Saturday, April 18, 2015

another tree...SNAP

we had a lot of rain this past week...
and as sometimes happens, the trees get
and they SNAP, or just keel over...roots lifting out of the ground.

this time, it snapped.

the whole top half of the tree...on the ground...

making for some good hunting grounds for anything that has a taste for bugs.
Gray Catbird

nearby, waiting his turn...

nearby...also waiting his turn to enter the tangle of branches, leaves & vines...
male Anole on a Bromeliad

a dragonfly also in on the action...

otis...a blur of motion on the branches...

off to my left...looking as though he just went for a swim in our 'swampy-ish pond' out back...
Pileated Woodpecker

same bird...scratching his face against the tree!!
caught him with his eyes closed!!  really weird looking!

if i turned that picture sideways...i think he'd look dead.

so while the critters are feasting...
sam's starting to cut some of it back. 
no rush. 

OK. one last picture. THIS is my lucky shot of the week...month? year?
it's that Red-bellied Woodpecker that made a nesting hole in this tree you see him on.
i didn't realize until i got the pic on the comp, that there's a dragonfly in the pic too!!

have a good week coming up.
be safe.


  1. cool last shot. :) laughed at your 'dead' pileated. sorry for the tree loss. love that you get catbirds! jealous!

    1. thanks theresa!! i was so shocked and excited when i saw that last shot.
      and this is the first time i've seen the catbirds! i love them!
      see you more at your blog in the morn! :)

  2. Hello Laura, awesome post, lots of wonderful critters.. I love the Pileated, glad he was not "dead". Love the cue lizard and Otis.. And the last shot is my favorite, cool capture.. Happy weekend!

    1. Thanks eileen!! i'm glad the Pileated wasn't dead too...but i thought he sure looked like it!

  3. All those pics are awesome, laura. I'm jealous of your Pileated Woodpecker shots.

    I have a dream: someday, people see Ivory-billed Woodpeckers again.

    1. nice dream you have thunder!!
      this shot...this day...was the first time i've seen the Pileated back from wherever it goes during our winter months!!

  4. Shhh, he's not dead, just sleeping ;) Love that dragonfly in the woodpecker pic. Your cat reminds me of our old gray tabby, Ringo, who explored the outdoors alongside me always for 12 years.

    1. yes, sleeping is better!! ZZZzzzzzzz
      our kitties, emo & otis go for walks with us all the time...just like your Ringo!! they love to go exploring! :)

  5. We've had heaps of rain too, but not enough to break any trees! The gray catbird is beautiful (as is the ginger birdcat!) - I love all of your exotic birds and beasts.

    1. thanks Alexia!! i do love the catbird...this is the first time i've seen this bird here!! i hope they stay!! :)

  6. Great shots - and thanks for the visit.

    We have no woodpeckers of any sort in Australia - so its always good to see some from elsewhere.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. A chainsaw: a guy's best friend... in the woods. Ha.

  8. Great blog! Great photos - well done!! Can't wait for more!

  9. Wonderful critter pictures Laura . . .
    Loved the side, "dead" sleepy eyed woodpecker . . .
    And Mr Pileated with the Dragonfly ."fly by" . . . EXCELLENT!
    Bet that chain saw us getting a work out . . .

  10. Beautiful place to be, the Pileated Woodpecker is my favourites, superb.

  11. the anole is such a beautiful creature! Our trees sometimes get too much water. especially the huge willow, they break at the top heavy bits!

  12. OMGosh! A dragonfly photo bomb! All of these pics are great, though. Even the dead-looking woodpecker--LOL! Stay dry down there. Up here we are praying for rain. :)

  13. That woodpecker with his eyes closed does look weird!!! That last shot is NICE!

  14. Beautiful series!
    Many blessings!

  15. Great to see such lovely photos of the Pileated Woodpecker!

  16. wonderful series of photos
    love that lizard
    and such a cool shot of the bird with it's eyes closed
    trees are similar to us, they can have all sorts of problems

  17. THANKS to all who left word here!! i appreciate it :)

  18. Hello Laura!:) What a fantastic series of wild life pictures. Your Grey Catbird is beautiful, I have admired it before on other blogs, but we don't see them where I live, what a treat, and the Pileated Woodpecker shots surely must be unique. Have never seen any sleeping Woody before,... not a pretty sight, but a great capture. Love your Dragonfly, Anole, and your last shot is wonderful,... what are thje chances of getting an in flight Dragonfly in the same frâme as the woodpecker. Well done!:)

  19. Hi Laura, lots of action amongst the downed branches. They didn't escape your lens did they!
    Fabulous shots and what a great shot at the end too. Always a delight and lots of surprises when wielding the camera. Thanks for sharing. Cheers now, hugs xx :D)

  20. More amazing pictures. I saw and heard a catbird here a couple of years ago, but just that once. Those woodpecker pictures, both scratching and nest drilling are just wonderful. Have never seen anything like them!


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