Sunday, December 19, 2010

this week's ramblings...

here i am. up before dawn.
actually i've been up since 4:45 (am)!
it's the weekend. i always wake up extra early on the weekend.
sleep in? what's that?!
it's not for me.
i like the darkness. the quiet.
no tv blaring in the background. no phones ringing.
just laptop...
and the occasional snore coming from the bedroom.  :))
 i'm still fighting this chest congestion.
and i think i know why i got sick last week. 
we were having a cold snap. one day was the coldest on record.
now, remember...i'm a massage therapist...i make in-home visits.
Winter is the season in which people try 
to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer, 
when they complained about the heat.  
~Author Unknown
and THAT'S the answer! i bundle up...layer up...go from the COLD...
into someone's house where they have the temp set to 80!!
do THAT...all day long...and you're bound to come down with something!
anyway...i feel fine. it's just this congestion...coughing...that's lingering.
last week...the morning of the coldest night yet...the water in the bird bath was frozen!
 yet...even though the plants and flowers have given in to the cold...
even though we're surrounded by shades of winter brown...
one of the bromeliads scattered throughout the yard...
brings COLOR and LIFE  to an otherwise dying  landscape!
 most of the little critters and creatures seem to be hibernating...
conserving their energy 
for those sunny days...when the temp rises a bit.

sam spotted this red-shouldered hawk in the backyard.
surprisingly, by the time sam ran to get me and the camera...
the hawk was still there...perched on a fence post.

the barred owl. its familiar hooting can be heard in late afternoon and evening. 
sometimes we can catch a fleeting glimpse of the wide wingspan...
as the owl flies between the tall pines.

"Use what talents you possess; 
the woods would be very silent 
if no birds sang except those that sang best."   
~Henry Van Dyke

more LIFE in the yard...
lichen and air fern on dead tree branch...reminds me of coral...
...more lichen...
"Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? 
Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mould myself."
~Henry David Thoreau
venturing outside our little part of the world...
we happened to drive past a farm with horses and miniature horses
the other morning. sam did a u-turn so i could get a few pictures.

  and...another day this past week...
on my way to a massage appointment...
i passed a couple of cow fields...
run by the agricultural dep't of the Univ of FL.
i pulled over...onto the shoulder.  it must have been near feeding time...
because as the cows spotted me...they came sauntering over to the fence!

 it's hard for me to believe it's sunday already!

"Weekends are a bit like rainbows; 
they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them." 
~John Shirley
it's even harder to believe it's almost the end of another year! YIKES!!

~~today we plan to go exploring out back. the vines and underbrush are dried
and it'll be easier for us to forge our way...
follow one of the deer paths...or make our own path. 
all bundled up and with our knee high rubber boots on...
we'll make our way through the back woods. pictures to follow next time.~~

thanks for stopping by...and wandering around!

stay cool...
laura  :]



  1. Wow girl , great blog and pics too.
    Decided to wander this way while getting my coffee on. You have really got the followers now too. I totally love the flower, it is so pretty. i have used the lichen and air fern as coral in underwater pictures it is neat. I hope you have a exciting adventure today!

  2. Every time I see all your pics and read your stuff, I want to move up there. It is impossible to selld a house here ,though.

  3. I try to sleep in on days that i can but my inner clock always has me up between 7 and 8. just once I want top sleep until noon!

  4. Awwww now the birds can go ice skating! Pictures are beautiful :)

  5. I knew you'd be up and around early! Glad you're feeling better. You get the best pics of birds and plants. Even the little horses posed for you. It's true about the heating-we would have loved for it to be only 70 in the house during the summer, but want it at 75 in the winte. Enjoyed the walk Laura!

  6. Morning Laura K, Sam and your beautiful environment, knew I should have waited before visiting to journey your new giving.... now one of the hen's is staring at me at the back door, the dog feels like she's pacing about inside me, the doves feel to be peering through my eyes from in my head... and all are asking... is this going to be a long wait... we'd like attention, especially breakfast. I'll unwillingly leave and return soon. Love being here. Thanks, from M Queensland Australia

  7. hi laura,
    getting up early is such a peaceful time and then the joy of the sunrise. Wandering around with you is always so much fun. I enjoyed my coffee and just looked at everything. love all your photos. Thanks

  8. early mornings are the best time - it always feels magical to be wandering around. I enjoyed my virtual wandering around with you - thanks, Laura.
    Dusk's almost as good...
    I love the hawk especially!

  9. I hope you are feeling better soon. I know how you feel going in and out of the cold. I go from a cold playground to a very hot and steamy lunchroom 5 days a week. Plus all the little ones with their colds. I'm surprised I've only missed two days of work.

    I think my husband made up that quote about keeping the house warm in the winter. He's observed me doing the same thing.

    I love the horse photos. They're so cute!

  10. Thanks to ALL for stopping by !!

    those miniature horses are sooo cute! like i've said before, (regular) horses kinda scare me...intimidate me...such BIG heads...but these little mini ones!! i just wanna give em a HUG!

    ((BeMistified...i HOPE i can get a pic of the birds skating!!))

    thanks for all your comments...compliments...and taking time out to wander around!

    seeya soon!! :))


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