Wednesday, May 4, 2011


just a quick note...

i'm lost in space...again!

i tried to publish my last post numerous times & it seems it's NOT
making it into ANY FEEDS!

does anyone out there know what the problem might be?
i've googled and googled solution found!

so...if you would...check out my latest post...
well, the one before THIS one...

and enjoy your wander...way down upon the suwannee river...

 :] lk

PS!  THIS glitchy picked up in the FEEDS...and when it ALSO picked up the suwannee post! how weird is THAT!  this is getting very frustrating!


  1. sorry-definitely not a tech person but I will wish you luck (not sarcastic) to find your solution quickly and easily!

  2. My suggestion would be to save your blog code the way you have it and then go back to a basic blogger template with NO add ons or anything on the side. Perhaps somethign is interfereing? did you add anything new before you started having problems?

    Do you use feedburner at all? perhaps you should check it out and "burn" your feed.

  3. This stuff can be SO frustrating!! I hope you get it worked out. Unfortunately, I have no suggestions. It doesn't take much to stump me on internet, html, and glitches with other computer stuff.

  4. Oh you poor little girl...that's why you've missed me so! No moral support...:) I'm heading to the your next post...:)JP

  5. Most strange.When things like this start happening it seems to become most difficult to get any answers.Sadly my technical experience is also not at a level where I could help. I think Erika may be on the right track though.

  6. This showed up on my dashboard too! I'm still trying to figure out how to UNLOCK my sidebar without losing my a...!

    So glad you made it back-hope this junk works itself out soon for you Laura!

  7. how frustrating
    sometimes when i've added various widgets etc to my sidebar, it often throws things out a bit (making the page upload slower each time, slowing feed uptake, etc)
    assuming you're only uploading small sized photo files...perhaps if the file sizes are too large feed readers might not pick it up?

  8. Well. Try the simple stuff first. Like logging into all the different google spots eg gmail, chrome, etc. and then into blogger. Also, I think there are dashboard help links. That is all I can think off for now. Oh, Google reader has help forums too. Also, you could try editing different parts of your blog format to see if something looks strange. Good Luck.

  9. thanks everyone for your help...concern....suggestions!!!

    just in case...the ones who gave me suggestions....check back here...
    NO, i have not added any widgets to my my sidebar...since this started happening. it's happened only 3 times a maybe it's really not THAT bad...but it's recently...and it's a real pain in the....butt...when it does!

    i THINK something is interfering IN the POST that i'm trying to publish...SOMETHING in that post is NOT letting it get picked up by the FEEDs. BUT what?? i'm not doing anything different than any other post. i'm adding pictures the same way...text the same as always...

    it stumps me!!
    thanks everyone!! :] lk

  10. Just read your AWOL post...loved it...left a comment there :)

    Have you ever visited Wanda's blog?
    I have a suspicion you will be as enraptured/captivated/mesmerised by her as I am :)

    So glad your posting problem has sorted itself out!

  11. Laura, just had to stop by and look at your sign page AGAIN! Really like the Turnups and Acepting signs...does anyone there have a clue, or just part of a dictionary.

    And, you're still "GLITCHY" on my sidebar.

    It's a frustrating deal! I know you'll figure it out s-o-m-e-h-o-w!

  12. Watch out, Laura - "glitchy" can make one - "you know what"! Hope it's all better now, as I've had no problem at all finding you.

  13. The beauty of these blogging engines and CMS platforms is the lack of limitations and ease of manipulation that allows developers to implement rich content and 'skin' the site in such a way that with very little effort one would never notice what it is making the site tick all without limiting content and effectiveness.

  14. Hope you have some solutions. Good luck. Encourage you to share the steps you use to problem solve.

  15. Laura, I came back to see if PERHAPS you had a new post going on...find the "glitch" again! What's happening? Can't anyone give you a clue? I'm sorry-we're missing out on your great stuff!

  16. thanks ALL!

    google had been having some MAYBE that was part of the problem i was having...seems like it wasn't EVERYONE...but some 'bloggers' were affected by it... feeling a little BLUESY ...lately...i have so much READING to catch up many pictures to many emails to go thru...
    and NO motivation! blah! :] lk

  17. I love your blog and have become a follower. I would appreciate it if you would look at my blog and become a follower :)

  18. Just passing by and and wanted to say "Hi".
    Hope you have a great week, and will catch up when you post again.
    All the best, and
    Cheers :D)

  19. I feel your pain!! Some of my posts that were already on disappeared and some that I spent very precious spare time writing never got saved!!!


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