cats get chummy.

  11. Cute story, Your Milo is just like my hubby. Hubby loves potatoes too. Wow and what a different kind of friend to bring home. I enjoyed this post and your photos. Great captures of the doggie in the sky. Have a great day!

  12. fun that your kitty and raccoon hit it off. so many critters you still have, even though it is less. a couple of weeks ago we were splitting our winter wood and found all sorts of bugs in some logs.... going to sleep for winter, just one place they go. lovely to have a peak into your world.

  13. thanks everybody...for taking the time to send some kind way!! OH, and FYI...milo had some 'shoe string potatoes' the other usual...if it starts with a P and ends with an O...and has a OTAT in the middle...she loves it!!

    thanks again!! :)

  14. I think, and particularly after seeing your dog in the sky, that I'm kind of glad that I didn't get to see Milo and his bright-eyed friend. I get to imagine the looks on their faces, heck! I can even imagine them with the beers ;-)

    I love the snake and all the places you caught it crawling around. Poor grasshopper, but that's nature, right? The weird bug is lovely, and it was a pleasure to see shots of the butterfly and dragonfly, it's already too cold in NYC.

  15. Your images are great, the dog in the sky is invisible to many, but I like it.

  16. I'm all for love, however it's found, but I hope Milo doesn't get her heart broken by a Romeo Raccoon!

  17. What a surprise to meet Milo's friend. I had no idea what you'd reveal :) The dog in the sky? I partially saw it before you helped by filling in the missing bits for me. That snake on your porch? How do you remain so calm? I'd be a wreck! You truly are a child of the universe, aren't you? Hugs xoxo

  18. thank you thank you...for taking time out...not just to stop by & read...and wander...but to leave a note! i appreciate it.

    desiree, you do i stay so calm?? well, first of all...the rat snake isn't such a BIG snake...long & slender...not poisonous...not aggressive...and ALSO, i'm used to snakes. i raised two boys who would bring home anything & everything!!

    have a nice rest of the weekend...wherever you are! :)

  19. Love the rendezvous story! Lol!

  20. What a cute cat/raccoon story - you had me on the edge of my seat! Since last night, we are proud cat owners - a cute cuddly kitty named Bamboo :)

  21. Blogger wouldn't let me post the other night when I first saw this. We'll see what happpens now.

    I love your photos. What a cute little buddy for Milo, but be careful they can get kinda grouchy sometimes. The little snake is lovely. I really like the photo of it on the light cord. The other critters and the dog in the sky are amazing.

  22. Amazing the animal combinations that you come across, fox and hawk, and now cat and raccoon. Hope Milo's friend comes back so you can get a pic of the two of them together.

  23. Well, you sure have been busy. I hope the coon and your cat stay friends, because I have heard of coons killing dogs and drowning them! So be careful! Love your imagination!

  24. :)
    Love this post!
    AND I have to tell you that the conversation probably went along the lines of:
    "you just can't get good help these days. It took me nearly a lifetime to train my slaves, but I think I've got it grinded into their thick skulls now..."
    "yeah I know what you mean. A good slave is just so hard to find now adays. Oh look, here come yoru perverted servants to leer at us now. I'll just get going and you can handle it, ok?"
    "Good evening to you!"
    "And to you madam!"


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