Wednesday, February 4, 2015


the azaleas are blooming.
but the butterflies and bees are not braving the cooler weather yet.
it's still dropping to the 30's or low 40's (F) at night.
i have come to the conclusion that our florida critters are spoiled.
no snakes. no frogs. hardly any birds. no bugs.
they're all snugged away in their hidey-holes waiting for the warmer temps.
hmmmmm. maybe not spoiled...but smart?!!

the squirrels don't mind the cold!

one sunny afternoon this past week i did spot a brave lizard
hanging from a window sill...soaking up the sun.
(cool shadow too!)

last weekend we did a camping over-nighter at O'Leno State Park.
about an hour drive. just one night. to get away.
walked the trails along the Santa Fe river. deer. no 'gators. no rabbits. no hawks.

(see the flying baby turtle?!!)

look close. the back end of the shell on turtle to the right is all shredded! :(   boat prop? gator?

well. that's it for now. 
i couldn't get a picture of the FULL moon last night. very cloudy.
still cloudy this morn.
the moon for all us "Leo's". 
yep, the MOON and JUPITER are in LEO right now!!

so, no full moon. but here's the last clear sky moon shot i could get, on jan. 27th.

stay cool & be safe.

“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.”
~Albert Einstein


  1. Oh my goodness, I've missed seeing you but even more it's all your playful friends I've totally missed seeing around here! They just really know how to play, and hang around! Always a fun trip to stop by here.

  2. Oh yes, that is beauty. The Turtles are wonderful, sticking their noses up in the air, funny, but, why do that?????????

    1. hmmmmmm. maybe their noses are like...their weather-vanes...which way is the wind blowing?!! :)

  3. You do not have snakes and frogs all, today is the squirrel, lizard and lots of turtles, too beautiful. Regards.

  4. Turtles all the way down!

    I did take some shots of the full moon with Jupiter. But none came out, my camera is just so lousy for those (I get it moon pics to work with a custom setting...sometimes.)

  5. your turtles are so CLEAN! ours are always gunked with algae. :) cute hanging lizard!

    1. there's a lot of algae gunkers around too. must just be the river...the water was really flowing pretty the algae doesn't have a chance to stick & grow on their shells! :)

  6. I just love all those turtles. And I love the moon shot! Great post, Laura!

  7. how beautiful , your Azalea. The squirrels of course have fur coats but the turtles!!! BRRRRR.

  8. In regard to Bob's question about the turtles sticking their noses in the air: I thought maybe they do that to increase the warmth of the sun getting on their throats, where the skin is probably thinner...?? Similarly the athletic lizard spreads himself wide, to get all the sun he can.

    They are all beautiful Laura - wonderful shots as usual. It will be spring again before you know it!

    1. alexia, yes! i'm sure you're right...about the turtles and their noses and increasing their makes a lot of sense! and as for the lizard...yep! they do stretch out to soak in as much of the sun as they can get!
      thanks! i love the winter monghs, the colder temps...but i miss all the critters who wait for spring! :)

  9. Flying turtles and hanging lizards :) super images Laura.

  10. Great pics! I especially like the lizard hanging out with his shadow, lol.

  11. Those turtles know where the sun is at all times--LOL! Love the baby with his legs outspread to catch more rays and the anole doing his acrobatics to catch some, too. That is cold for Florida! :)

  12. Karen wow the wildlife is amazing there completely different from mine. But our climate is different..

  13. The critters you did see are a circus act! Flying turtles ... Acrobatic lizards .... It has been chilly here for SW Florida. I don't love that but must admit it is good sleeping weather. Not too often we have a good excuse to snuggle back under the covers early in the morning ;)). Didn't know the moon was in Leo this month... Guess I better try for a picture of it.

  14. How I'd love to see those turtles! They look so contented and shiny and bright.

  15. THANKS to all who wandered through...and a special THANKS to everyone who took the time to leave a note!! i appreciate it!! :) ~laura

  16. Hi Laura, so lovely to see you posting about all the things you enjoy once more :D)
    How cute is that lizard hanging... and, yes, I agree that's a beaut shadow he threw!
    Cutie pie little squirrel peeking out as well.
    Loved the flying turtle hanging out with its friends. Cheerio for now and have a great week!!

  17. lovely to see all your green
    does not look like winter or cold to me
    but that is because i see snow out my windows ;-)
    your realm is so beautiful and how sweet to see turtles!

  18. This Kansan for one is very jealous of you right now. Looks great and lovely to see flowers blooming.

  19. You did find lots of turtles


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